Regular head unit on "Android"


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Regular head unit on "Android"
Regular head unit on "Android"

Standard head unit on "Android" - these are devices that have many different parameters, which allows them to surpass the basic systems in the car. They are multifunctional and have a high speed.

The head unit is usually mounted in the place where there was a regular device that was installed by the manufacturer.

Android. Head Unit

Android OS was developed for modern gadgets, tablets, and it is even used in some laptops. The head unit based on "Android" received the best characteristics, functions and parameters. This technique has received a higher speed and is now able to compete with Windows devices.

android head unit

Although the head unit on "Android" may be different on each car, but the main characteristics are similar on all devices:

  • The processor in this device is usually set to medium performance. In most devices, it goes 2-core at 1-1.5 Ghz.
  • RAM is also designed to perform simple manipulations. Herset to 512-1000 MB.
  • Internal memory plays a big role, since the standard device can be used as a DVR. As a rule, these devices come with a small amount of memory, but in such cases, you can install an additional SD card.
  • The recorder contains an acceleration sensor. Usually has the following characteristics: 1.3MP sensor, 30fps.
  • stock head unit for android

Regular devices, as we have already found out, have many functions and necessary parameters. Let's take a closer look.


The Android head unit has a resistive but rather responsive screen. As with the tablet, you do not need to press it with great force. A stylus is also usually included. Most of these modern devices are covered with a matte film, due to which fingerprints become invisible. It should be noted that the screen is readable in the sun, although it is dim.


Standard head unit on "Android" can not work as a headset, because of this you need to connect your phone. In such a system, only basic functions will work: receive a call, dial a number, go to the list of dialed and missed calls. In some devices, you can go to the contact list and dial the number, respectively, when you call, you can see who is calling. You can also play music from your phone. Only Bluetooth allows you to work with other devices, but they cannot access vehicle data.

multimediaandroid head units

Rear View Camera

You can connect a rear view camera to the standard device. This is a great feature, anyone who doesn't have a built-in native screen can use it. If you have it, then you will not be able to connect an additional camera.

Video recorder

The video recorder can be supplied as a set or separately. This is a nice feature that will help you prove your point on the road. You can install it both together with the GU, and separately. If you choose the first option, you will be able to watch recorded videos from the screen. In this case, the quality will be poor, this is due to the fact that the signal passes through the analog port.

Videos will be recorded to internal or external memory (up to 32 GB). To watch your videos, you need to go to a special program. On some standard devices, videos are recorded in a non-standard format, so you may not be able to open them on a computer.

Unfortunately, the quality of the videos leaves much to be desired. In sunny weather, the quality of the videos drops dramatically, light appears. But still, the DVR will cope with its task.

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The Android head unit usually has two USB outputs. The first is useful to connect WiFi, and the second is needed for a 3G modem. As a rule, WiFi is built into the device and works well. Perfect for surfing the Internet, pages load pretty quickly,the browser works fast. But the 3G modem will have to be purchased separately.


The standard device loads quickly, usually this procedure takes up to 1 minute. A nice feature is that the device automatically loads the last running application, but this only applies to "native" programs, third-party ones will not start.


The stock head unit has relatively easy multitasking. Built-in apps can run in tandem with third-party apps. It will look like this: you connect the navigator and turn on the radio, they will work together. During the trip, you will have music playing and you can hear the navigator, but it will mute the song from time to time.

Music and video player

The head unit has built-in players. But they don't always work well. Sometimes various errors may appear, or the device simply will not include regular MP3 music. Movies have the same problems, but most formats are playable. It is better to install a good player right away, so that later there are no unnecessary questions and problems.

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Each regular device has a built-in navigation program. They usually update maps automatically and are quite convenient.


Android multimedia head units have great sound. Most of these models have a clear and bright sound. This allows you to enjoy music on the road.

These were all built-inquality of regular devices on "Android". Additional applications, the necessary programs can be installed from the GooglePlay service. All devices support external storage, so you can freely download all the necessary applications, movies, music, etc.

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Head units on "Android". Reviews

On the Internet you can find a lot of reviews about regular devices. Most people buy budget models. They have their pros and cons. Many budget devices do not have the same features as Android tablets, but they do have their own unique features. Although people choose different devices, there are the most popular ones that have a minimum of drawbacks. OEM Rating:

  • Easygo A211. This modern device is equipped with a 10-inch screen, which has an anti-reflective coating and a resolution of 1024x600 pixels. Easygo A211 is a modern standard device in which manufacturers removed the ability to use disks, which made it possible to increase the display diagonal. The specifications of this budget device are impressive. It has a modern Mstar 786 dual core processor at 1.2Ghz, 1 GB RAM and 8 GB internal memory. Speed ​​and price are the main advantages of Easygo A211. You can also connect a navigator, a DVR and a rear view camera to this head unit.
  • Navipilot Droid 2 is a modern, multifunctional assistant on the road. This head unit contained a radio, navigator, amplifier, equalizer,TV tuner, MP3, Blu-ray and DVD players. Due to the built-in amplifier, you get an excellent sound that you can customize to your liking: add bass, support for any format (you can choose high-quality music), a ten-band equalizer. Navipilot Droid 2 has excellent specifications: 2-core Cortex A9 processor, 1GB RAM and 8GB internal memory. Built-in GPS supports the most popular programs. This head unit on "Android" has a 7-inch screen with multi-touch support and a resolution of 1024x600 pixels. Navipilot Droid 2 allows you to connect an OBD adapter, through which you can carry out self-diagnosis of the car.

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