LG washing machine: reviews, review of models, instruction manual, repair


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LG washing machine: reviews, review of models, instruction manual, repair
LG washing machine: reviews, review of models, instruction manual, repair

Today you can not rely on the choice of the model of the washing machine, based only on its appearance. You need to make a decision based on the living conditions, the size of the laundry room, the choice of color and many other important factors, up to the financial possibilities of the purchase. Reviews of happy owners reviewed in our article will help you make the right choice of LG washing machine.

LG - Leadership Technology

Modifications and new features

LG washing machine with dryer has truly become indispensable for every family. This brand has been the market leader in washing machines since 2007 based on Stevenson TraQline data. The brand received the highest rating in the respective segments of the JD Power 2017 Laundry and Kitchen. Surveys were conducted worldwide in 6,241 homeowners and 14,745 laundries.

LG washing machines are optimized, with user-friendly control panels, and high performance for a flawless wash. LG's line of washing machines offers innovative features including:

  1. Front and top loading. ATDepending on customer preferences, both LG washing machine models are designed for energy and water efficiency, while the top-loading model may appeal to those looking for a more traditional design and experiencing space limitations.
  2. 6 Motion mode. Includes 6 different washing movements. The power of LG's direct drive motor and 6 Motion TM technology deliver innovative water movement variations for deep tissue penetration. The result is outstanding cleaning performance.

Washing modes with TubFresh function

Modern technology TubFresh

The machines feature LG TubFresh Ultra High Spin technology and direct drive motor, so LG washing machines have fewer moving parts and hence greater reliability and durability. The direct drive motor provides a 10-year warranty for the units.

TurboWash technology is a revolutionary solution from LG. Users are offered the fastest washing modes, which save 20 minutes on each cycle. TurboWash TM sprays a concentrated detergent solution directly onto clothes, resulting in faster wash times.

TrueSteam TM penetrates fabrics with powerful steam to remove dirt, odors and wrinkle while providing lower water consumption than conventional machines.

TrueBalance design

With the unique Allergiene TM cycle, over 95% of household allergens can be removed.

The LG washing machine drive is functional forTrueBalance option that reduces noise and vibration for quiet yet powerful performance.

ColdWash TM technology uses cold water and advanced rotational motion to penetrate deeply into tissues. This saves energy.

Overview of LG washing machines and their innovative features offered by managers of specialized electrical stores. Also, all the main characteristics can be studied on the manufacturer's website, which offers modern LG models at prices ranging from 28,000 to 80,000 rubles

Mold proof

The magnetic door stopper keeps the washing machine door slightly ajar when not in use to prevent mildew smell that can form due to humidity. In addition, there is a TUB CLEAN mode for cleaning the machine, which the manufacturer recommends doing monthly.

Sequence of actions:

  1. Remove the laundry from the drum of the machine.
  2. Add liquid chlorine bleach or bath cleaner to the main wash container.
  3. Do not add detergent when using TUB CLEAN. Close lid.
  4. Select TUB CLEAN and press START/PAUSE
  5. When the LG washing machine stops and the cycle is completed, you need to wait until it cools down.
  6. Wipe the powder tray, lid, drum and door glass with a towel or soft cloth.

Anti-allergenic model WM3770HWA

User manual

This is a big car, good quality, beautifully designed. She ishas an impressive volume of 1.37 m3, accepts 8 kg load and is equipped with a 30-minute wash cycle. For this LG washing machine, the instruction manual describes how to properly set it up for operation with an anti-allergic steam cycle.


  1. Rust resistant, stainless steel drum.
  2. Sanitation mode.
  3. Anti-allergenic steam cycle, removes dust mites and animal dander.
  4. The Fresh Care feature reduces wrinkling and delays washing up to 19 hours.
  5. The smart option allows you to play sounds in your phone that are created by a faulty machine. This function can be useful when you need to explain to the service technician what happened to the unit.
  6. Speed ​​Wash A quick 15 minute cycle for lightly soiled clothes.

This state of the art LG washing machine, which customer reviews confirm that the manufacturer has managed to create an innovative household model. Most of the people who commented on this home helper praised the fact that it washes dirt very well.

However, there are buyers who complain about the huge number of modes. They believe that many options are unnecessary. The melody played by the WM3770HWA at the end of the wash cycle is a delight to users.

The average price of this model is 49,200 rubles.

Front loading unit WM9000HVA

Front loading unit

This is a great washing machineLG machine with dryer and front loading. If the user is planning to combine its operation with the LG DLEX9000V satellite dryer, then this is the ideal choice. This model is massive both inside and out. Before buying, you need to measure the laundry well to make sure there is enough space, as the WM9000 is 74 cm wide and 85.75 cm deep.

The door has hidden handles that allow it to be opened from both sides. The tank is slightly inclined, which makes loading and unloading more convenient. The control panel is located on the door, the touch console is clear and easy to operate. The unit is controlled remotely. The LG washing machine user manual describes how to set up mobile phone operation through the appropriate application so that you can control your electronic assistant.

The convenient mode selector knob is easy to turn and the LED indicator highlights the selected cycle. There is an application for remote control from a mobile phone.


  1. LG TurboWash mode mixes the spray pattern of the wash cycle to speed up the process.
  2. The Sanitary Wash mode reaches 145 degrees, so it perfectly disinfects clothes. The WM9000HVA does it all very quietly.
  3. TurboWash by LG can cut a normal cycle down to 30 minutes. It is designed to work with the TwinWash system, which puts a small washing machine in a rack to wash two loads at once.

This LG washing machine has more modest reviews because it consumes a lot of water due to its large volumedrum. However, most consumers note that the unit is powerful and quiet. Washes clothes very well and does not wear out things.

Average price: 68,700 rubles.

WM5000HVA Intelligent Machine

intelligent washing machine

The WM5000HVA comes with all the smart features LG has developed over the years. The WM5000HVA drum is tilted back to make loading and unloading easier. The most significant aesthetic change is the control panel, which is now attached next to the door. This makes the design more elegant. Capacitive touch controls are more responsive.

Another innovation is the placement of detergent dispensers. They are located at the top under the drawer. The position facilitates access and does not interfere with the user, but it also means that he cannot install the dryer on top of this machine.

Reviews on this LG washing machine are quite favorable. Most hostesses say that the model meets all the parameters declared by the manufacturer. Especially a lot of positive ratings are given to the perfect spin, after which the laundry is almost dry and soft. Users love the quiet running of the machine and the 30-minute work modes.

Average price: 77,300 rubles.

Vertical loader. WT5680HVA

Vertical top loader

The machine has the coolest loading volume of 1.5m3. It has the most power of all available top-loading models. This washingLG car is narrow. Such units use much more water and energy. To compensate, LG has a TurboWash setting that cuts the workflow by 20 minutes.

The way the unit works is by combining the rinse and wash cycles, using dual nozzles to spray concentrated detergent directly onto the clothes, making the total cycle time less than 40 minutes.

This model has a mode called "Allergy". It uses steam to powerfully penetrate tissue.

This LG washing machine has very good reviews. They confirm the sympathy of buyers, especially those who have problems with free space. Since this LG washing machine is narrow, it can easily fit even in a small bathroom.

Average price: RUB 80,170.

Washing machine error codes

These codes need to be known as they can help users to correctly diagnose the problem in LG machine.

Error code




Water inlet error

The initial expected water level will not be reached in 8/25 minutes. You need to check the water taps and make sure they are fully open. Check hoses for kinks or freezing (in winter). Check water inlet valves. If they are faulty when repairing the LG washing machine, you need to replace them.


Unbalanced load

We need to redistribute the clothes in the car. If the load is too low to balance, add items to be washed into the drum. In addition, you need to make sure that the machine is correctly leveled.


Drain error

Water is not removed from the machine for 10 minutes. You need to check the drain hole for blockages or the hose for kinks and restrictions.


Water overflow error

Drainage pump runs constantly. Valves need to be checked to make sure they shut off the water properly after the drum is full.


Water level pressure sensor error

Turn off the washing machine. You need to check the wiring between the water pressure sensor and the main control panel. This LG washing machine repair can only be done by replacing the water pressure sensor.


Door open error

Turn off the washing machine. Check the door for an obstruction. If it is damaged, replace the defective parts. If door closes properly, check door lock/switch wiring.


Heat sensor error

Turn off the washing machine. Check the wiring connections at the drum thermistor (temperature sensor). Forto resolve this LG washing machine error, you need to measure the resistance using a volt / ohm meter. It should measure about 40,000 ohms at 25 degrees. If the thermistor is defective, replace it. Check heating element for damage. If the heating element is defective, replace it.


Drive Locked Error

Check engine wiring harness connections and travel sensor (tachometer).Fix any wiring problems.


EEPROM error on the main electronic control board

EEPROM (Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory) on the control board is damaged. Clear the code by unplugging the machine for 5 minutes. If the errors of the LG washing machine for this code are not reset, you need to contact the service department.


Power failure

Power failure occurred during a cycle. Perhaps the cycle ended incorrectly. Restart machine.

Repair LE malfunction


This is one of the most common malfunctions - it is the "Engine Locked Error". It signals a problem that may be related to several different damages. Many of them are easily repairable. Typical faults:

  1. If the washing machine is newly installed, there may be an imbalance between the control paneland engine. In this case, you need to reset the machine control settings.
  2. To do this, first turn off the machine from the mains, press and hold the START / PAUSE button for five seconds, then reconnect the unit. Run a RINSE & SPIN loop to see if the code is cleared.
  3. Another reason an LE error code may occur is due to excessive soap suds in the drum. Check if there is visible soap suds in it. If yes, then the problem is that too much detergent was used.
  4. It is necessary to remove excess soap suds. Why disconnect the washing machine and leave it for 30 minutes. When the foam settles, turn on the unit again.
  5. Press the SPIN SPEED button and select the No Spin program.
  6. Press the START/PAUSE button to start the drain cycle. When finished, take the clothes out of the machine.
  7. Turn on the power, select RINSE & SPIN and press the START/PAUSE button. You may have to repeat the last step twice to completely remove foam from the machine.


Modern washing machines

Modern models of washing machines released in 2018 are provided with useful modes and functionality. The achieved level of technology not only allows you to qualitatively clean clothes, linen, soft toys from annoying stains, but is also intelligent enough to make things dry and soft after washing.

Near field communication (NFC) technology awaits buyers in the near future. It is a set of standards for suchdevices and smartphones. Using NFC tag technology, the user can download new washing programs such as Wool, Baby Care and Cold Wash by simply touching the NFC Tag On symbol on their smartphone.

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