How to revive the phone battery, completely discharged? Recovery Methods

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How to revive the phone battery, completely discharged? Recovery Methods
How to revive the phone battery, completely discharged? Recovery Methods

For a modern phone, the main and decisive criterion is its autonomy, that is, how long the battery can work without recharging. The most terrible event for many is when the phone is discharged so much that it does not respond to the charger. Why is this happening? How to revive your phone battery?

how to revive phone battery


Each battery has a power controller. It is thanks to him that we can see on the screen the percentage of battery charge. The same element determines the need for the device to recharge. When the phone runs out of power, the controller enters the battery protection mode after urgent requests to replenish energy reserves.

It is worth noting that the battery is charged through a charger that has a current limiter. This information contains a way to revive the phone's battery - to start the current directly. In order for it not to carrydanger to life, there are some simple ways, which are discussed below.

Elementary way

As unexpected as it may sound, leave your device to charge for a day. For some devices, the boost will be one of the pulses received from the charger. Roughly speaking, at some point the battery will "catch" the current and begin to accumulate charge. Don't get mad if your phone reacts to the charger with a dark screen. In this case, there is no need to rush. Other methods should be tried only after this method.

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Power supply, resistor and voltmeter

For the second, more complex and time-consuming method, you need a power supply with a constant voltage of up to 12 volts. It is better that the voltage is from five or a little higher (it's safer). You can use the power supply from the router and even the charger from the smartphone itself. As an assistant, a resistor is suitable, which is designed for power from 0.5 watts and a nominal value of 330 ohms.

As for the voltmeter, it's more of a whim than a necessity. So its presence is by no means necessary, although it is highly desirable.

The connection scheme is simple to the point of primitiveness: we connect the minus of the source to the minus of the battery, and the plus through the resistor to the plus of the battery. Where is the plus, and where is the minus at the source? If you have a charger like a plug from a Wi-Fi power supply, then the plus is the inside of the cylinder, and the minus is the outside. For the USB charging type, you must first do a test with a multimeter. This will allow you to check where is a plus and where is a minus,ringing each channel.

After everything is securely fixed, you need to apply current. If you observe on a voltmeter, then you should wait for the voltage to rise to 3.5 volts - this is about 15 minutes of continuous operation. This is ideal for old-style batteries, but it works for smartphones too. Again, take your time and stay calm. A mistake can cost the life of the battery.

how to revive a dead phone battery

Third way

A less time-consuming method than reviving a phone battery is to use a power supply with a controller designed to restore and charge all types of batteries. Such blocks are used when restoring Ni-MH batteries. This device is like Turnigy Accucell 6. How to use it? Same as with cables in the second method.

It is important with this method not to try to fully charge the battery through this device. Why? Over time, the battery wears out, and its volume is significantly reduced. In order not to ruin the battery, charge it through a universal charger up to 3.5 volts, and then through the phone or tablet itself - with a device whose battery we reanimated.

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Fourth way

In simplicity, this method can be compared with the first. Unfortunately, it does not work on all types of devices, but it has to be, since it does not oblige you to have additional equipment or skills. This way how to revive the phone battery at homeconditions, looks like this:

  1. Remove the battery from the smartphone.
  2. Connect the charger to the device.
  3. Reinsert battery.
  4. Leave your phone on charge for 10-12 hours.

Why might this work? As mentioned earlier, the battery needs to be "pushed". Such a sharp current flow can become such a push, and the battery will return to normal, starting to accumulate energy.

A simple battery to help

This method also does not always help, but nevertheless it is very popular. To implement it, you need to take a fully charged battery or a powerful battery and connect it using conductors, observing the polarity. After ten minutes, you should try to insert the rechargeable battery into the phone and connect the charger.

This method is based on the method used by motorists, giving a “light” to the battery from another car. And just like in cars, don't let anything get hot!

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Only revive?

Another, no less strange way is freezing. Some who have already conducted similar experiments with the battery of their device claim that they were able not only to “resurrect” it, but also to increase its life. The principle of operation of this method is to deceive the controller, which was mentioned above, because at a reduced temperature, chemical reactions in the battery slow down significantly.

Before restoring your phone's battery, make sure it's not lithium ion. This type of batterysuch experiments may not endure.

The process of resuscitation itself is as follows. To begin with, a battery discharged below the level is sent to the freezer for a period of no more than half an hour. After that, charge it for a minute. In this case, turning on the phone is strictly prohibited. Next, you need to remove the battery from the device and let it warm up to room temperature on its own. It is impossible to heat and rub the battery at the same time.

As soon as the battery reaches room temperature, it must be put into the device and charged in the usual way. Such a charge can last more than a day, in some cases even two.

how to revive your phone battery at home

Which is better?

Before you revive the battery of the phone, completely discharged, it is worth deciding which of the methods is most effective. All of these recovery methods are good in their own way, but some have no confirmation in their safety, others require special skill and tools.

In fact, the first and fourth methods are not only ways to revive the battery of the phone, but also a real guide for an emergency. Such methods will not harm or aggravate the situation of the smartphone.

There is quite a bit of controversy about freezing, as low temperatures are what can cause a battery to swell. Some say it's a way to give a "dying" battery a "painkiller" so that it dies quickly and painlessly.

The second and third methods restore evenNi-MH batteries. But if you do not have access to the necessary equipment and are simply far from electronics, it is better not to take risks and turn to the masters of this business.

A few tips

Whichever way you choose, the best solution to a problem is to prevent it. Try to make sure that your smartphone does not turn off because the battery is dead in it. Carry a charger kit or external battery with you and recharge the battery when needed. Try to avoid friction, shock and large temperature changes - this greatly reduces the performance of the battery and shortens its life.

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