The most popular ways to deposit money to Beeline from a bank card


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The most popular ways to deposit money to Beeline from a bank card
The most popular ways to deposit money to Beeline from a bank card

The situation when you run out of money on your mobile phone causes a lot of anxiety. In this article, we offer 3 ways to deposit money from a bank card to Beeline or another operator's account without commission and without leaving home.

Payment via Sberbank-Online

The opportunity is available for holders of Sberbank bank cards with an activated Internet banking service. You can use the method both from a desktop computer or laptop, and from a tablet or smartphone with the Sberbank-Online application installed.

In order to put money on "Beeline" from the card, you need to follow the following procedure:

  • Log in to the Internet banking service. PC users enter the ID and password on the site. Owners of the mobile version launch the application and confirm the entrance by entering a password.
  • On the left side of the screen, find the item "Deposits and payments". For the mobile version, at the bottom of the application - "Payments".
  • Bin the list that opens, select "Mobile communications".
  • To simplify the procedure, just find the item "Payment for any mobile phones".
Payment via Sberbank-Online
Payment via Sberbank-Online
  • In the window that appears, enter the subscriber number, amount and select a payment card (if there are several).
  • You can agree with the decision to make a payment by clicking on the appropriate button.
  • A short message containing a confirmation password will be sent to the linked phone number.
  • In the window that opens, enter the received password numbers.
  • Waiting for an incoming message about the replenishment of the balance.

If this method is optimal, you can set up auto payment. Then you can put money on Beeline from a bank card without your participation. Funds will be debited automatically when the specified balance on the mobile phone is reached.

The whole operation takes a few minutes if there are no preventive maintenance by Sberbank.

Payment on the website of the mobile operator

On the official website, you can also put money on the Beeline phone. To do this, you need to find the "Payment Methods" section. In the top menu, select "One-time replenishment of the account". In the list of services for which you are going to make a payment, select "Mobile communications". The "Phone number" field is intended for entering the numbers of the Beeline subscriber number. In the "Amount of payment" field, enter the desired amount in the range from 100 to 15,000rubles.

Payment through the site
Payment through the site

In the "Details of a bank card" area, the numbers on the front side of the card, the expiration date, the name and surname of the owner and the CVC2 code on the reverse side are indicated. In the protection field against the bot, enter the characters from the picture. Check the box next to "I agree with the terms" and click on the "Deposit account" button.

As in the case of Sberbank-Online, an SMS will be sent containing a confirmation code that is entered on the page that opens.

Payment through the application "My Beeline"

You can also put money on Beeline from a bank card in a mobile application. The procedure is practically the same as the previous option, except for the absence of the need to enter a phone number. The utility on a smartphone or tablet is tied to the installed SIM card, the data is entered automatically. An internet connection is required to complete a transaction. If the balance of the number does not allow this, you can connect to a Wi-Fi network at home, in the office, or to an open hotspot in a public place.

Payment via ATM - the case when you have to leave the house

The option is suitable for those subscribers who are unable to connect to the Internet or are worried about the safety of bank card data.

Payment via ATM
Payment via ATM

It is easier and more convenient to use ATMs whose network belongs to the same bank as the one that issued the card you plan to use for payment. Third party banks maytake a commission for conducting a transaction and viewing the balance.

In order to deposit money to Beeline from a bank card using an ATM, it is enough:

  • insert card into ATM;
  • enter the PIN code on the keyboard;
  • find the payment section;
  • select the desired operator;
  • enter phone number and amount;
  • confirm the correctness of the entered data.

These 4 ways will allow you to avoid additional costs in the form of paying fees charged by other services for the opportunity to deposit money not only on Beeline from a bank card, but also when paying for the services of other operators or making utility bills.

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