How to get a SIM card out of iPhone 4, and where is it even located?

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How to get a SIM card out of iPhone 4, and where is it even located?
How to get a SIM card out of iPhone 4, and where is it even located?

Practical and at the same time presentable "Iphone 4" conquered its users with ease of use and technical reliability in operation.

Some uncertainty, or How to get a SIM card out of "iPhone 4"

How to remove sim card from iphone 4

A fairly standard situation can affect everyone: the purchased phone does not show any obvious signs of the presence of a SIM card slot. The device monolithically gleams with a sparkling body, making it clear that the apple is not so easy to crack. And yet, how to get a SIM card out of the "iPhone 4"? If you did not participate in the process of introducing the subscriber's electronic ID into the phone and did not attach importance to the importance of what is happening, as a result, now you are in a state of complete ignorance: where does the SIM come from, and how to remove it from the phone? And the situation associated with the replacement of the number arose right now. The new SIM just longs for the digital embrace of the mobile “wonder”. But the “invisible” SIM card slot is still undetectable. An incredibly simple solution lies in the design features of the brainchild of Steve Jobs. Let's figure it outhow this “dream” apparatus works.

Ingenious device for ordinary people

How to get sim card from iphone 4

The iPhone case hides “great secrets” that deserve absolute attention. Therefore, the question of how to get a SIM card out of iPhone 4 becomes quite natural. The conservative design of Apple products has a number of advantages, which are expressed in an advantage over competing counterparts.

Everything for iPhone 4

And the advantageous differences lie in the convenient location of the navigation keyboard, instant tactile response of the touch keyboard and other winning features, including the location of the SIM card slot. The owner of the Iphone does not need to open the case, remove the battery and install the SIM card in a cleverly designed SIM receiver. It is enough to have a special paper clip (pin or needle) with you and find a hole in the right end side, which is a kind of keyhole. The internal mechanism will work to open as soon as you act on it with a short press of the paperclip. After inserting the card, slide the slot-receiver. Now the question of how to get a SIM card from iPhone 4 has become resolved for you.

Mismatched slot, or Why isn't it there?

The 3rd generation Iphone has changed the location of the SIM card slot. How to pull out a SIM card from an iPhone 4 if there are only buttons on the right side? This is solved in the following way. The SIM card for such phones is inserted from above, next to the "on / off" button. CostsIt should be noted that the SIM card itself, intended for servicing the Iphone by the device, must be in micro-Sim format, that is, have smaller dimensions. In a specialized store where you can buy everything for iPhone 4, you will definitely be helped to “convert” the SIM card format. In principle, household scissors cope with such a task with a bang. If you are sure what and how you will do, carefully cut the edges of the card - the main thing is to be careful and attentive so as not to damage the electronic chip. Before cutting, measure the dimensions of the notch in the SIM card tray, only then proceed. Good luck!

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