Fly FS452 smartphone review

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Fly FS452 smartphone review
Fly FS452 smartphone review

It is noteworthy that there are now a large number of mobile device developers who regularly release the latest devices. Due to competition in the market, prices for goods also fall. Accordingly, a high-quality and multifunctional device can now be purchased at an attractive price. Relatively recently, sales of a modern budget-class mobile device with an IPS screen under the Fly-FS452 Nimbus 2 brand began on the Russian market. Today we decided to make a small review of this phone, as well as evaluate the quality and all its capabilities.

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Let's start with the package. What is included in the delivery with the Fly FS452 device? The mobile device is sold in a white box, you can immediately notice its compactness, and it is made in the form of a drawer, which is actually an original move. The smartphone itself is laid in the upper part, and below you can already find all the necessary components - a headset and a charger with a USB cable. It is not difficult to get the Fly FS452 mobile device out of the package. Under it is a fabric tape, pulling on which, you can immediatelyremove smartphone.

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Now you should pay attention to the charger, it is small in size and designed for an output current of 1A. If you decide to purchase this device, then we recommend visiting the official FLY online store. When you order a device in this way, you will be given a case as a gift. Accordingly, you will be able to save not only your device, but also savings. In the online store you can also read the owners' opinions about the Fly FS452 Nimbus 2 smartphone. The reviews are mostly positive. Although this device also has flaws, which we will talk about a little later. The body of the Nimbus 2 is truly impressive. It is made in business style. Only strict forms and black color. In principle, the device is perfect for personal conversations, entertainment and business tasks. If you just look at the Fly FS452 smartphone, it may seem compact, but it's only visually, because when you pick up this device, you will instantly change your assessment.

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The back cover has rounded edges, which visually makes the device thinner, although the actual thickness of the Fly FS452 is 8 millimeters. Below the display, you will be able to notice three main buttons for navigation, these are Menu, Home and Back. All three keys are touch sensitive and illuminated by LEDs. On the right side of the device, you can see the volume control, and a little lower there is a button forpower on/off. At the top there is a microUSB connector, as well as a headphone jack, at the bottom you can see a small hole for a voice microphone. So, let's sum up. Before us is a smartphone based on the Android 4.4 operating system in a classic case with touch control support. It provides for the use of two SIM cards of the usual type. The mode of operation of the rooms is alternate. Device weight - 120 g. Dimensions - 64.7x131.4x8 mm. Display - color, IPS.

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