Plantronics wireless headset: connection and customer reviews


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Plantronics wireless headset: connection and customer reviews
Plantronics wireless headset: connection and customer reviews

Wireless technologies cover different areas of life. Perhaps the most promising direction for the development of this concept is the Bluetooth headset, which has already won a lot of fans and continues to progress. Many companies are represented in this area, so the choice of connoisseurs of convenient gadgets is extensive - it is enough to determine the requirements for functionality and design. However, as practice shows, outwardly simple devices can cause a lot of trouble in operation. To save yourself from such problems and expand the capabilities of a mobile device, you should initially select ergonomic and reliable models. In particular, the Plantronics wireless headset belongs to such gadgets. The company develops not just functional additions to phones, but also endows them with stylish design.

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Headset device

The device is a compact addition to the phone, through which sound transmission is carried out wirelessly. Accordingly, the technical filling and controls are subordinated to the implementation of this task. So, in a standard design, such a device contains:volume control, call control buttons, indicators, power switch and charging port. With these features, the Plantronics Bluetooth headset allows you to conveniently answer and end calls, monitor battery level, adjust volume levels, and more. Some models have additional features, including voice dialing.

Plantronics range

Plantronics was one of the first companies to master technologies that enable wireless communication through the Bluetooth module. To date, its range includes a whole family of Voyager, which contains three main models. So, as a basic solution, it is worth considering the Voyager Legend option. This is a versatile Plantronics headset that combines functionality, attractive design and ease of use. Among the features of the gadget stand out: impeccable sound quality, the presence of voice commands, a triple microphone and ease of wearing and controlling.

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Modification of the Legend UC can be seen as a continuation of the base model, but with a bias towards professional use. This advantage is realized due to wider settings, the presence of sensors, the possibility of using additional chargers and synchronization with a wide range of devices - from a computer to a phone. Also, for those who place high demands on such equipment, the Plantronics Focus UC headset is available. In this case, allstandard features and controls, but with an emphasis on better noise cancellation.


Before first use, the owner must pair the headset with a compatible device. This task is performed in three stages, upon completion of which the necessary settings will be carried out. So, now we can move on to the question of how to connect the Plantronics headset to the target device. The first step is to turn on the headset, set it to sync mode. The readiness of the device for pairing will be indicated by the characteristic flashing of the indicators. This is followed by the second stage, during which it is necessary to activate the Bluetooth action in the phone or computer itself.

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At the final stage, the wireless gadget is directly connected to the main device. To do this, start the search mode for Bluetooth devices in the phone itself, smartphone or computer and find the desired model in the list of found names. Once pairing is confirmed, the Plantronics headset will be used as a valid device accessory. However, a password may be required at the time of confirmation. Enter "0000" by default.

Headset control

In terms of management, everything is simple. The main buttons and controls have already been noted, through which the user can make calls, end them, adjust the volume, etc. This is why the modern Plantronics Bluetooth headset does notlimits. For example, through voice control, you can receive calls by saying the word Answer. An even more technological solution involves the use of space sensors. The task of such a sensor is to recognize the moment when the user puts the headset on his ear. The call will then be automatically accepted.

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User Tips

Despite the complexity of the technical implementation of the gadget, it does not guarantee perfect signal transmission. But following simple tips will help you get closer to optimal performance. For example, the developers note that stable synchronization is possible only if the Plantronics headset is no more than 10 m away from the phone. If the connection is interrupted, it can be restored by pressing the call button or through the Bluetooth control settings in the phone itself. It is also worth listening to the signals that the headset transmits. They, in particular, help to charge the gadget in a timely manner or learn about the termination of pairing.

Positive feedback about the headset

The ergonomics of the headset got the most positive feedback. This also applies to the materials of manufacture of the device, and the design with the design, and the implementation of the controls. Based on user experience, owners emphasize that the Plantronics headset sits comfortably on the ear and requires minimal involvement in the process of controlling the main functions. The advantages of a key operational parameter - sound transmission - are also highlighted. And goodaudibility is noted at both ends of the connection. In addition, the headset allows you to listen to music from your phone in the wireless player mode, which is not available in every model from other manufacturers.

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Negative reviews

Many consider the implementation of the volume control to be an insulting shortcoming. Although there are no complaints about the audibility, the adjustment can cause inconvenience due to its cyclicity. That is, after reaching the minimum or maximum, the reverse setting follows with an increase or decrease in volume, respectively. The lack of full Russification is another disadvantage for which Plantronics headsets are criticized. Reviews, for example, note that almost all voice prompts are in English. There are some complaints about the quality of voice control, but the flawless operation of this function has not yet been observed in any of the existing headsets of this type.

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If we put aside the functional and technical advantages of such devices, then stylistic qualities will come to the fore. Still, the headset for the Plantronics phone is worthy of attention as a designer accessory that can complement the image of the wearer. The company offers models in different colors, but they all differ in the original style of execution. True, large sizes have become a characteristic feature of the models of this brand, while other manufacturers, on the contrary, tend to follow the path of minimizing dimensions. For operation althis nuance does not particularly affect the performance, but the sight of a large gadget on the head still scares away the female audience a little.

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