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Table of contents: site: reviews of affiliate program participants, freelancers and advertisers site: reviews of affiliate program participants, freelancers and advertisers

Four years ago, the URL shortening service appeared on the Internet. Feedback from users who have signed up for this content suggests that there is indeed some money to be made here.

Earning on the site does not require additional knowledge, effort and time, and the amount of daily earnings of users who have registered on this content depends on the number of full clicks on the advertised links.

Full transition through an advertising link. What is it?

Receiving passive income is possible only if the conditions set out on the "Terms of cooperation" page are strictly observed. Such a page is available on every site that provides its users with the opportunity to generate income. Catcut net is no exception. A site review left on one of the affiliate content deserves a mention:

clicking on the link is counted and payable only if the user who clicked on the advertised link waited until the page was fully loaded, watched a short advideo and managed to solve the captcha testimonials from users and partners

catcut net reviews

Users of the global network who registered on the site under discussion and shared their impressions of cooperation with it can be divided into two categories.

The first includes individuals reporting a small but stable passive income.

Most of the positive comments tend to be praise directed towards the owners of Reviews from dissatisfied users are written in the form of complaints about meager income, and in some cases - about its complete absence.

Complainers are mainly newly-minted Internet entrepreneurs, for whom earning on clicks is the first experience of remote work.

Disadvantages of the catcut service: the opinion of global network users

http catcut net reviews

Why do some talk about profitable cooperation, while others rely on low income (by the way, the lack of high earnings is not the main reason for dissatisfaction)?

Do not forget that among users there are beginners who have no experience of earning money through services such as catcut net. Reviews like “do not recommend to anyone” and “pays very little” are left by novice freelancers who do not know that passive income is not created in one day, and successful merchants, before becoming such, collaborated with several sites like catcut, where they received very little income.

Everyone who wants to form their own idea ofthe work of the discussed service can get answers to their questions by visiting one of the sites participating in the catcut affiliate program.

Where does the negativity come from?

catcut net site review

The source of negativity for many aspiring Internet entrepreneurs is their own inattention and lack of experienced mentors.

Meanwhile, the conditions are simple: money is credited only if each next click on the link is made from one unique computer. In addition, the person who made the transition, as mentioned above, must fully view a small commercial (which opens immediately after the page loads) and enter the captcha correctly.

The accuracy of entering captcha characters, as you know, is checked automatically. One failed test and catcut net's reviews plummet.

It often happens that a newbie, inspired by the opportunity to make quick money, inattentively studies the terms of cooperation, non-observance of which turns his activity on the site into a series of spontaneous clicks that are not subject to payment.

Terms of cooperation. Cheat

check and feedback on the site catcut net

Immediately after registering on the site, each user is given the opportunity to create their own link to earn money:

  • choose a page on any resource you like;
  • copy her email address and shorten it with catcut;
  • publish the received short link inInternet (on your website or blog, social networks or forums).

Beginners, as a rule, place their links to earn money on personal pages on social networks. Payouts are made every time a friend or guest clicks on the link.

Initially, the money goes directly to the catcut website, more precisely, to the freelancer's internal account. From there, earnings can be withdrawn to an electronic wallet.

One of the types of cooperation that the site offers to its users is the promotion of sitelinks. All the necessary files, according to the site administrators, are thoroughly tested and then distributed among users for free.

What else should a newbie know about Feedback from positive Internet entrepreneurs who have been fruitfully cooperating with this site for a long time does not prevent some click sponsors from qualifying catcut as "suspicious" (that is, containing dangerous viruses, violating the rules of interaction with users and some laws).

Earnings on the affiliate program of the catcut service

catcut net cheat

Through the site's two-tier affiliate program, both freelancers and advertisers can earn money.

By attracting new users (referrals) to the site, the referrer, according to the information published on one of the partner content, receives a small percentage of their earnings:

  • in the contextual advertising section;
  • in section"Advertising in the surf".

Even if the referral attracted to the system has registered on the site as an advertiser, his referrer will still receive a small reward:

  • from the amount spent by the referral-advertiser on contextual advertising;
  • from the amount that the advertiser attracted by him spent on advertising in surfing.

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