Earn on your smartphone with Advert App! User reviews about the service. Platform Overview

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Earn on your smartphone with Advert App! User reviews about the service. Platform Overview
Earn on your smartphone with Advert App! User reviews about the service. Platform Overview

We use our gadgets – smartphones and tablets – every day for a variety of purposes. They can be our helpers, means of entertainment, communication, self-organization and learning. But more recently, a new trend has emerged, leading to the fact that a simple smartphone based on Android or iOS can be turned into a source of income. Small, true, but permanent and, you see, pleasant - because with it you can pay for communication and Internet costs.

We are talking about the Advert App application, reviews of which and a brief overview will be presented in this article.

The idea of ​​making money on applications

Let's start with the basics. The idea of ​​making money from apps (more specifically, app installs) is not new. In the West, it has long been mastered and is successfully operating, and this model is called Pay Per Install. Its essence lies in the fact that the user receives a monetary reward for each download of a partner application. Thus, a person is motivated to regularly install new programs on their device.

AdvertApp customer reviews

This is exactly how Advert App works. Reviewstestify that every owner of a mobile device can easily receive his income simply for installing programs. This model looks like tasks: a person sees several partner offers, each of which is assigned a certain amount of money. By downloading the program and installing it on your gadget, the user receives this amount, after which he accumulates money and withdraws from the account.

Who needs it?

This model is quite simple (according to which AdvertApp operates). Mobile earnings are of interest to users who have tablets and phones. The organizers of the program also benefit, since they obviously receive a certain income from each payment. Question: why do app authors?

It's very simple. As you can see, Advert App (user reviews confirm this) works with programs hosted on Google Play or the App Store. You need to download them exclusively from there. We conclude: this is exactly what the developers of these programs need.

"Advert App" reviews

When more people download the app, the number of downloads increases accordingly. This leads to an increase in the popularity of the game or program and its rise in the overall rating. In turn, the growth of the position of the application will lead to the fact that more people will download it, and the authors will be able to earn on advertising and sales. This is how AdvertApp works. Feedback from PPI buyers indicates that it is a very effective model.

What should I do?

In order to start earning,nothing complicated needs to be done. The whole procedure consists of two parts - this is user authorization (required for his identification, that is, "recognition" by the system) and, of course, installing an application to earn money.

First of all, you need to install the Advert App application for free on Google Play (or the App Store if you have an iPhone). Reviews demonstrate that this is done easily - it takes only 6-7 megabytes. Next, we proceed to the authorization process - this can be done using a Facebook or VK account, as well as through registration. After that, we get our personal account.

AdvertApp mobile earnings

From here you can manage tasks, settings and payout data. As you can see, the application interface is very simple and intuitive, it will not be difficult to understand it.


To receive income, just go to the working menu with a list of affiliate offers. Here you will see the names of applications whose installation is paid, and next to it - the amount of remuneration for each. Thus, the reviews about Advert App do not deceive - you have the opportunity to decide how much you want to earn.

It should be clarified that users from more solvent countries and cities should expect higher payment for each application - this is how the fee is estimated. Thus, residents of the United States and Canada receive the highest remuneration, while people from the CIS countries receive many times less. It all depends on the cost of advertising impressions in these countries, as well as on the level ofcompetition in the mobile application market.

Opportunities and prospects

How much can you earn this way? Again, it all depends directly on the number of promotional offers (those programs that developers advertise in this way). Therefore, the pattern here is the same as with pay-per-download: more developed countries means more applications, and therefore more income.

site discussion and reviews AdvertApp ru

In general, if you analyze the discussion of the site and the reviews of AdvertApp.ru, you can draw the following conclusion: you won't earn a million here. Whatever it was, but the number of applications that pay for is limited. And counting on the "golden mountains" is also useless. At the same time, taking into account the simplicity of the tasks (just download the application, in some cases, run it or not delete it for N days), each of us can devote a certain amount of time to such earnings. But in essence, it can be a good help in paying bills for mobile services and the Internet.

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