Great smartphone with excellent "stuffing" HTC One S. Reviews of the owners to confirm

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Great smartphone with excellent "stuffing" HTC One S. Reviews of the owners to confirm
Great smartphone with excellent "stuffing" HTC One S. Reviews of the owners to confirm

HTC is a world-famous Oriental corporation producing mobile phones. The initial task of the company was to develop software for PDAs and communicators. But over time, the company decided to start producing their own phones.

htc one s reviews

One of the latest products is the new HTC One S smartphone. Reviews about it are positive. But let's take a closer look at it and figure out why it attracts buyers so much.

First, consider the appearance of HTC One S. Reviews say that this is the thinnest metal smartphone of all produced by the company. The advertising campaign also positioned this fact as one of the most important features of the presented gadget. Some foreign ratings consider HTC One S to be fashionable due to its molded case.

In addition to the impressive appearance, there is also an impressive "stuffing" in HTC One S. Reviews about the camera and processor are also always positive. This is not surprising. An 8-megapixel camera plus signature One-series chips give the smartphone practicality and some style. The device runs on Android-4-ICS OS and Sense-4 interface. The gadget also hasdual-core processor, 4.3” large screen and 16GB memory.

smartphone htc one s reviews

Another point that HTC marketers took into account is the appearance of the box in which the phone is sold. That is, they even tried to bring something unusual into it. It is made of white lacquered cardboard with a picture of the device itself and has cut and rounded corners. In general, all this gives a certain charm and creates intrigue when buying this product.

Besides appearance, HTC One S has several other advantages. The weight of the phone is only 119.5 g. And this despite the fact that the case is made of metal. In addition, this model fits quite well and comfortably in the palm, due to which it is convenient to use (the width of the case is only 65 mm). All this - HTC One S. User reviews about convenience confirm advertising slogans. It's really comfortable.

Another distinguishing feature of the case is the coating. The developers designed it in such a way that during the manufacture the surface is not painted, but, as it were, charred. The result is a ceramic coating effect. The corporation claims that this surface coating method increases the service life and reduces the possibility of scratching the HTC One S. Reviews from smartphone users confirm this fact of advertising promises.

Now about the exterior of the phone. Here are the usual three buttons inherent in almost all models of the manufacturer ("Return", "Home" and "Launched Applications Menu"), sound control buttons, a power button,headphone jack. By the way, only micro-SIMs are suitable for this model, but this is not a problem if you have a regular card. Now you can either buy a new one in the store, or just cut the old one yourself.

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The software stuffing of the device is also normal. It works quickly, efficiently and does not freeze. Despite the thinness of the case, the battery is able to work in mixed mode for two days.

What do you think about HTC One S? Feedback from the owners of the gadget proves once again that the developers were not mistaken when creating this masterpiece.

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