Baofeng UV-82 radio station: reviews, review, specifications


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Baofeng UV-82 radio station: reviews, review, specifications
Baofeng UV-82 radio station: reviews, review, specifications

We are all used to the convenience of cell phones. Many tariff plans, different operators. Ultra-thin body designs with improved clarity, brightness, memory and more. Comparison of gadgets and a satisfied smile - "I have a better one." Today, a mobile phone, not a book, is the best birthday present for many, and for any holiday in general.

It is difficult, and probably not everyone will be able to remember when they gave their friend, or girlfriend, or relative a portable radio station. In the understanding of many, a walkie-talkie is primarily a means of communication between traffic police officers: we all see, passing through their posts, how they talk to each other over it. The police also have walkie-talkies. Young people play airsoft, paintball and also use walkie-talkies there. Thus, portable radio stations occupy a strictly defined, but small corner in our everyday life.

If you ask on the street: "Which is better - a walkie-talkie or a mobile phone?", preference will be unconditionally given to the latter. But in vain. Walkie talkie owner:

  • does not pay operators for many hours of calls, because the device operates on free radio frequencies, on average up to 10 km between subscribers;
  • does not suffer from the fact that his gadget crashed from falling to the floor, from getting dirt or moisture on it: the radio is protected from this;
  • the device holds a charge much longer than the best mobile phone;
  • not afraid that his child will accidentally go to the wrong application or the wrong site, and will have to spend money on accidentally downloaded paid content;
  • on a hike in the forest, at a ski base, on a trip to the Tien Shan - everywhere and always can contact the group members by radio;
  • when traveling in several cars, he communicates with all his friends traveling with him at least all the way;
  • can talk on the radio even while roaming.

Some resourceful users of mobile phones such as smartphones can even find a "Mobile Walkie Talkie" application for them, allowing you to contact about 100 subscribers of your network, you just need to know all the numbers and be able to pick up the signal. True, communicating with strangers by walkie-talkie will not work here.

In general, where the equipment gets stuck in the mud, the money to pay for the services of a cellular operator ran out or there is simply no signal, the phone failed due to the banal heat or frost, fell and crashed, only a walkie-talkie can resist.

baofeng uv 82 reviews

The concept of a walkie-talkie, ranges

The radio is a communication device that operates on radio frequencies. Hence one of the possibilities of their classification: by the frequency used.

Those who still have Soviet multifunctional products that combine a tube TV, above whichcover - a record player, and under the television screen - a radio with keys, remember that the latter had inscriptions - HF (short waves), VHF (ultra-short waves), MW (medium waves), DV (decimeter waves). They helped the radio amateur find the right radio band and listen to his favorite program or catch unknown signals.

By the way, on one of these waves on March 19, 1965, an unknown Soviet radio amateur received a signal from the landed Voskhod-2 capsule with cosmonauts Leonov and Belyaev, which saved their lives.

So, walkie-talkies can also be distributed according to these “keys”:

Low-frequency, or shortwave (HF)

The frequency used here is from 0.1 to 28 MHz. This is the so-called amateur range. Tourists, radio amateurs “sit” on it.

Medium Wave (MW)

A frequency of 26 to 30 MHz applies here. This frequency range is called "civilian" because it is intended for mass use by the civilian population, both in the city and in the countryside.

"Service" band (LB) from 30 to 50 MHz

It is equipped with walkie-talkies of the military and law enforcement agencies.


Works from 136 to 172 MHz. It is also not for everyone and requires a license to use.

Ultra High Frequency (UHF)

It assumes a spread from 420 to 473 MHz.


As you can see from this classification, each wave range has its own audience. And this happened not by chance, but in many respects as a result ofthe nature of the connection itself at each of the indicated frequencies.

So, low-frequency (from 0.1 to 28 MHz) walkie-talkies are more applicable on flat terrain away from sources of electromagnetic radiation, in other words, power lines. The fact is that obstacles such as hilly or mountainous terrain become an insurmountable obstacle for such waves, since they do not have enough length to go around them. And electromagnetic pulses give a lot of interference in communication.

For the urban environment, "civilian" and "service" equipment has been developed, adapted to operate at wavelengths, respectively, from 26 to 30 MHz and from 30 to 50 MHz. But, of course, she suffers from power lines stretched in the city, large buildings. Therefore, manufacturers build special noise suppressors into it.

Therefore, many users for urban conditions consider high-frequency or ultra-high-frequency walkie-talkies from 136 to 172 MHz and from 420 to 473 MHz, respectively, to be optimal.

baofeng uv 82 battery

This frequency classification determines all further distributions of walkie-talkies into groups.


stationary: in a special vehicle (ambulance, police, etc.), and portable: walkie-talkies that are carried around in the manner of cell phones


  • for city and country;
  • for land and water transport;

By use:

amateur and professional

You can classify walkie-talkies further, but the frequency gradation- the most decisive option when choosing the necessary device.

Historical background

The invention of a portable radio station is the work of many. Each of them, investing their developments, brought the idea closer to the modern embodiment. In the XIX century, at about the same time, parallel work in this direction was going on in different countries of the world, but only Malon Loomis (1872) was able to patent authorship for wireless communication.

Despite this, before the end of the century, many more patents were registered, which belonged to such well-known scientists as G. Hertz and N. Tesla. In Russia, the history of domestic radiotelephony is associated with A.S. Popov.

Mass production for the various needs of the common population, and not the country's military system, radiotelephones received after the Second World War. In the post-war Soviet Union, the emergence of a domestic version of a portable radiotelephone was associated with the name of the inventor Leonid Kupriyanovich and his palm-sized "mobile phone" and a rotary dialer (1957). In addition, from the 60s and almost until recently, the Altai system, "sharpened" for the 150 MHz band, then - 330 MHz, worked in the pilot project mode in some regions of the country. But, like Kupriyanovich's portable radiotelephone, "Altai" began to be used for the needs of the nomenclature and special services and was not widely used throughout the country.

Currently in Russia there are single enterprises producing portable radios. For example, the Berkut design bureau produces a full range of devices for professional andamateur use. The products of this enterprise find a lot of positive feedback.

In the USA, these devices were initially taken up mainly by Motorola, which is one of the leaders in their production to this day. But now she also has competitors with no less attractive offers - Kenwood, MegaJet, Baofeng and others.

Baofeng or Pofung?

The Chinese company Fujian Nanan Baofeng Electronic Co., Ltd (Baofeng) specializes in developing its own technical solutions in the production of radio stations and accessories for them with various specifications (batteries, programmers, battery compartments, antennas, cases and headsets). In addition, Baofeng fulfills the warranty obligations to the buyers of its products.

radio price

Baofeng was founded in 2001 by Chinese entrepreneur Mr. Wang Jinding. Today it is one of the leaders in the field of its own development in the field of creating portable radios of various specifications and sells them all over the world.

All these years the company has improved and expanded its production. Its strategic direction of development is the markets of Europe and the USA, where in recent years it has already received certification for its products, including walkie-talkies of the UV-3R and UV-5R series, and is engaged in their promotion. Now its relatively cheap, like many Chinese developments, portable radio stations can also be purchased in Russia, on the corresponding specialized sales sites for this equipment.

TodayBaofeng is a large-scale high-tech enterprise covering 30,000 square meters and serving about 400 employees. Here is a center for development, product testing and multi-stage quality control.

All production procedures strictly comply with ISO 9001: 2008.

But the high quality of Baofeng's products may have created problems for her. Users believe that the decision she has now announced to start a smooth rebranding procedure for products that she releases for international markets is justified by the desire to protect herself from the mass of fakes.

The company's management supports a different point of view. It is indicated that the change of the product brand to Pofung is just a marketing ploy, in order to improve the phonetic perception of the brand name across the ocean. For China, products will be supplied under the former name Baofeng. The changes will also not affect the company's web domain. It is believed that these measures will allow not only to find new markets for their products, but also to preserve the history and continuity of traditions within the company.

Model factory specifications

One of the most popular walkie talkie models today is the Baofeng UV-82. The best price for a walkie-talkie in online stores is 1390 rubles.

baofeng uv 82

Baofeng UV-82 specifications:

  • two modes - channel and frequency;
  • VHF/UHF waveband;
  • memory bank for 128 channels;
  • frequency range 136 to 174 MHz, 400 to 520 MHz;
  • 5W Baofeng UV-82 power;
  • power switch;
  • power Li-Ion battery;
  • encoding CTCSS, DCS, DTMF;
  • range of action - 7-10 km;
  • two-line LCD display with three backlight modes: purple, blue and orange, which can be set separately for receiving and transmitting a signal;
  • 1800 mAh battery;
  • built-in LED flashlight;
  • FM frequency modulation;
  • weight 250 grams;
  • features: keypad lock, PC programming, channel scan, voice activation via VOX headset, push to talk PTT, emergency channel quick setting, talk timer;
  • body made of high-impact plastic with IP 54 protection level.


  • Baofeng UV-82 walkie-talkie;
  • antenna;
  • battery;
  • battery;
  • belt clip and cord for hanging the walkie-talkie on hand;
  • headset - headphones;
  • instruction.

The specifications for Baofeng UV-82 declared by the manufacturer give the user the opportunity to use its receiving range parameters depending on the terrain from 500 m to 7 km.

The Baofeng UV-82 capacitive battery, according to reviews, allows you to use the walkie-talkie for up to 12 hours without recharging. IP 54 housing protection prevents moisture and dust from penetrating inside the device and adversely affecting its operation. Please note that the Baofeng UV-82 walkie-talkie has not been declared water-resistant, so keep it away from getting wet.

The specified characteristics position this radio station as semi-professional. This is largely due to the frequency channel firmware available in the Baofeng UV-82, which allows you to work on amateur, civil and service bands.

Application practice

The wide range specified in the instructions for Baofeng UV-82 allows you to use this walkie-talkie for a wide variety of purposes:

- amateur - for example, games (paintball), hunting, fishing, various activities in the forest, orienteering and other active activities;

- tourist - city, countryside, forest, highway;

- professional - at construction sites, quarry work, long-distance transportation of goods, when protecting facilities, at the police, and so on.

baofeng uv 82 range

In this case, it should be borne in mind that the sensitivity of the device is sharply reduced when working near power lines, high-rise buildings or natural hills. The freer the space, the clearer the connection and its range increase. Of course, walkie-talkies are equipped with noise suppressors, and the most powerful examples of this communication equipment cope well with these difficulties.

Judging by the reviews of the Baofeng UV-82, as well as its characteristics, due to the too wide reception range, exciting and service frequencies, its owners will have to obtain a license (permits) for it through the local radio club or communications inspectorate.

Features, differences

Many amateurs and professionals have long tested the radioBaofeng UV-82. Reviews of these tests revealed some of her features:

  • when using a walkie-talkie in a car, the body shields the radio waves;
  • approaching a walkie-talkie to metal structures or equipment interferes with its operation;
  • Baofeng UV-82 range indicators in the city - up to 7 km, outside the city on an empty highway - up to 10-11 km;
  • the higher the receiving point, the less obstacles for signal transmission and the better the quality of communication;

"Baofeng UV-82" has an improved version - UV-82 HX. This is a true dual band professional radio with full keyboard control.

The UV-82 HX essentially differs from its previous version of the UV-82 with an increased power output of up to 8W and a larger 2800 mAh battery.

It is curious that the company still cannot decide on the power parameters of the device, because, judging by the reviews of the Baofeng UV-82, back in 2013 this series had a power of 8 W, and since 2014 - only 5 W. Most likely, it was a marketing ploy, because now the advanced series of this device Baofeng UV-82 HX has the declared power of 8 W.

The exterior design has also been slightly redesigned. The company took into account consumer complaints and created a dual PTT button, which made it more convenient to switch frequencies. The walkie-talkie can also be used as a regular FM radio receiver (from 65 to 108 MHz).

The advantages of a walkie-talkie

Many consumers have long reviewed the Baofeng UV-82 model and appreciated all the advantages of this versionwalkie-talkie. There are practically no shortcomings in it, despite the fact that the device is factory-made in China. The Baofeng radio received the following positive feedback from users:

  • low price walkie-talkie;
  • lightweight;
  • nice appearance - black matte case;
  • good radio, flashlight;
  • wide range of radio stations;
  • Baofeng UV-82 easy setup;
  • quality body materials;
  • full compliance of the declared characteristics with the indicators of test checks;
  • according to tests in Moscow, the signal reception range is 2.4 km;
  • battery lasts a long time without recharging;
  • functionality, many communication channels;
  • comfortable to hold in hand;
  • The size of the buttons allows them to be used even with gloves on;
  • the capacity of the memory bank allows you to enter into it almost all the civil frequency bands available in the world;
  • The “PTT” button on both the radio and the headset is presented in the form of a two-position rocker, which makes it convenient to switch when working on two frequencies at the same time.

Walkie fans love the Baofeng UV-82's programming capabilities. This can be done using a computer.

As you can see from this small list, reviews of this Baofeng radio model have received many positive comments.

baofeng uv 82 review

Baofeng UV-82 negative reviews

Probably, there is nothing in nature that could not be evaluated only positively. In productioncommunications equipment, already oriented to the diverse tastes of consumers, the latter are still waiting for updated models and improvements. Criticism regarding the particular model under consideration is small, but still present:

  • when selling the Baofeng UV-82 walkie-talkie in stores, it happens that a headset is removed from the packages - headphones to sell them separately;
  • battery capacity in practice is slightly less than stated;
  • compared with similar Motorola radio, the maximum sound parameters are lower;
  • long antenna;
  • short range - 10-11 km, which makes it impossible to use it far outside the city.


Practically in any group of friends there are those who love more or less extreme recreation. Someone goes to ski resorts, others travel to hot countries or raft on Siberian rivers. There are also many who prefer to go on vacation to their grandmother in a distant Russian village to dig a garden. What unites all these people? Probably, special character traits: determination, composure, ability to concentrate, endurance. In any case, these are extraordinary people, and their reports about their outdoor activities published on social networks win hundreds of thousands of responses.

At home, such friends always have bags and backpacks specially prepared for such trips. Such people do not need to develop and write down on paper a list of necessary things for a long time: it has already been “run in” and memorized. Missing something from this list is simply unrealistic, because there are no trifles in it,every thing has a practical meaning, the successful outcome of the enterprise directly depends on it.

And of course, modern means of communication are an indispensable attribute of any such trip. But no matter how good this or that cellular communication device is, sometimes it becomes powerless against the forces of nature. The height differences of the Far Eastern hills, Siberian forests ringing with silence or mountain gorges - all this levels out almost all the achievements of modern civilization, and a person has to involuntarily return to an almost primitive way of life for the entire period of forced isolation from the world.

For such conditions, a communication device has been developed - a radio station, abbreviated in everyday life as a walkie-talkie. It allows you to simultaneously have both a means of communication and a wide range of radio stations.

Reviewed by amateurs and professionals alike, the Baofeng UV-82 portable radio is one of the best deals on the radio market. Taking into account criticism, consumers give it a solid 4.8 quality points out of 5. In the Baofeng UV-82 model, the battery is quite capacious, it does not run out for about 12 hours, which is its advantage.

The goods of this company are sold by different online stores. Baofeng radios are in high demand due to their quality and low cost.

walkie talkie baofeng uv 82

As for the activities of the manufacturing company, here its interest in the constant introduction of new technologies into production, improving the consumer qualities of its products is visible. This is a nice example illustrating oncoming trafficdevelopers and sellers to the consumer.

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