Tariff "Smartphone 3G": conditions and description


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Tariff "Smartphone 3G": conditions and description
Tariff "Smartphone 3G": conditions and description

Mobile operators are interested in the fact that many subscribers use their services, and therefore offer a new tariff "Smartphone 3G". In order to interest in this tariff, many useful, affordable and necessary services have been developed that make life easier and help solve many professional and family problems even at a great distance from loved ones.


Smartphone 3G tariff line became available for all Ukrainian subscribers quite recently. MTS (Ukraine) announced it in 2015, and since then it has become very popular among the clients of this mobile operator. This line consists of several tariff plans, which depend on the connection region.

smartphone 3g

Tariffs for the 3G Smartphone line:

  • "One".
  • "Ukrainian".
  • "Smartphone 3G".
  • "First".
  • "Odessa".
  • "Fine".
  • "Smartphone 3G Plus".

If we consider the standard tariff package, it is one of the most expensive in the MTS line. This tariff plan is available for residents of Donetsk, Lugansk, Sumy, Kherson and Poltava regions.

To the "Smartphone 3G" tariff, you can connect additional services that will make calls, Internet and SMS messages much cheaper. So the subscriber can independently distribute his money and prioritize in favor of the service most necessary for him.

Fare Benefits

All the terms of the tariff immediately attracted the attention of many people, as everyone can find favorable individual terms in it. The advantage of this tariff is that the subscriber will be provided with fast Internet, and if you have to call quite often, you will not need to pay a lot, which is ideal for business people. The tariff is activated only when there is a certain amount of money on the subscriber's account, set based on the conditions.

An unlimited tariff within the operator is provided, as well as the Internet without a limited time, 100 SMS, MMS messages. But keep in mind that the first and subsequent messages after the hundredth message will be paid.

than a favorable tariff smartphone 3g

The "Smartphone 3G" tariff was introduced to enable subscribers to use 3G Internet. And they accepted this package with great joy, as they have long been waiting for such a unique opportunity to have high-speed Internet available at any moment in their phone, as well as in a laptop ortablet.

When using the "Smartphone 3G" tariff, you need to consider in which regions it operates, where the card will work. For example, there are such Ukrainian regions, in which, in addition to the basic payment established for subscribers, you have to additionally attach a certain amount for the first call made. But if the subscriber has never called during the day, the money will remain untouched on the account.


Standard fare conditions contain many positive aspects. For example, this is 40 minutes for those calls that need to be made to other operators under the bonus program, after this time the standard tariff begins to operate.

tariff smartphone 3g tariff conditions

Since many residents of Ukraine have relatives in the near abroad, the question often arises, how to connect the Smartphone 3G tariff in Russia? Communication with compatriots who have remained at home can be maintained at a very advantageous offer without paying a single ruble. The reach area in which the tariff operates is simply huge, and you can familiarize yourself with the coverage area on the official website.

If a client of the MTS mobile operator forgot to ask before leaving how to activate the "Smartphone 3G" tariff in Moscow, then he may not be afraid to be left without a connection. Most modern smartphones connect to the towers of other mobile operators automatically. However, the cost of calls, Internet and SMS messages will differ significantly from the standard rates.

The service "Super Internet in roaming" costs a lotcheap and activated for free. There is another convenient promotion of this tariff - "Gigabytes for free".

Tariff fee

When purchasing the "Smartphone 3G" tariff, the user automatically pays all taxes set by the state.

The fee for using this tariff is charged once a month, as soon as the previous one has expired. Moreover, it does not matter whether the tariff for the elapsed time was fully used or not, the main thing is that at the moment the required amount necessary for payment is on the account in the phone.

But the "Smartphone 3G" tariff may provide other conditions regarding payment.

A year without subscription fees

This contains two unlimiteds. If you put money into your account to start, the entire amount is debited immediately, and in full. And that's it. You can use the tariff for a whole year, forgetting about the replenishment of the account, which is problematic for many. This is a good offer, but if the operator wants to change any conditions, including this, then you will have to put up with it.

tariff smartphone 3g

And in the event that the subscriber has found a more favorable tariff for himself, the effect of the previous tariff immediately after the transition is suspended. In the same case, the additional 500 MB is also disabled and the Internet is used according to the new conditions.

Favorable two no-limits

There is a service in the tariff "Smartphone 3G" such as "Two unlimited per day". In this case, the subscriber's fee is charged periodically - every day, in a very small amount.

Despite how the paymentis made, the subscriber has the opportunity to receive two unlimited conditions, which include calls within the network and another plus to this is the mobile Internet. But this is not quite the Internet that users dreamed of. It must be admitted that there are limitations, although it is considered unlimited. Traffic is fixed up to 500 Mb per month if the speed is 3G, and if the speed is 2G - 200 Mb.

While the service is active, the daily payment of two unlimited per day is not carried out, as well as the "two unlimited" monthly.

3g smartphone tariff by regions

Some mobile operators do not have an unlimited tariff for mobile Internet, since it is difficult to predict how many people using this type of communication will be in the coverage area of ​​the station. Accordingly, it is difficult to maintain a high data rate.

Tariff "Smartphone 3G" includes calls that can be made to numbers of other operators and landline numbers. There is no charge for connection to occur.

Another great rate

If the "Smartphone 3G" "First" tariff is selected, calls to mobile phones of other operators will cost quite inexpensively, but calls to landline numbers will be charged a little more. Billing will be counted per minute. There is no connection charge.

The main thing in this tariff is affordable and convenient high-speed Internet. To interest subscribers, this tariff has bonus programs, including bonus messages.

If suddenly there is not enough trafficmobile Internet, it is possible to connect the "3G-unlimited" option. This makes it possible to restore a good connection speed again, as users often face a problem: when using bonus Internet, the speed can drop significantly. But such a service must be paid extra.

When it is necessary to send an SMS message, the payment for it occurs in packages, and not in separate messages, as in many other tariffs. When sending the first message, a small amount will be deducted from the account, and then it will be possible to send 149 SMS without paying a penny.

Melodies as a gift

When buying a starter pack with such conditions, a service such as Goodok is attached. Upon activation, it will immediately start working and will be completely free for a month. But as soon as this period passes, this service will turn into a paid one. If the user is not interested in having a Cookok and paying for it, they can disable it via SMS.

tariff smartphone 3g new

This service gives the right to choose and then install any melody or original phrase that the user likes. It can play the role of a background screen saver, replacing the usual melodies that have become standard. The Goodok website contains many melodies, here you can also pick up songs from children's and adult films, even imitations of the voices of famous actors and politicians.

Tariff "Smartphone 3G" "New" allows you to provide a new sound design. After a melody has been ordered, it is automaticallyconnection. And this melody becomes common for all incoming calls. The operator can fix the timing of a particular melody, but is obliged to warn the subscriber about this in advance.

Melodies can be given by choosing a certain one, and it is paid only if the present was accepted. The cost of such a gift is paid by the amount indicated in the catalog of provided horns.

How to connect to the Internet?

If you have any questions about how to connect the Internet on the "Smartphone 3G" tariff, the answer is not difficult to find out. This is only possible if the phone has 3G umts/hsdpa support. By calling the operator, with his help, following the instructions given by him, you can set all the necessary settings. They are activated within 24 hours, and notification of the successful start of work is received via SMS.

In order for high-speed Internet to start working, the phone menu is used. Select one of the network mode options. It can be 3G, 3G/2G.

Then you need to turn on the data transfer mode. Using the manual mode, it is possible to select any network name.

Favorable and convenient

If you try to determine what is the advantageous tariff "Smartphone 3G", then it should be noted that its advantages are undeniable.

High-speed 3G Internet will allow you to quickly access the information that is needed at this time, will provide an opportunity to listen to your favorite music, watch your favorite video again, make video calls, arrange an interesting vacation by playing your favorite online game.

Tariff"Smartphone 3G" by region promises minimum spending and maximum comfort everywhere thanks to well-chosen services and profitable promotions. High-speed Internet allows you to use it all the time, without checking how many megabytes are left if additional services have already been ordered.

The "Smartphone 3G" tariff has conditions that help achieve the necessary results in finding the right information, because the number of its users is growing.

How to activate the tariff?

If this tariff is of interest to a potential client, then the question arises of how it can be connected. In fact, everything is very simple. True, the scheme for connecting new MTS subscribers and old ones is slightly different.

For regular customers of the mobile operator there are special self-service numbers, with which they can independently activate and deactivate tariff plans. To activate the "Smartphone 3G" tariff, you need to call 7722. Then, using the prompts, you need to select the tariff you like and activate it.

You can also use the contact center number. By calling 111, you can find out how to activate the Smartphone 3G tariff manually, or ask the operator to do it for you. MTS Ukraine employees are highly qualified, so you should not be shy to ask even the most stupid questions.

tariff smartphone 3g conditions

For new subscribers, there are also two options for solving connection problems. The first is to buy a starter pack from official representatives. Today"MTS Ukraine" has a huge number of sales specialists in its staff, so racks with the corresponding brand can be found in all major cities of the country.

The easiest way to activate the "Smartphone 3G" tariff is to visit the company's service center. There, detailed advice is provided to clients on all issues related to the company's services.


To find out how profitable this tariff plan is, you need to look at the reviews of customers who have already tried it in action. Since this tariff has been in existence for two years, it managed to collect both negative and positive customer opinions about itself.

On the positive side, it can be highlighted that it is really beneficial for permanent work on the Internet. In support of this, users give examples of Internet costs from different mobile operators.

However, there are people who believe that some of the old MTS tariffs in Ukraine are in no way inferior in quality and price of the services provided. Perhaps this remark is typical for clients who do not use the Internet connection so actively. After all, if you look at the price list for tariff plans, then today this is the only option with a minimum fee for web surfing.


Conditions and restrictions on the tariffs of the entire line of tariff plans "Smartphone 3G" are very similar to each other. Therefore, if one of the tariffs you like is not available in the area where the client lives, he can easily choose a similar package of services for himself.

The differences that forced the company's employees to launch a whole line instead of one tariff are the cost of calls to subscribers of other mobile operators. If the subscriber leaves his region, where the "Smartphone 3G" tariff was launched, the tariff conditions will change, but one minute of conversation within the network will cost him no more than 0.5 UAH. To find out the exact cost, you can go to the official website of MTS, where the coverage area is indicated.

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