How to withdraw money from a bitcoin wallet: recommendations

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How to withdraw money from a bitcoin wallet: recommendations
How to withdraw money from a bitcoin wallet: recommendations

Cryptocurrency has riveted the interest of millions of people who are inventing new ways to mine it. Even prohibitions adopted at the state level are not able to affect the popularity of this type of digital currency. There are many people among our compatriots who have invested huge funds to assemble so-called industrial farms, offering to rent facilities to earn, for example, bitcoin (BTC). There are also solo miners who use the potential of modern video cards to mine BTC at home. No matter how you receive crypto coins, the question will always be: “How to withdraw money from a Blockchain bitcoin wallet?”. We will try to answer it briefly and clearly in our article.

how to withdraw money from bitcoin wallet

How to withdraw money from a bitcoin wallet: existing methods

If you are a holder of, for example, bitcoin, then you simply must know that at the moment there is no way to transfer cryptocurrency directly to a bank account. The system in which new crypto coins are generated provides for the possibilitycarrying out exclusively internal transactions. In simple terms, you can transfer bitcoins from one Blockchain to another. In order to convert digital currency into fiat money, users are forced to involve third parties in the currency transaction. At the moment, there are three reliable ways to withdraw money from a bitcoin wallet:

  • direct sale of cryptocurrency;
  • exchange using special services;
  • exchange or sale on the exchange.

The most profitable is the sale of bitcoins without the involvement of intermediaries. However, finding a buyer who can inspire confidence in you is very difficult. Since today they offer over 265 thousand rubles for one BTC, I absolutely do not want to take risks, especially since fraudulent networks are scattered everywhere. Therefore, most professional miners go with their coins to the exchange, where they can sell BTC at the best price, as well as get a guarantee of transaction transparency. Let's look at each method of how to withdraw money from a bitcoin wallet in more detail.

Direct sale

withdraw money from bitcoin wallet to qiwi

This method is very attractive for exchanging cryptocurrency for fiat money, since neither party pays a commission, which allows you to save a lot. However, there is a huge risk that you will become a victim of scammers who are actively coming up with new schemes that can be used to deceive a gullible bitcoin holder.

The essence of this method is that you anda potential buyer must decide in advance on the exchange rate, the number of cryptocurrencies sold, and also exchange details. After you send bitcoins to his account, he must pay for them by transferring you to a virtual wallet, for example, Payeer, the agreed amount.


No one will give you a guarantee that this person will not disappear in an unknown direction after receiving digital money. Therefore, we recommend that you perform such operations only with people whom you know personally and are confident in their solvency.


bitcoin wallet blockchain how to withdraw money

According to the opinion of most professional miners, this method of withdrawing money from a bitcoin wallet to Qiwi and other electronic payment systems is the most optimal in terms of the ratio of commission costs and transaction security. By registering on the exchange platform, you will have access to an internal cryptocurrency account. At any time, you can place an order and set the required amount of BTC for sale by setting the optimal rate, as well as choose the currency in which your cryptocurrency will be sold, for example, the dollar, euro or rubles. Then we press the "Sell" button and go about our business. As soon as there is someone willing to purchase your crypto coins, the system will do everything for you and automatically transfer all the money received from trading to the account specified in the profile. Among the huge number of such exchanges, the most popular services are:

  • Coinbase.
  • Kraken.
  • VTS-e.

Exchange through a special service

Using online exchangers is the fastest way to withdraw money from a bitcoin wallet to a card. As soon as the cryptocurrency began to grow in price, such resources increased significantly on the Internet, but the BestChange monitoring site is considered the most reliable. This is a kind of exchange that provides its own platform for making transactions with many online exchangers. Here you can find not only the most attractive rate at which your bitcoins will be redeemed, but also see the reputation of a particular resource.

how to withdraw money from bitcoin wallet to card

Also, each of the exchangers offers its own conditions, which you need to pay attention to. Some make transactions in manual mode, which significantly slows down the receipt of money, and there are those that carry out automatic verification and transfer funds within five minutes. Here you will definitely find the opportunity to withdraw money from a bitcoin wallet to a card of any bank, as well as to any popular electronic payment system, for example, Qiwi, Yandex. Money" or WebMoney.

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