Refrigerators "Biryusa": reviews, models, characteristics


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Refrigerators "Biryusa": reviews, models, characteristics
Refrigerators "Biryusa": reviews, models, characteristics

A huge number of refrigerators have appeared on the market, so it is difficult to choose a specific model for yourself. Due to the large number of imported options, domestic fixtures have become less popular. The opinion that they are much inferior in quality is fundamentally wrong.

Inexpensive refrigerators "Biryusa" have been known since Soviet times, and they have proven themselves perfectly. They are characterized by low price, excellent functionality and reliability.

Refrigerator "Biryusa": characteristics

Product Description

The company was founded in 1963. The name was borrowed from a tributary of the great Yenisei River. The first production of Biryusa refrigerators at a plant in the city of Krasnoyarsk was marked by great success. Copies were collected for a year, but it was worth it. The first issue of more than 300 thousand units was quickly sold out. The plant successfully worked even during the crisis, the assortment gradually expanded. The company, in addition to refrigerators, began to manufacture medical and commercial equipment. Equipment and design of devices constantlychanged.

Today, not only ordinary refrigerators are manufactured, but also wine cabinets, coolers for changing the water temperature, ice makers, chest freezers and some other devices. In terms of sales, the company is among the top three leaders in the Russian Federation. Goods are also exported to Kazakhstan, Belarus and some other CIS countries.


Benefits of Refrigerators

There are more positive points in the reviews of Biryusa refrigerators than negative ones. The disadvantages of these devices are insignificant. Build quality, functional set, features, prices - all this is at the best level. Many buyers note that these refrigerators are able to compete even with imported appliances.

The reviews note the following advantages: spaciousness, efficiency, high-quality refrigerant, as well as the availability of additional technologies. Consider everything separately.

  • Freezers and refrigerators have a large number of shelves, drawers and chambers. Thanks to this, they are able to accommodate a large number of products. Judging by customer reviews, it is best for families to buy a refrigerator with two chambers. And more compact models are suitable for an office or an office.
  • Energy class - A. The refrigerator consumes about 270 kW per year, this is confirmed by customers.
  • The refrigerant is R600a. It is considered the most harmless, as it does not have synthetic components. In addition, it does not destroy the ozone layer, while possessinggood coefficient of performance.
  • Customers confirm that the refrigerator has two additional technologies: No Frost and Low Frost. The latter is a drip system. Refrigerators with these options should not be defrosted, they will thaw themselves.

And additional advantages in reviews are electronic control with special buttons and good fastenings. Refrigerators can withstand mechanical damage.

Cons of refrigerators

Of course, there are also negative comments in the reviews of Biryusa refrigerators. Buyers notice not very critical disadvantages, but they can bring discomfort to some.

If the door is not closed within 10-20 seconds, an unpleasant sound is triggered. There are uncomfortable shelves on the doors. Handles are made of too fragile plastic. Some buyers report deforming them by accident. Drops of water drip down the back of the device.

These disadvantages are not significant, and given that refrigerators are inexpensive, many buyers turn a blind eye to them.

domestic refrigerator


This refrigerator is available in white. The design is small, thanks to this the device can be installed in small rooms. The device is divided into two sections: refrigerator and freezer. Both of them have a volume of 280 liters, energy class A.

The refrigerating chamber received a volume of 252 liters. It is divided into several parts using glass shelves. Below there are shelves for storing fruits and vegetables. On the doorthere is a container for eggs. Defrosting is carried out by drip system. In reviews of the Biryusa-6 refrigerator, many write that this is an extremely inconvenient feature.

The freezer received a volume of 28 liters. The minimum temperature in it is -12 degrees. Defrost must be done manually.

Customers claim that the refrigerator does not consume much electricity. Consumption is 219 kWh/year. The noise level is also minimal - 42 dB, so no one who bought this refrigerator complains about extra sounds from the Biryusa-6 refrigerator.

Refrigerator "Biryusa-6"

Refrigerator 129th model

This refrigerator has an attractive price, although it allows you to set the temperature yourself, has an excellent design, high-quality cooling system and assembly of materials, and also received Antifreeze from the manufacturer. Thanks to this functionality and low cost (16 thousand rubles), many buyers prefer it. The refrigerator is silver in color, two motors are built into it, the height is 205 cm. The freezer is quite spacious, it can store not only meat and fish, but also food for the winter. It does not need to be defrosted, which is why many people choose the Biryusa-129 refrigerator.

Inexpensive refrigerators


This refrigerator is considered compact and versatile. Made in white. Due to the fact that the refrigerator has a small size, its weight is only 38 kg. Many buy itfor giving.

The total volume of the appliance is 180 liters, of which 130 belong to the refrigerator compartment. It has three shelves. In reviews of refrigerators "Biryusa R110Ca" it is described that they are glass, but made of reliable and durable material. There are separate shelves for fruits and vegetables. The lighting inside is excellent. The freezer is capable of freezing no more than 4 kg per day.

Defrost by drip system.

Biryusa 10

This device has only one door. Is an economical option. Decorated in a classic tone. The refrigerator is easy to maintain and quiet. The volume of chambers is 235 liters. The refrigeration compartment received 207 liters. In reviews of Biryusa-10 refrigerators, they write that the freezer is disappointing. Its volume is only 28 liters. Moreover, each of the chambers has to be defrosted manually.

Factory of refrigerators "Biryusa"


This refrigerator was released a relatively long time ago, but it is in demand due to the volume of the chamber. A total of 330 liters is obtained. This characteristic is ideal for the Biryusa refrigerator. The freezer has two compartments. You have to defrost them manually. A special tray is used to collect melt water. When the air temperature rises in the chamber, the freezing system automatically turns on.

The refrigerator section is defrosting itself. Many buyers praise the manufacturer for this. The shelves in it are made of thick glass and are able to withstand 22 kg of weight. In the reviews, buyers confirm that theyreally hardy and hard to break.


This device is getting good response from consumers. The refrigerator has a built-in sound indicator. When the door is open for a long time, it works. The refrigeration compartment received 225 liters. It is divided into specific areas: glass shelves, coasters on the door for drinks and sauces, and two drawers for vegetables.

The freezer received a volume of 95 liters. It is divided into four separate boxes. The camera can freeze up to 7 kg of food per day, which is a high indicator.

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