How to view the cloud on iPhone? How to access iCloud from iPhone

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How to view the cloud on iPhone? How to access iCloud from iPhone
How to view the cloud on iPhone? How to access iCloud from iPhone

Cloud services among today's PC and mobile users are in great demand. They help store data in large volumes on special servers, and then upload them when necessary. Very comfortably! And the place on the phone / computer does not take up unnecessary documents. Today we will be interested in the cloud on the iPhone. How to watch it? And pass authorization in it? What is the purpose of the iPhone cloud service? In fact, everything is simpler than it seems. And users can quickly use Apple's proprietary cloud service for their needs.

Sync data to iCloud


Apple has a unique service. It's about iCloud. What it is? And what is the corresponding option used for?

Cloud iCloud is a service that allows you to synchronize data with devices of one or another Apple ID. With it, you can transfer information from your phone or tablet to new "apple" devices, as well as view them orrestore if necessary.

Apple's cloud service is an ordinary, albeit very convenient, data storage. By configuring this option, a person will be able to choose how information is stored and synchronized. More on that later.

Why use

How to view the cloud on iPhone? First you have to figure out why iCloud is used at all. Maybe we can do without it?

Apple cloud storage is used for:

  • backing up data;
  • shopping;
  • work with any documents on the device;
  • Family Sharing settings;
  • saving and changing the settings of the mobile device;
  • Find and lock your lost iPhone;
  • Safari key bindings and maps;
  • working with App Store apps;
  • remote work with Mac.

In fact, the iCloud cloud greatly simplifies the life of the owner of the "apple" device. Without it, working with Apple devices is extremely difficult. Therefore, users usually activate the branded cloud service on the iPhone or iPad.

What iCloud is for

Data storage capacity

How to view the cloud on iPhone? Before you start working with this service, you need to thoroughly study it.

Any data cloud has a certain amount. By default, only 5 GB of space is allocated for iPhone storage. You won't have to pay for this volume.

If for those orfor other reasons, a person does not have enough allocated space, he can buy it in addition. To do this, there is a "Buy" button in the cloud service settings.

Photos have no storage limit. But the cloud service stores the last 1,000 snapshots per month. As soon as the total number of images in iCloud exceeds the specified limit, the service will automatically clean up the old data.

About registration

How to enter the iCloud cloud? First you have to register here. But how?

iCloud is a service from Apple. He uses an Apple ID to work. There is no separate registration in the cloud service and cannot be. Therefore, all that is required for the owner of an "apple" device is to get an "Apple ID" identifier.

Work with files using iCloud

Enable on mobile device

How to view the cloud on iPhone? We have already said that a separate account and registration is not required to work with iCloud. Instead, you will have to be puzzled by the creation of Apple ID. Let's assume that one or another user already has such an account. What's next?

Entrance to "iCloud" from "iPhone" is carried out in this way:

  1. Turn on the mobile device and look into the main menu of the device.
  2. Go to the "Settings" section.
  3. Find and click on iCloud.
  4. Tap on the line with an example e-mail.
  5. Enter your Apple ID password.
  6. In the "Required" field, enter data from the "apple" identifier. Namely, the password for authorization in the system.
  7. Click on "Login".
  8. Accept or refuse linking "Safari" to iCloud.
  9. Set up geolocation. Usually it's enough just to tap on the inscription "OK".

That's it. Now you can work with the cloud service from Apple. There is nothing difficult in this.

Where to adjust

How do I access a cloud called iCloud? It is enough to follow the previously indicated guide. It will help you activate the cloud service on your mobile device. After that, "iCloud" will work on an ongoing basis. User data is uploaded to the cloud automatically when connected to the Internet.

Where is the cloud on the iPhone? Usually this question arises when there is a need to edit the settings of the cloud service.

To sign in to iCloud, you will have to do the following:

  1. Press the button responsible for opening the main menu of the device.
  2. Select "Settings".
  3. Tap on iCloud.

A small menu will appear on the screen of your smartphone or tablet. Here you can configure the cloud settings. We can assume that this is iCloud.

iCloud settings on iPhone

Web version

Where is the cloud on the iPhone? We have already considered the answer to a similar question. It is located in the "Settings" section of this or thatmobile device. Using a cloud service is easier than you think. The main thing is to have an Apple ID account. You can't do without it.

How to view information in the "iPhone" cloud? You can use the web version of iCloud. It is best to do this from a computer, but we will focus on a mobile device.

The main problem is that iCloud doesn't have a mobile version. A data cloud is represented either by a website, or a special program for Mac, or an item in the settings of a mobile device. However, this restriction can be bypassed.

How to view the cloud on "iPhone" through a mobile browser? The following steps are recommended:

  1. Open Safari and go to
  2. Click on the "Share…" button.
  3. Select section "Full version…".

The iCloud site will open. Now you can log in to the service using your Apple ID login and password. Next, the interactive menu of the cloud will appear on the phone display. Very convenient!

Important: to work with the service it is important to have an Internet connection. Without it, no authorization in the cloud will help.

Sign in to iCloud through a browser

View pictures

Logging in to iCloud from an iPhone is pretty simple. This is especially true for those who have pre-registered an Apple ID ID. Without it, you can completely forget about entering the "apple" cloud service. This option is simply not supported.without an Apple ID.

How to view photos in the cloud on iPhone? To do this is not difficult. After authorization in the cloud service, all pictures will be stored in a special section of the menu, and immediately after the creation of the photo, the data will be uploaded to iCloud.

So what if you want to see the pictures you have taken? How can you study them? And how to see the information in the iPhone cloud as a whole?

For photographs, the following instruction is relevant:

  1. Turn on your mobile device and, if necessary, log in to your Apple ID. As already mentioned, it is not possible to work with the cloud service without this identifier.
  2. Click on the "Photo" button.
  3. Open "Photo" block.

All photos taken and saved in the cloud will be stored in the corresponding section. The "General" item contains pictures that are considered available to all users.

It is worth paying attention to one more item - "Albums". Here all available images are divided into categories. Or rather, on albums.

Computer images

How to look at the "iPhone" cloud? The answer to this question will no longer cause any problems. What should I do if I want to study images copied from an "apple" device to a cloud service on a PC?

There is a solution! To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Open the cloud service page in a PC browser.
  2. Log in,using login and password. In iCloud, as we have already said, they work using Apple ID.
  3. Click on the inscription "Photo".

After a few minutes, a list with images uploaded to the cloud will appear on the PC display. Fast, simple and very convenient!

View photos from iCloud on iPhone

About data migration

How to see the cloud on the iPhone, figured it out. And what needs to be done to open a cloud service on "apple" products in one case or another?

It was said earlier that iCloud allows you to sync data using your Apple ID. To transfer information to a new "apple" device, you just have to repeat the first instruction. We are talking about authorization on a new device using Apple ID.

As soon as a person logs into the account, it will be possible to rejoice at the achieved result. Data from the profile will automatically be transferred to the new device.

Important: to successfully log in to your Apple ID, you must first connect to the Internet.

Cloud shutdown

How to view data in iCloud, we figured it out. And how is the entrance to the cloud service, too. Now let's find out how to disable the corresponding option.

Usually, to achieve the desired goal, it is recommended to act in this way:

  1. View the iCloud section. It is located in the "Settings" menu of the mobile device.
  2. Scroll the list that appears to the very end.
  3. Tap on"Exit" or "Delete".
  4. Wait.

Important: If Find My iPhone is enabled on your smartphone or tablet, you will need to enter your Apple ID password after the steps above to sign out of iCloud. Otherwise, it will not be possible to cope with the task.


We got acquainted with the iCloud service for iPhone. Moreover, it is now clear how to work with this cloud utility. There is no need to download separate data clouds to "apple" devices.

iCloud on iPhone

Can I not use iCloud? Yes, but then problems may arise when working with an "apple" device. For example, you won't be able to activate the "Find My iPhone" option. Otherwise, work with third-party cloud services on Apple products takes place.

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