Fly FS502 Cirrus smartphone review: description, specifications and reviews

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Fly FS502 Cirrus smartphone review: description, specifications and reviews
Fly FS502 Cirrus smartphone review: description, specifications and reviews

The devices manufactured by Fly are famous not only for their low price, but also for their impressive stuffing. It is precisely these qualities that the new representative of the Fs502 company has acquired. What will surprise this state employee?


When choosing a smartphone, the buyer pays more and more attention to appearance. The hardware in cheap gadgets is almost identical, but the unusual design of the state employee stands out against the general background. Actually, the manufacturer Fly Fs502 made a bet on appearance.

The smartphone turned out to be pleasing to the eye, with rounded shapes and a textured coating on the back. The body of the device is completely made of plastic, which significantly reduced its cost. Although the material does not shine with originality, the device turned out to be very solid.

Among the many impersonal devices, the Fly Fs502 smartphone will resonate in the hearts of buyers. The only thing that confuses is the lack of color variations. The device is available exclusively in black.

Fly Fs502

Changes in the arrangement of parts on the body did not happen. The front houses the speaker, screen, camera, touch controls and sensors. The left side has incorporated the regulatorvolume, and the right one is the power button. The camera, flash, main speaker and, of course, the Fly logo are hidden behind. The top end was taken under the headphone jack, and the bottom - under the microphone and the USB jack.

Of particular interest is the textured back panel and what lies underneath. Under the cover is the battery and slots for cards. The peculiarity is that the device works with Micro and Mini Sim.

Tempered glass on the display and olophobic coating are used to protect the device. There are almost no fingerprints left on the phone, and the screen is perfectly protected from scratches. For a budget employee, the design and protection are just great.


Fly Cirrus 1 Fs502 black was equipped with an excellent display for its price category. The diagonal is as much as five inches, and the resolution is well chosen - 1280 by 720 pixels, which is HD quality. In principle, this is the minimum resolution for such a screen, but 293 ppi is quite acceptable for a state employee.

Fly Cirrus 1 Fs502 black

The display of Fly Fs502 turned out to be quite bright, but it is dominated by cold shades. Viewing angles are also impressive due to the IPS matrix, although there is slight distortion at a large tilt. There are no problems in the sun, you can even read from the display without difficulty.


The Fly Fs502 was equipped with the not-so-famous Spreadtrum processor model SC7731. Judging by the information, this platform is very close to MTK MT6582. If in reality the characteristics are similar, then 502got a good processor. But the Mali-400, which has already taken root in state employees, is responsible for the graphics.

The phone has got four cores with a frequency of 1.2 GHz each. Despite the powerful stuffing, you shouldn't expect anything incredible from Fly Fs502. The device will cope with most tasks without problems, but demanding games put it to a standstill.

The RAM of the device is not particularly distinguished. The manufacturer placed a gigabyte of memory in the gadget. In principle, this is a good indicator for a state employee.

Native memory will not surprise you either. The device has 8 GB, but only 5.5 GB will be available to the user. The rest of the memory is occupied by Android. Card expansion up to 32 GB is also available.


An interesting feature of Fly Fs502 Cirrus is its operation on modern Android 5.1. This decision of the company was quite unexpected, since even many members of the middle class have not yet switched to this system. If the manufacturer wanted to surprise his users, then he succeeded.

Fly Fs502 Cirrus

The system also includes many applications installed by the company. Naturally, most of them will go to the scrap or will not be used. There are also useful applications for working with banks or watching movies.


Received the device familiar to state employees eight megapixels. In ideal conditions, the pictures are acceptable, filled with life and with good detail. The situation changes drastically in low light - photos become noisy.

To say a lot about the video is also notsucceed. The device shoots videos with HD quality, but the image is not capable of surprising.

The front camera is also quite common - for inexpensive gadgets. They provided the device with two megapixels. This is enough for video calls and self-portraits.


The smartphone has a removable battery with 2050 mAh capacity. This battery is enough for a long time. In conditions of average load, the phone will last eight hours, and in standby mode - the whole day. By playing advanced games and watching videos, you can reduce the life of your device to five hours.

Smartphone Fly Fs502

Indicators of autonomy are quite standard and do not stand out in any way. In case of emergency, it is possible to change the battery to an analogue of a larger volume.


The cost of Fly Cirrus 1 Fs502 black is very affordable and attractive. You can become the owner of this device for 7 thousand rubles. The phone is definitely worth its money, given the good functionality. Actually, it will be difficult to find worthy competitors in the price segment of the device.


Together with Fs502, the owner will receive a standard set of adapter, headset, USB cable, manual and battery. You may need to replace the headphones with better ones, as well as buy a case.

Negative reviews

For its segment, the smartphone does not have many shortcomings. The reviews written for Fly Fs502 Cirrus 1 are full of doubts about the processor used. Unfamiliar filling repels possiblebuyers. Most likely, the use of the already tested MTK would increase the popularity of the smartphone.

The camera does not cause delight either. But here everything is much simpler - the usual 8 megapixels are not able to provide the proper quality.

There are no special claims to appearance, but the only color variation is depressing. Even adding the standard white color would have diluted the design considerably.

Positive Feedback

Fly Fs502 Cirrus 1 received much more advantages. Reviews note high performance and gigabytes of RAM.

The display of the novelty was not deprived of attention either. Usually cheap phones get much less resolution, and there is no talk of glass protection at all.

Fly Fs502 Cirrus 1 reviews

A nice bonus was the ability to use different models of sims. Modern devices are trying to adapt to the leaders and make cards smaller, thereby creating problems for the user when switching to a new gadget.

The improved system will not leave the owner indifferent either. In addition to many fresh applications, the lucky owner of the gadget does not have to worry about updates.

The final and most important advantage is the price of the device. The opportunity to get a great device for such a low price pleases.


It rarely happens that there are more advantages in a state employee than disadvantages. However, Fly was able to prove that it was possible. Without a doubt, the novelty will appeal to many buyers.

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