How to unlock pattern Fly, LG, Explay, HTC, Sony, DNS, Prestigio, teXet and MegaFon. Everything you need to know about unlocking a pattern

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How to unlock pattern Fly, LG, Explay, HTC, Sony, DNS, Prestigio, teXet and MegaFon. Everything you need to know about unlocking a pattern
How to unlock pattern Fly, LG, Explay, HTC, Sony, DNS, Prestigio, teXet and MegaFon. Everything you need to know about unlocking a pattern

There are a lot of situations when the question arises of how to unlock the graphic key. You could either forget it yourself, or accidentally enter it incorrectly, or a child played with your device and accidentally turned it on. Next, it will be described how to unlock the Android graphic key for any version of the OS on any of the devices. It is worth noting that there is no universal solution to this problem, since each manufacturer slightly adjusts the operating system itself for its gadget, so there are several options. The methods are grouped depending on the device and the ease of working with them. You will either have to try the one you like, or the most suitable, or successively try out several different ones to determine which one suits. It is important to find one that will allow you to get rid of the problem.

How to unlock pattern

Easy Options

You can use a fairly simple method, which in this case is seen as the most obvious ofeveryone. You will be required to enter your Google account password. There is one condition: you must have an account. If it is not there, then it is worth starting it in advance. So, if you have entered the described key incorrectly several times, then the smartphone or tablet will prompt you to enter the password for the account. After entering, you will need to wait a few seconds, and after that the same graphic key will be unlocked. If you forgot your account password, then recovering it is quite simple, and then use it to enter it on your smartphone or tablet.

If you do not have a computer or some other smartphone at hand, you can use a locked device for this purpose to recover your password, but this requires Wi-Fi or mobile Internet to be enabled on it. If it turns out that Wi-Fi is turned off, you can turn it on yourself. To do this, press the emergency call button, after which the combination 7378423 is entered. Next, select the menu menu Service Test - Wlan, and then connect to Wi-Fi.

How to unlock pattern: general case

You can resort to such a very simple and affordable way - to make a call to a locked smartphone. This option does not work on all versions of Android, only on 2.2 and earlier. You will need to pick up the phone after the call, and then go to the security settings service and disable the lock using the pattern key.

Another option on how to unlock a phone for which the pattern was lost is to completely discharge the battery.To use it, you need to plant the battery of the device. When the battery runs out, the smartphone will issue a notification, and when this notification is received, you can go to the power settings, then return to the menu one page, and then enter the security settings, where you can turn off the option to use the pattern key.

How to unlock Sony Pattern

Using the SMS Bypass App

Note that using this method requires the user to have Root rights. And it can help only with the prevention of unwanted blocking. That is, the smartphone can be unlocked only if this application is installed in advance. Naturally, you can search well and find hacked versions or free analogues, but it is better to use the original, which costs only one dollar.

If the smartphone has already been blocked, but you have root rights and an Internet connection, you can use the possibility of remote installation of this application through the web version of the Google Play Market service on your computer.

Now about the application itself. By default, the application has a password to unlock the pattern in the form of 1234. In order to unlock, you need to send an SMS from anywhere containing the text: 1234 reset. This will cause the smartphone to reboot, and then you can enter the unlock pattern and everything will work.

How to unlock the graphickey: more complex ways

It should be noted right away that this option involves a partial loss of data on the smartphone, namely: your contacts and various messages will disappear, settings will be lost. In this case, the device settings are reset, that is, a return to the state that it was originally, which is called “out of the box”. If you have a Google account, then contacts and notes can be easily restored from there, so it's worth getting one if you don't have one yet. Each manufacturer has a different algorithm, so it is worth considering each of them separately.

How to unlock pattern unlock Samsung

There are two scenarios here. If you are the owner of an older smartphone model, then you need to turn it off, and then hold the Home button at the same time as the on / off button. For new models, the algorithm is almost the same, but you will need to add one more button, namely, increase the volume. This procedure will cause all settings to be completely reset, after which you can restore your data from your account.

How to unlock pattern LG

How to unlock pattern HTC

In this case, everything will be a little more complicated than with the device of the previous manufacturer. You will need to turn off the smartphone, then remove the battery and insert it into place. Next, you need to simultaneously hold down the volume down element and the power manipulator. As soon as the Android image appears on the screen, the buttons can be released. However, this is stillnot everything related to the question of how to unlock the HTC pattern. After that, you must use the volume buttons to navigate through the menu, and use the power button to select the desired item. Depending on the model of the device, this may be the Clear Storage or Factory Reset option. It is clear that you may have another smartphone at your disposal.

How to unlock Huawei pattern

Here you should first turn off your device, and then remove the battery and insert it back. Next, you will need to hold down the volume button and the power button at the same time. When the Android image appears on the screen, you can release the buttons. You will see a menu that you need to navigate through using the volume buttons, and using the power button you can select the desired menu item. And here we mean the wipe data / factory reset parameter. After rebooting the smartphone, the pattern will disappear. As in other cases, you will be required to restore your contacts.

How to unlock Sony pattern

First, you need to install a special Ericsson PC Suite application on your personal computer, which can be downloaded from the corresponding resource. Then the smartphone can be connected to the computer. After that, run the program installed earlier, in which you must select "Tools", and after that - "Data Recovery". All your other actions regarding how to unlock the Sony unlock pattern must be carried out in accordance with the instructions offeredprogram. Naturally, you will be required to restore all your contacts using backups made in advance.

How to unlock pattern Prestigio

First you have to turn off your smartphone, then you can hold down the volume up, power and Home buttons at the same time, which will allow you to enter Recovery. Your next steps are to complete several points in turn. First, enter wipe data / factory reset, after which you can delete all user data, and then select reboot system now. That's it, now you are relieved of the need to enter a graphic key. It remains only to restore contacts.

How to unlock the graphic key: an option to delete a file called gesture.key

There is a fairly simple algorithm of actions for working with the device. The first method can be recommended to those who have an alternative to Recovery. You will need to download a file manager called Aroma. Next, you need to install it using Recovery. Using the /data/system/ path, you should delete the file called gesture.key. After that, you can restart your smartphone to enter any pattern. The only thing left to do is to be glad that your device is unlocked.

You can use another way. You will need to delete the same gesture.key file with an update, that is, to carry out a kind of substitution. You must first download the file. It should be installed through Recovery. The smartphone should be rebooted, after which it will be possible to enterany pattern. It remains only to be glad that your smartphone is unlocked again.

How to unlock pattern htc

How to unlock LG pattern

In the case of phones from this manufacturer, as in other cases, the device must be turned off and fully charged. This option involves a factory reset, so all your data will be deleted. For several different models, the algorithm will be slightly different, it is worth considering the options.

If we talk about how to unlock the pattern key LG Nexus 4, then everything is quite simple. You will need to hold both volume and power buttons simultaneously for three to four seconds. An image of an android will appear on the screen in front of you, which lies on its back. By using the volume controls, you should find the Recovery Mode item, and then activate the power button to confirm your choice. This will cause your device to reboot and display an android with a red triangle on the screen. Again, you need to hold down the previously indicated buttons for a few seconds until the menu appears in front of you. Next, you will need to enter the Settings - Factory Data Reset item, where the selection should fall on "Yes", for which the volume buttons are used to select, and the power button is used to confirm the selection.

The model of the LG L3 device suggests a slightly different option for calling the settings menu: simultaneously hold down "Home" + "Volume down" +"Food". For LG Optimus Hub, you must press the volume down, power and home buttons at once.

Situation: I forgot the graphic key. How to unlock?

The essence of the problem is this - sometimes a situation happens when the graphical password from a smartphone or tablet is simply forgotten. In order to return everything to its original state, and at the same time get your android device in its usual form, it is necessary that the special option "USB Debugging" be enabled on it. Many people know that this is a guarantee for a lot of possibilities: you can get root rights, develop applications on a computer with subsequent testing on a connected gadget, install custom Recovery, and much more. For all this, you need a simple program called ADB. Many users claim that anyone even a little familiar with the ADB program is able to crack the lock of an Android-based smartphone or tablet with a pattern in a couple of clicks. This does not require root access.

So, you need a fairly simple set of tools. First of all, this is a computer that has the Android SDK application installed, which includes the ADB program. In addition, you definitely need a USB cable, through which your smartphone or tablet will connect to the computer, as well as directly the blocked gadget itself, with which you will work. The author of the proposed technique claims that it is possible to hack the graphic key of the device using one of two options.Depending on what type of device you are working with, as well as on its model, the first or second method, or both in turn, may work.

The first one involves working with the command line. In the window, you must enter the following combination: adb shell rm /data/system/gesture.key. After that, you can reboot your device. Next, you will again see the same lock window containing the graphic key. And here is the most interesting: now the lock can be removed by entering any sequence.

You can also use this option, which will require you to enter not one command, but a whole sequence into the command line.

  • adb shell;
  • su;
  • rm /data/system/locksettings.db;
  • rm /data/system/locksettings.db-wal;
  • rm /data/system/locksettings.db-shm;
  • reboot.
How to unlock pattern texet

In addition, you can find ways to hack using a PIN code with a password. In this case, you will need to have root rights, or special firmware for your gadget.

The second method involves certain actions. You will need to connect the device to your computer, on which a command line window will then be launched, where you need to enter certain commands in turn.

  • adb shell;
  • cd /data/data/;
  • sqlite3 settings.db;
  • update system set value=0 where name='lock_pattern_autolock';
  • update system set value=0 wherename='lockscreen.lockedoutpermanently';
  • .quit.

And now you can restart your smartphone or tablet and enjoy the result.

How to unlock pattern Texet

In this case, it doesn't matter if we are talking about a tablet or a smartphone, because there are two scenarios. For owners of most devices of this brand, a method is suitable in which you need to turn it off, and then hold the Home button at the same time as the on / off button. For newer models, the algorithm is similar, only you need to add one more button - volume up. This procedure will cause all settings to be completely reset, after which you can restore your data from your account, if you have one.

How to unlock pattern Fly

How to unlock pattern Fly

It often happens that the owner of a Fly smartphone sets a pattern lock on it in order to protect the device from their children. But if the child nevertheless took it, and, trying to pick up a pattern, blocked the device, this problem has to be solved. If the phone does not have a lot of significant information, then you can go the simplest way, that is, reset its settings to factory settings. This is done quite simply. You will need to turn off the smartphone, while the battery must be charged. Now you should simultaneously hold down the volume up and "on" buttons. This will allow you to be in the recovery menu. Next, use the volume down buttonyou have to go down to the line Wipe data/factory reset, which can then be activated using the power button. After that, a new menu will open, where you will be required to select the line containing Yes-delete all user data, this is done using the same sound and power buttons. Next, you will again find yourself in the recovery menu, where this time you will need to activate the first line - Reboot. That's all for the "hot boot" process, now all that's left is to restore the data, partially or completely.

How to unlock DNS pattern

As in the case of using a smartphone based on the Android control platform of any other manufacturer, in this case, the possibility of accidentally blocking your device with a pattern key is not ruled out. You could just dig into the settings, stumble upon such an item, turn on this option, enter some arbitrary picture, and then find yourself in a difficult situation. The device could require you to enter a key, and you either enter it incorrectly, or completely forgot, which also happens. And here you will need instructions on how to get out of this situation.

You can arrange a so-called "hot reboot" for your device - this is a method that is distinguished by its versatility, but it leads to the loss of certain data on your device, that is, now you will have to restore your contacts or re-enter them manually.

You will need to enter the recovery of your device. To do this, you need to turn it off, after whichsimultaneously hold down a button such as volume up, turning on the charger plug, until an android with an exclamation mark appears on the screen in front of you. After that, the volume button can be released. Now you should press the power button, and without releasing it, press and release the volume up manipulator. Now you are in recovery, which is why such a complex sequence of actions was needed.

First you need to select Wipe data / factory reset. After that, you can start rebooting the smartphone using the Reboot system now item. This completes all procedures. When working with the recovery menu, you can use the volume buttons to select the desired menu item, as well as the power button to confirm the selection.

How to unlock pattern Megafon

How to unlock pattern Megaphone

This unlock method can be called fairly new. You will need to download a file called, and then rename it to, after which the resulting archive should be moved to the Sd card. Be sure to have a recovery on the device, and it doesn’t matter which one. The process itself is quite simple and straightforward. Reboot your device into Recovery mode. In the menu that you will see in front of you, the control takes place through the volume and power buttons, the first helps to select the desired item, and the second - to confirm the choice. You will need to find an item called Install zip from SdCard, or something similar in content, and select it.Once the menu opens, you can select the file called that you previously saved. This will start the flashing process. After all this, you will have to start your device, enter any pattern, and that's it, your Android will be unlocked.

How to unlock the Explay pattern

If the list of simple options presented at the very beginning of the article turned out to be useless for you, then all that remains is to perform a "hot reboot" of your device. As with devices from other manufacturers, you need to be in the recovery menu. To do this, you must hold down the volume button, namely its decrease, together with the power button. When the settings appear in front of your eyes, these buttons can be released. You should find the item Wipe Data//Factory Reset. You can get to it using the same volume buttons, and confirm your choice using the manipulator to turn on the power. As a result of your choice, all settings will be completely reset to factory settings. This will cause all information from the device's memory to be erased, leaving only the memory card intact. You will be able to restore your contacts if you take care of saving them in your Google account in advance. That is why it is recommended to use this opportunity so as not to find yourself in a difficult situation if your device fails for any reason.

As you can see, there are quite a few ways to get rid of the graphic key, which could suddenly become a problem for you.However, if you are not ready for collateral losses, then it is best not to use this option, so as not to end up with a complete absence of important and valuable information.

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