Tariff plan "Beeline" - "All for 1200"


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Tariff plan "Beeline" - "All for 1200"
Tariff plan "Beeline" - "All for 1200"

One of the popular tariff plans from the Beeline company, which implies the possibility of connecting several numbers and a single account, "All for 1200", attracts more and more customers. Favorable conditions, the scope of services included, a unique offer - to combine several numbers on one account - all this is embodied in this TP. In this article, we will take a closer look at the Beeline tariff plan "All for 1200", talk about the features of use and connection options.

Beeline all for 1200
Beeline all for 1200

Description of TP

Please note that prices are relative to the Moscow region. This means that in other areas they may differ. Up-to-date data can be obtained through the contact center specialists, on the operator's website.

The main feature of the “All for 1200” tariff, as well as other TPs of this Beeline line, is the ability to combine several numbers on one frontaccount. What is meant by this? Other Beeline numbers (friends, acquaintances, colleagues or your own, which are used in other devices, for example, in a tablet computer) can be added to the main subscriber number. For them, packages of minutes, messages and megabytes included in the tariff plan are available. At the same time, if the provision of communication services is suspended on the main number, then others can still send messages, make calls and use the Internet (at the expense of the funds on their personal balance).

Connect tariff Beeline 1200
Connect tariff Beeline 1200

The tariff plan from Beeline - "All for 1200" provides for a subscription fee of 1200 rubles. There are two options for this TP: prepaid and postpaid. The difference between them is that, according to the second option, the funds are deposited after the reporting period (within 20 days after the invoice is issued).

Terms of use of TP from "Beeline" - "All for 1200"

Let's start with the prepaid system. Subscribers who wish to purchase this TP must:

  • visit the operator's office, taking ID and purchase a new number;
  • use one of the possible options for switching to this TP from a valid number.
All for 1200 postpaid Beeline
All for 1200 postpaid Beeline

The cost of changing the TP is 100 rubles. According to the conditions of the Beeline company (“All for 1200”, which you can connect yourself using one of the methods below), the subscription feewrites off daily - 40 rubles. It includes the following service packages:

  • calls - 2000 minutes (to all mobile operators in your region and country);
  • messages - 1000 SMS (to all mobile operators in the home region and while in intranet roaming);
  • Internet - 10 GB (which can be used in any region of the country).

Features of TP

If there is no amount on the account required for debiting via TP, the account is blocked (you cannot use communication services, including from numbers that are connected to the main subscriber).

After the packages included in the TP are exhausted, calls to Beeline numbers will not be charged, and to other numbers the cost of a minute will be - 1.60 rubles, any SMS within the country - 1.6 rubles.

If the traffic exceeds 10 GB, a 70 MB package (for 20 rubles) will automatically connect, which can be used under the same conditions as the main one.

Beeline 1200 reviews
Beeline 1200 reviews

How to connect the tariff "Beeline" 1200

If you are interested in these conditions and have a desire to connect a TP, then you can do it yourself. You can activate TP "Beeline" "All for 1200" in several ways:

  • through the subscriber's personal account (or its equivalent - an application for mobile devices);
  • by dialing 0781.

You can control the remaining minutes, messages and Internet traffic through requests 102, 888222.

Terms of use of TP with postpaid system

For postpaid customersthe settlement system provides for slightly different conditions for the use of TP. In addition to the fact that it is necessary to pay for communication services after the invoice is issued (20 days are allocated for this), the volume of services provided for a subscription fee has also been changed. Tariff plan "All for 1200" postpaid ("Beeline") includes:

  • calls - 2200 minutes (to the same destinations as for prepaid customers);
  • messages - 1000 SMS (to any destination, within the country, including when roaming in Russia);
  • Internet without country restrictions (in the home region and in intranet roaming).

You can view the balance of the package and check the amount of accruals without waiting for the billing through the commands: 11045; 110321 (as well as through the client's personal web account). You can connect to a tariff plan with this payment system only at the office (this will require an identity card). In this case, you need to pay a guarantee fee in the amount of a thousand rubles.

Beeline all for 1200 connect
Beeline all for 1200 connect

Subscriber reviews

The tariff plan "Beeline 1200", reviews of which are quite positive, can be a real find for sociable subscribers who do not want to limit themselves in conversations. Thanks to the ability to connect other numbers to one account, you can control the balance of several customers at once. This can be useful for those people who use Beeline SIM cards on different devices or want to share the capabilities of their TP with family members and friends. User dissatisfactionsometimes occurs due to automatic traffic renewal (for prepaid payment systems, after 10 GB is used up). For 70 megabytes, 20 rubles are deducted from the account (moreover, after the exhaustion of one additional package, another one will be activated). If you do not check the balances of the main package in time, then there is a risk of losing some amount of funds from the account.

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