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LG G360: phone reviews
LG G360: phone reviews

While the mobile market is almost completely captured by smartphones with numerous sophisticated features and advanced technical specifications, LG continues to delight clamshell fans. Models with a similar design are already rather outdated, but have not yet been completely translated. This is confirmed by the LG G360 phone, reviews of which we will consider in this article.


The appearance, according to most, turned out to be quite attractive: there are no problems with assembly. The phone lies well in the hand, not overall, and therefore convenient for storage and carrying in your pocket; the colors are bright and attractive. We note the large buttons that are pleasant to work with: there is no risk of pressing several keys at once. The keyboard is placed very concisely and does not require additions.

lg g360 reviews


Reviews of the LG G360 model, reviews of owners and advertising point to a decent screen device. Most liked the display: large font, bright colors and excellent display of information in the sun. By tilting the phone at different angles, it becomes noticeable that the inscriptions and pictures on the screen are distorted (this is stillsimple TFT), but not much. The owners are somewhat upset by the lack of an external display on the cover of the gadget, which would be convenient to check missed calls, see incoming calls and just watch the time.

Users say that the bright and moderately large display (3 inches) is great for older people. Many took a model for their mothers or grandmothers, and argue that the older generation is satisfied with the device: the inscriptions on the screen are clear, large, the colors are saturated, the screen almost does not fade in the sun. In addition, the large keyboard makes it easy to dial a phone number or text message. I would like to highlight the last advantage, since many aged people often suffer from farsightedness, and the large keyboard and font make it possible not to overstrain the eyes. The LG G360 Red phone, whose color reviews are only positive, will especially please the ladies.

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The camera here is only 1.3 MP. It was installed, rather, just to be, since there is no need to talk about the acceptable quality of photographs. Shooting settings are poor, there is no flash. Optics will come in handy, perhaps, for capturing some interesting shot and then viewing it on the phone screen. There is no point in unfolding pictures on a computer monitor, and even more so printing them out: the text is blurry, the pictures are distorted, and the color reproduction is very poor. By the way, the camera can also shoot videos, but it's better to keep silent about their quality.

In general, the camera in the LG G360 phone - reviews of thisconfirmation - unanimously listed by the owners of the device as one of the main drawbacks of the gadget. Indeed, it was possible not to install optics at all, thereby reducing the cost of the device.


The owners will be satisfied with the volume of the speakers and the sound quality. Music is played clearly and clearly, the phone supports mp3 and has an FM receiver, so theoretically the model can be used as a player, but you should not expect a decent effect.

cell phone lg g360 reviews

Speaking about the speaker, it is worth mentioning that it is combined here, that is, it is the same for both conversation and multimedia. However, when the cot is closed, it is still more than audible, so you don't have to worry about the quiet ringtone.


The developers have installed a very ridiculous amount of memory - only 20 MB for data storage in the LG G360 phone. User reviews indicate a negative attitude towards such a small volume. Part of it is already occupied by the system, so the owners of the model have nothing left. The problem is solved when buying a memory card, since, fortunately, a slot is provided for it. When the phone was purchased not only for calls and SMS, but also to satisfy any multimedia requests, buyers were forced to immediately pay for a memory card.

cell phone lg g360 reviews

Other features

Of the pleasant features of the LG G360 cell phone, reviews of which are very ambiguous, it offers two SIM cards, Bluetooth andWiFi receiver. The battery, according to the owners, is rather weak: not everyone has enough 950 mAh to carry out their tasks. However, the batteries will last for 13 hours of telephone conversations, the gadget will last 485 hours in standby mode. The numbers are not the most impressive for a phone with weak hardware.


Before us is an ordinary “clamshell” style “dialer”, which copes well with ordinary tasks: making calls, writing text for SMS messages, transferring data. The LG G360 Red model - reviews confirm - is more suitable for a female audience. The strong half most often prefers a noble black or steel color.

Thanks to the large keys and a good display, the device can be purchased for the older generation. Some users say they ditched more expensive gadgets because the extra features only cluttered up the interface, and switched to this simple device. Others purchased the G360 as a second phone.

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Users note a rather high cost bar: from 3,860 to 5,754 rubles. For this amount, you can buy an inexpensive Chinese smartphone. There's nothing really special about the G360 other than practical styling, a comfortable keypad, and easy operation.

The camera here is weak: it could be completely abandoned. There is little memory for data storage (many have noted this minus more than once), and from the additional functions there are only Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and the ability to use 2 SIM cards. Ownersbelieve that the fair price of the model is 3000 rubles. However, the inflated amount did not prevent them from purchasing a mobile phone LG G360. Reviews about the cost, although negative, but still not every fan of mobile devices, nostalgic for the era of clamshells, will be able to resist buying this model.

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