Tag Heuer phone specifications. Tag Heuer phone: review, description, reviews and price of the original

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Tag Heuer phone specifications. Tag Heuer phone: review, description, reviews and price of the original
Tag Heuer phone specifications. Tag Heuer phone: review, description, reviews and price of the original

Tag Heuer is a luxury phone designed by a global watch brand. There are not so many gadgets of this category on the market: one of the main competitors can be considered Vertu, which is still the leader in this regard. But if the design of the latest developments is focused more on a flashy style, this model assumes a strict look with unusual shapes.


The Tag Heuer Meridiist phone was made in Switzerland and consists of 430 parts. Stainless steel with a wear-resistant coating that absorbs light was used for the case. Naturally, there are no scratches and scuffs on the case. Genuine alligator leather was used for the back cover of the device, adding grace to the model. To protect the screen of the phone, the developers used a sapphire crystal weighing 60.5 carats. In the luxury category, this is one of the largest specimens.

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It is worth noting one feature of this model - an additional display, located just above the main one. On it, as you might guess, looking at the developer's company, the time is displayed. Screenis located at a certain angle, which allows you to see the watch without even removing the phone from the case. On the right side of the model there is a button that activates this display.

Tag Heuer keyboard – the phone is extremely convenient in this aspect – it has rather large and comfortable backlit buttons. The keys are located quite concisely, it is quite convenient to work on them: dial a phone number or SMS message.

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There is one connector on the case (it is located below) - mini-USB, designed to charge the device, synchronize with a computer via a cable and for wired headsets. The latter will be needed, rather, exclusively for conversation, since hardly anyone wants to use a premium device as a music player.

Genuine leather trim flaunts on the back of the gadget. There are several color variations, including black, red, white and pink. On the cover there is a shutter that opens access to the compartment for the SIM card and the battery. At the top there is a shutter that covers the camera lens - it is made perfectly and fits perfectly into the overall design of the gadget.

In appearance and assembly, there are no complaints and cannot be. Impressive original facets and quality of construction. The strict appearance is more suitable for the male audience, however, the colors of the leather insert clearly hint that the device is also designed for women. The shutter and camera shutter are wonderfully made, perfectly emphasizing the status of the device, we also note the comfortable keyboard, notleaves much to be desired.

Tag Heuer Dual Screen Mobile Phone

Speaking of the display, only the aforementioned sapphire crystal can stand out, complementing the phone's luxury design. The characteristics of the screen are ridiculous by today's standards: a 1.9-inch display made using a conventional TFT-matrix; resolution 240x320. Of the pluses, we note the good behavior of the screen in the sun: the information practically does not fade. However, the saturation of the colors of the display, the font and other design nuances are, to put it mildly, mediocre.

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The second watch screen is designed using OLED technology. The display is inverted. Its main task is convenience: the user does not have to completely take the device out of his pocket to look at the time. Is this such a useful feature? Yes, perhaps not, rather, an attempt to stand out from the competition.


In addition to high-quality manual assembly, original design and additional display, we note the GMT function in Tag Heuer. A phone with such an option is intended not only for connoisseurs of stylish and original cases, but also for people who often travel around the world. The abbreviation GMT stands for Greenwich Mean Time - Greenwich Mean Time. This principle of calculating time is universal and is focused on the time zones of the world. The function allows you to switch from home time to local time with a single touch, without having to change any settings. Similar technologyactively used by watch manufacturers, now it has found its way into the mobile device.

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Other functions

Tag Heuer has nothing more to boast of. The phone (original means) is completely focused on the image component. However, some additional features are still available. The camera here is only 2 megapixels, and it takes very mediocre pictures; there is no flash. Memory for data storage is only 2 GB, without the possibility of expansion by means of memory cards. There is Bluetooth, but no Wi-Fi, and there is also no 3G support. The phone reads Java files, but who needs it now? We note the meager and nondescript menu, consisting of only five items.


The 950 mAh battery lasts quite a long time, but battery life should not be considered one of the obvious advantages, because we are not looking at a smartphone, but a premium dialer that does not have outstanding technical characteristics or a large screen with a good resolution, nor any interesting multimedia features. In talk mode, the device will last up to 7 hours, in standby mode - up to 672 hours.


Of course, it's unfair to criticize Tag Heuer, a luxury phone from a watchmaker brand, for meager specifications, since the device is designed for people who value original style and want to emphasize their status with the help of a gadget. However, for a price that starts to vary from 150,000 rubles,I would like to see at least a compartment for a memory card and a better camera.


Tag Heuer is a phone whose reviews come mainly from connoisseurs of the premium segment. The original design made a positive impression on buyers who prefer expensive dialers. High-quality assembly, interestingly executed edges of the case, a back made of crocodile skin and a well-designed camera shutter are noted. The time display was also well received.

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Praise a loud and high-quality speaker: melodies are heard well, so the risk of missing an important call is minimized; the voice of the interlocutor in the conversational dynamics is also clearly audible.

The phone's menu and font size are criticized: the text is barely visible, and sometimes even almost indistinguishable. The meager menu with five options also caused outrage.

2 GB of memory, according to fans of the device, is quite a normal figure for this segment, since the phone is unlikely to perform any multimedia operations.

The lack of Wi-Fi is also a minus, plus Bluetooth doesn't perform well in certain places.

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