Smartphone Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime: features, review, reviews

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Smartphone Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime: features, review, reviews
Smartphone Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime: features, review, reviews

Samsung products are popular in Russia. Of course, its image is created by flagship smartphones, however, inexpensive gadgets deserve the attention of the buyer. The model range of the Korean manufacturer is quite rich. In terms of the number of released phones, Samsung is the undisputed leader. This brand also occupies the first position in the rating in terms of sales.

In 2016, the presentation of the new smartphone Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime took place. Reviews about it, as well as characteristics will be presented in detail in the article. The device belongs to the category of inexpensive devices. In December 2016, the price for it was approximately $200.

Before you start reviewing the smartphone, you need to consider one point. Its name uses the code J5. Such a model is already known to the buyer, but the device with the prefix Prime is not its improved version. This is a fundamentally different device. The differences are in the hardware "stuffing" and other elements (screen, material, cameras, etc.). Whatfeatures does this model have?

samsung galaxy j5 prime specs

Ergonomics, appearance, dimensions

Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime (Gold, Black) looks pretty presentable. The phone differs from its predecessor primarily in the case material. Here, the developers used metal, which is undoubtedly worthy of respect. Quality and assembly raise no objections. During operation, users did not notice any squeaks or backlash. Details are fitted as accurately as possible, so there are no gaps. But, in principle, this is quite in the spirit of Samsung, because the company produces high quality even "state employees".

The dimensions of the smartphone did not surprise buyers at all, as they are fully consistent with devices that are equipped with a 5-inch display. The body height was 142 mm with a width of 69 mm. The thickness parameter also applies to the average - 8.1 mm. The same can be said about the mass of the device. Its weight is 143 g.

How is the front panel of the Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime designed? 2.5D effect glass adds originality. It is worth noting that such a solution was first used in the J-line. Now we can safely say that it is successful. The smartphone looks interesting precisely because of this glass. Under the screen there is a control panel with a mechanical key. This design is a kind of hallmark of Samsung smartphones. It is, as usual, oval in shape, framed by a chrome frame. It has a built-in fingerprint scanner. On the sides of the mechanical key are two touch. They do not have backlight, butthanks to the designations of silver color, they stand out well against the general background. The right button performs the back function, the left one opens the menu of running applications.

Above the screen, of course, there is a company logo. Immediately above it, a speaker is displayed, the hole of which is covered with a chrome mesh. Such a solution harmoniously fits into the overall concept. In addition to the speaker, there is also an indicator, a front camera eye and a sensor.

Metal back panel is non-removable. Plastic inserts are used only in places where antennas are located. The solidity of the panel is violated by the square "window" of the camera and a small flash. Below them is a logo. Due to the one-piece body design, the user does not have access to the battery.

The Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime has an unusual layout of controls. On the right side there is only a lock / power key. There is no usual volume rocker above it. The developers placed a speaker hole instead. Such a solution, though not quite usual, but successful. During use, the chance of accidentally covering the slot is minimized, which greatly increases the sound level. But the left side face is overloaded with elements. There are two volume keys, a SIM card tray and an external storage slot. The developers also used the bottom end, bringing the audio jack, microUSB port and a small microphone hole to it.

samsung galaxy j5 prime g570f


The Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime is the first J-series smartphone to featureImplemented fingerprint scanner. He works well. Located in a very convenient location. However, with other sensors, the manufacturer did not fool around. For some reason, the device does not have an elementary ambient light sensor. The developers also abandoned the compass, magnetometer, gyroscope. All that will be available to the owners of this model is an accelerometer, a proximity sensor and an orientation sensor. Many users have noticed that it is on such trifles that the company is trying to save. Whether this is the right decision, time will tell.

Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime performance specs

The presentation of a new processor of our own design took place in J5 Prime. Well, the owners will have to test it and find its strengths and weaknesses, but for now we will tell you the characteristics of the Exynos 7570 chipset. This model was developed specifically for devices in the budget segment. It is based on processor cores of the Cortex-A53 type. Manufactured in compliance with the 14-nm process technology. It is worth noting that such an indicator is worthy of respect. Each of the computing elements is capable of delivering a frequency of 1430 MHz. According to the manufacturer, the advantages of this chipset are undeniable. First of all, the smartphone will work the same with those that have Chinese eight-core processors. In terms of speed and energy efficiency, it will compete with many gadgets.

Unfortunately, according to advanced users, the video card slightly spoils the overall impression. For such a device, the capabilities of the Mali-T720 will not be enough. Yes, with 3D games candifficulties arise, but the device will cope with basic tasks with a solid five.

samsung galaxy j5 prime reviews


It's time to figure out what the memory specifications are in the Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime. To begin with, let's pay attention to the volume of operational. The developers in this model installed two gigabytes. Half is already occupied by the system, but the rest will be quite enough to completely forget about crashes while working with applications.

Built-in storage has a capacity of only 16 gigabytes. Is this enough for the modern user? Probably not. To work with applications, only 9 GB remain free, and this is critically small. You can expand the integrated memory with a drive. The device has a separate slot, so there is no need to give up the second SIM card. There is also support for USB OTG drives.


In order to find out all the characteristics of the Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime, you need to understand the battery life. The device has an insufficient capacity battery. Its volume is only 2400 mAh. But having learned about it, it is not necessary to be upset ahead of time. The new processor is energy efficient, so even with active use, you can safely count on one day of work. In video mode, the smartphone functions up to 12 hours on a single charge. Approximately so much time can be spent surfing the Internet. Users noticed that if the active state of the screen does not exceed two hours per day, then the gadget will be able to workalmost 3 days. Surprisingly, these are the results shown by a Xiaomi smartphone with a 4100 mAh battery. Something to think about?!

samsung galaxy j5 gold

Camera Features

Which cameras are implemented in the Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime? The characteristics of the frontal did not impress users very much. It is based on a 5-megapixel matrix. But it is worth noting that, in comparison with its predecessor, the aperture ratio was increased to 2.2 versus 1.9. There is no point in expecting a lot from a selfie. Color and quality are average.

The main camera has a resolution of 13 megapixels. There is an LED flash. But users have noticed that in poor lighting it is of no use. Photos are gray, dull, with a low level of detail. But in the daytime, you can take quite high-quality pictures. The dynamic range is not maximum, but wide. Color rendition is close to natural shades. Image clarity is acceptable.

Note to buyers that both cameras are capable of Full HD video, which is pretty good for inexpensive gadgets. The frame rate is 30 FPS.

phone samsung galaxy j5 prime


What kind of screen did you use in the Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime? The characteristics of the 5-inch display are practically no different from those that are installed on smartphones from other brands. Resolution is typical for this size - 1280 × 720 px. Unfortunately, the manufacturer did not use AMOLED technology, replacing it with PLS. Expertssuch a matrix is ​​called a compromise solution. The picture quality is average. The brightness range is quite enough for comfortable work. Corning Gorilla Glass is used to protect the display. It has rounded edges. The developers have not forgotten about the oleophobic coating, but its quality does not exceed the average level, so you will have to actively deal with fingerprints on the screen.

Communications and sound

Let's take a look at the connectivity features of the Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime (G570F). First of all, we note that the device is equipped with two independent slots for nano SIM cards. The gadget works perfectly with all popular networks, including LTE. As for the latter, the signal is stable, it works without failures. There is a Wi-Fi module, but it operates only with a frequency of 2.4 GHz, but modern protocols are all supported. There are no comments for the navigator. The device works not only with GPS satellites, but also with GLONASS. It will take no more than a few seconds to find them.

As for the sound, this model receives only positive feedback. Firstly, this was influenced by the rather good location of the output speaker. Secondly, at maximum volume, squeaks and wheezing do not appear. In headphones, the bass is clearly audible, the upper range is at an average level.

samsung galaxy j5 prime glass

Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime reviews

Korean phone is actively discussed by users on the network. In their comments, they highlight the pros and cons. The latter include the absenceWi-Fi capabilities with a band frequency of 5 GHz, a weak graphics processor that can not cope with demanding games. Also, many noted that the phone does not provide automatic brightness control, as there is simply no light sensor.

But even with these shortcomings, the smartphone has something to surprise the user. The list of his virtues turned out to be much longer. Let's highlight the main ones:

  • Quality materials.
  • Cute design.
  • Energy efficiency of the hardware platform.
  • Decent level of performance.
  • The presence of a fingerprint scanner.
  • Separate slot for memory cards.
samsung galaxy j5 prime battery


Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime (G570F) got decent equipment. This phone is perfect for those who want to have an inexpensive, but branded gadget. If the buyer needs a "workhorse", then the best model cannot be found, especially since its average cost is 12-13 thousand rubles.

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