Blockchain: how to withdraw money from wallet to card?

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Blockchain: how to withdraw money from wallet to card?
Blockchain: how to withdraw money from wallet to card?

Blockchain is a large-scale database that operates on a shared basis without a single centralized control apparatus. The technology became most famous after the popularization of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency.

What is this?

Blockchain is a mechanism that is able to bring all users to maximum financial responsibility: it is the absence of missed transactions, human or machine errors, or even an exchange that was not made with the consent of the parties concerned. Among other things, the most important area where Blockchain helps is the guaranteed validity of a transaction by recording it not only in the main ledger, but also in the associated distributed ledger system.

blockchain how to withdraw money

Working logic: in the systemall information about financial transactions (transactions, purchases, transfers) is recorded. This information is repeatedly duplicated and stored on different computers of users around the world. This eliminates any unilateral financial manipulations. Complete confidentiality of the system is achieved, which makes it possible for each participant in the process to use it.

The need for this form of payment arises when there is a risk of not completing the transaction in other non-transparent payment systems, incurring the risks of non-receipt of funds and declassifying the contacts of the parties. But the question of how to withdraw Blockchain money becomes relevant if it is necessary to transfer capital to the usual financial environment: electronic wallets, bank cards, cash.


How to withdraw money Blockchain is of interest to all owners of wallets on this service. The resource is very popular among cryptocurrency holders, market participants and the majority of the active Internet audience. Are there more than 3 million wallets registered in the system at the moment? and many people have a question about how to withdraw money from a Blockchain wallet.

how to withdraw money from blockchain

Thanks to the advent of Blockchain, you can manage your funds in the browser interface, and they can also be easily withdrawn to the card.

System Benefits:

  • high speed of transactional operations;
  • there is no question of how to withdraw Blockchain money to any electronic payment system, because similar translations are supported by allpopular payment systems;
  • quick way to notify about the withdrawal;
  • friendly user interface;
  • constant data update;
  • low commission rate;
  • it is possible to get all the information, statistics, forecasts on cryptocurrencies.

The advantages, anonymity and security of the system attract more and more crypto market participants to it - those who play a real exchange game, and those who are just trying to cash out their money. For these categories of users, these features of the system are of the greatest interest, because the question of how to withdraw money from Blockchain profitably always remains relevant.

blockchain how to withdraw money to a card

Cash out

The question of how to withdraw money from Blockchain is related to the nuances of this operation. To do this, you will need to provide the following data:

  • Blockchain wallet address;
  • the amount to be exchanged (in BTC and BTC-E);
  • service for which funds are withdrawn;
  • account number.

Blockchain wallet: how to withdraw money?

There is a safe and efficient procedure for making these types of transfers. Withdrawal Options:

  1. On forums that specialize in this topic. On these resources you can find many buyers of cryptocurrency, they will offer the best options for withdrawing virtual funds to the card. But you should not consider this withdrawal method safe, as there is a high probabilityfraud.
  2. Through exchanges, but for this you need to register in the system. This is necessary in order to make transactions from your own account, which will become a guarantee of security and fast transfer. You can also find out here how to withdraw Blockchain money to a card.
  3. Through various payment exchange systems, for example, "WebMoney" or "Yandex.Money". There are practically no systemic restrictions here, any resource will help you transfer money as quickly as possible.
  4. blockchain wallet how to withdraw money

Withdrawal to the card

Many users are interested in the question of how to withdraw money to a Blockchain card and transfer their funds to a traditional physical field. The task looks difficult, but it is quite solvable. Follow these steps:

  • choose an exchange that deals with such transfers;
  • register on the resource, open an account and transfer the required amount in cryptocurrency to it;
  • these funds are put up for sale, sold, and the real amount in rubles or another currency is already transferred to your account, taking into account the current exchange rate;
  • then, the operation of transferring the received amount to a bank card is performed.

This is a fairly simple scheme that has a significant drawback - it will take a certain amount of time to implement it.

how to withdraw money from blockchain wallet

How to withdraw money quickly

The above method may take a long timetime, up to a week. But there is a way to withdraw funds within a day or less. To do this, you should use the services of an exchange service that will do everything very quickly. In this case, you must do the following:

  • transfer money from a bitcoin wallet to an exchanger;
  • then funds are transferred from the exchanger to the card.

This method makes it possible to transfer in a very short time with minimal loss due to the results of commission collection.

Transfer using payment systems

There are many payment systems, but not all of them support bitcoin. The most common of them is WebMoney. This resource converts bitcoins into real money through an exchange service. In the future, they can be credited to a card or account and fully make payments.

WebMoney has a special designation for this type of currency - WMX. In order to use this service on a payment service, it is enough to create a wallet with a similar designation, and bitcoins will be transferred to it. Then, from the WMX wallet, you can transfer funds within the system to a ruble or dollar wallet, receiving a currency available for monetary transactions that can be used for its intended purpose.

It is also important that the transfer is made quite quickly - within an hour.

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