How to find out how much traffic is left on MegaFon? How much traffic is left on the modem from MegaFon


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How to find out how much traffic is left on MegaFon? How much traffic is left on the modem from MegaFon
How to find out how much traffic is left on MegaFon? How much traffic is left on the modem from MegaFon

I wonder if any of the pioneers of the World Wide Web imagined what the Internet would be like in the 21st century? Today, with its help, millions of people communicate, have fun, learn and earn their living. Also, no one could imagine that access to the network would be possible not only from home, but from anywhere in the world. The latter became possible thanks to the development of cellular communications.

MegaFon was one of the first companies to offer its customers to use Internet services at 4G speeds. A lot has been done for this, but the main thing is special branded devices: modems, phones and tablets. All this has led to the fact that more and more subscribers want to know how much traffic is left. MegaFon thought out its services to the smallest detail here and provides several options for how this can be done.

How to find out how much traffic is left on Megafon

Method 1. For modem users

When buying a modem in the office, the first buyers were perplexed, as the kit included only a SIM card and the device itself, similar to a USB flash drive. Everything is thought out in such a way that no special knowledge is required during installation. The computer will automatically launch and install the desired application the first time you connect the modem to it.

It is with its help that you can find out how much traffic is left. MegaFon understands that it is much more convenient for subscribers to do this without disconnecting the modem from the computer. In this application, just go to the "Statistics" section and you can see the number of MB spent per day, month, and even year. And knowing which option is connected, you can easily evaluate the remaining traffic. But this method is convenient only for those who use the MegaFon modem. How much traffic is left on other devices, so it will not work to check. Other options have been developed for them.

Modem MegaFon, how much traffic is left

Method 2. USSD request

The most accessible and familiar of all the proposed options for mobile device users is the USSD request. It is enough to dial the desired combination, and the display will show information about how much traffic is left. MegaFon will provide current data not only on the number of remaining megabytes, but also on the date the service was reconnected.

It is also very convenient that the same USSD request is used for all Internet services: 167. If the subscriber has the corresponding option enabled, a message will come with the following content:"Before the speed limit, XXXX MB is left until XX.XX.XXX", where XX.XX.XXX is the date when the service will be reconnected and the countdown will start again. If none of the services is connected, the subscriber will receive the following message: "You have not activated the option with speed limit".

how much traffic is left MegaFon

Method 3. Send SMS

True, despite the simplicity of the USSD request, many still prefer SMS messages to them. In this regard, the company has also provided such an opportunity to check the rest of the traffic before the speed limit occurs. True, for each option it will already have its own SMS request number. But the text will be exactly the same. This word is "residue" or "ostatok". The very information about the numbers for each Internet service can be viewed in the table.

Option name SMS request number
Pocket Internet Mini 000767
Internet S 05009121
Internet M 05009122
Internet L 000988
Internet XL 05009124

When sending such a request, if the option is enabled, a message will be sent in response with the amount of remaining traffic before the speed limit occurs. And if not, then the subscriber will also receive an SMS, but it will say that this service is not connected.

Since it is not very convenient to find out how much traffic is left on MegaFon using SMSmessages due to different requests, this service is far from the most popular. Although, on the other hand, if the client constantly uses the same Internet tariff option, you can save the desired number in the phone book. And when you need it, just send an SMS to him.

Method 4. Service Guide

Of course, having such a convenient service as a Service Guide, you can always check the rest of your traffic with its help. To do this, simply go to the Personal Assistant website and on the main page in the section "Current discounts and service packages" you can find all the necessary information. As a result, the subscriber will not only be able to clarify how to find out how much traffic is left on MegaFon, but also find out the validity period of the package and how much has been spent on the current day.

find out how much traffic is left. Megaphone

Besides, in case of doubt, the client can always order detailed details in the Service Guide or connect any other tariff option. Moreover, unlike any other method, these services will be provided completely free of charge. But most importantly, access to your personal account is provided from any mobile device, as well as through the voice menu 0505.

Method 5. Contacting a company employee

But no matter what options on how to find out how much traffic is left on MegaFon, the company does not provide its customers, there will always be those who find it easier and more convenient to clarify this information with office or contact center employees. True, in order to find out, the client mustprovide your passport details. It will be enough to dictate them over the phone, and in the office you will already need to present the document itself.

It is worth noting that any employee of the company, of course, will be happy to provide data on the remaining traffic, and will also help you choose the right Internet option. However, the customer may have to wait in line both at the office and when receiving a phone call.

find out how much MegaFon traffic is left


Caring about their customers, the company's employees offered not one, but as many as 5 ways to find out on MegaFon how much traffic is left before the speed limit sets in. In addition, if the subscriber needs to extend the validity of his option, he can use the additional service "Extend speed" or "Turbo button". And parents can turn on a special "Children's Internet", and their child will visit only the "correct" sites. Do not forget in "MegaFon" and travelers. For them, the option "Internet in Russia" is provided.

Today it is already obvious to everyone that life without a global network is simply impossible. Every day, thousands of people start their day by checking their email and visiting their social media pages. So, it is important for them to have round-the-clock access to the Internet at high speeds. MegaFon understands this very well, and therefore provides its customers with only high-quality services.

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