How to send video to "+100500"? What videos are included in the program?

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How to send video to "+100500"? What videos are included in the program?
How to send video to "+100500"? What videos are included in the program?

The program "+100500" is incredibly popular among Russian youth. And its presenter Maxim Golopolosov managed to conquer thousands of women's hearts. Many Internet users would also like to be featured all over the country, but do not know how to send a video to "+100500". All the information you need can be found in this article.

How to send a video to 100500
How to send a video to 100500

History of the program

What Max Golopolosov didn't do before he came to television. He sang in the punk band 2nd Season, studied to be a cook and worked as a courier. The idea to create the program "+100500" came to him spontaneously. In 2010, Maxim, looking into a video camera, shared his impressions of three popular videos posted on YouTube. His comments turned out to be so bright and funny that the video with Max's participation gained a lot of views on the first day. Golopolosov realized that the audience liked his idea. Soon he began filming a full-fledged program.

100500 send video to max
100500 send video to max

The question of how to send a video to "+100500" is not the most popular among Internet users. Most of them want to know why Max chose this name for his show. There are several versions. It is believed that the phrase "a hundred millions" was first uttered by the character of the OSP-Studio program, aired on the TV-6 channel. Another version says that the expression "defeated hundreds of enemies" was first voiced by Alexei Kortnev (the group "Accident"). It can take a very long time to figure this out. But the decision was still up to Max. After the very first releases, both the program itself and its name were remembered by the audience. And that says a lot.

What is the essence of the transmission

If you think that the idea of creating such a show belongs entirely to Max, then you are mistaken. Our today's hero does not hide the fact that he borrowed the format from the Internet program Equals Three, which has gained immense popularity in the USA.

Of course, there are those who want to accuse Max of plagiarism. But if they watch at least a couple of episodes of Equals Three and compare them with the +100500 program, they will immediately change their minds. The fact is that Maxim Golopolosov slightly transferred the format to the Russian audience. It turned out to be an interesting and cool program "+100500". Any Internet user can send a video to Max.

For each issue Golopolosov selects 3 videos and comments on them in a peculiar manner. The duration of one video review is 3-4 minutes.

Where to send videosfor "+100500"

Do you want Max to show and comment on your video? Then do not waste time, but right now send him the materials you have. But here a reasonable question arises: "How to send a video to "+100500"?" To do this, follow a few simple steps:

  1. Go to the CarambaTV website.
  2. Enter the required information in the special fields (name, email, and so on).
  3. Paste the copied link to the video in the box.
  4. Add your comment (this item is optional).
  5. Press the "Submit" button.
  6. Where to send video for 100500
    Where to send video for 100500

Which videos can get into the program

Every day hundreds and thousands of new videos appear on Youtube. But only a few of them are able to attract the attention of Max and be in his transmission. What criteria are used to select videos? There are no special requirements and rules here. The main thing is that the video is original and evokes at least some emotions. The collection of reviews made by Max has a variety of videos: funny, cute, shocking and weird. Fans of the show are sure that the energetic and intricate presenter is able to transform any, even very boring video. To do this, just insert a few funny comments or successfully edit the video. It's safe to say that Max Golopolosov is a true professional.

Now you know how to send a video to "+100500". It remains to be hoped that your video will be shown in one of the issues, andthe number of views will be huge.

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