"Panasonic" (radio phones): specifications, reviews, description, review of the best models


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"Panasonic" (radio phones): specifications, reviews, description, review of the best models
"Panasonic" (radio phones): specifications, reviews, description, review of the best models

It would seem that in just a few years, mobile communication was able to oust all its wireless competitors from the market, which are designed to communicate with people over long distances. However, this statement is false, since satellite phones and DECT devices are still relevant in the world market. Unlike mobile communications, a satellite phone can work anywhere, as long as there is a visible connection with space. And cordless phones are popular among home and office users, because wired telephones are still considered the cheapest.

Panasonic cordless phones

The focus of this article is one of the best representatives of the market, working according to the DECT standard - "Panasonic". Radiotelephones under this brand are known all over the world. The reader is invited to get to know the legendary brand better and learn a lot of interesting things about the products of the Japanese manufacturer: features, reviews, descriptions, reviews of the best models.

To the topfame

On the threshold of the 21st century, radiotelephone manufacturers around the world have a real problem with the use of radio frequencies of national importance. The fact is that there was no single standard for the used frequency range among different manufacturers. Panasonic (radio telephones) were the first to enter the market with the DECT standard (1880-1900 MHz). This range is approved for use without a license in hundreds of countries around the world, including Russia. Now all other manufacturers are guided by this standard, and the Japanese brand is considered the best-selling in the world, only thanks to studies conducted to search for allowed frequencies in all countries of the world, literally a decade ago.

About modifications

The Panasonic radiotelephone, regardless of modification, has a single basic configuration. We are talking about the configuration, power system, settings and functionality. All tubes have almost identical dimensions and differ only in design and color. As for batteries, here the manufacturer did not breed a zoo either - two AAA AA batteries with a capacity of at least 900 mAh are suitable for all radio phones.

Panasonic cordless telephone

Color display or monochrome - there is no difference, because they have the same menu. The difference is only in functionality. Quite a convenient solution for both office and home use. As for the base, here you can already observe differences, because each product has different functionality.

Japanese approach to the buyer

The manual for the "Panasonic KX" radiotelephone is detailed and will help to reveal to the user all the functionality of the Japanese product. Yes, the manual is large and requires a lot of free time and perseverance from the owner, but in their reviews, many buyers assure that it is extremely necessary to read the instructions. Each menu item and its settings are described in the instructions.

Interesting manner of describing the functionality. In each paragraph, the reader is invited to carry out the algorithm of actions proposed by the manufacturer and compare the result with the image that is present in the instructions. As for localization, there is no reason to worry, because the manufacturer, exporting its products all over the planet, knows exactly which country the phones are intended for, and, accordingly, completes the necessary manual.

Panasonic radiotelephone manual

Remove all competitors from the market

Special attention deserves the design and color of the base station and handset. It is easier to list which palette is missing than to count the colors and shades that make the Panasonic KX radiotelephone stand out on the market. It is worth paying tribute to the sellers who dared to present all the modifications of the Japanese concern on the shop window. As for the quality of the paint application, it is impeccable. Many users generally get the impression that the case is initially molded from plastic of the desired color. Only when disassembling the phone, the real color of the workpiece is revealed.

Users also have no complaints about the design, judging by their reviews in the media. EachPanasonic product modification has its own shape and is different from other models. Many sellers claim that they can identify the model of the radiotelephone by touch, which means that all devices are unique.

Top Selling

The product marked KX-TGB210 is Panasonic's best-selling cordless phone in the world. His photo is always present on the billboards of the manufacturer, and in all electronics stores it has the lowest cost. Its peculiarity is that, being in the budget class, this device is not much inferior to its more expensive counterparts in the world market.

Panasonic KX cordless telephone

Actually, for 1200 rubles, any customer purchases a radiotelephone with a built-in alarm clock, caller ID (Caller ID must be supported by the operator), an address book for 50 numbers and many useful adjustments, which can be found in the instructions. Even a monochrome display can hardly be attributed to shortcomings, because it is thanks to it that the Panasonic radiotelephone is able to work longer in offline mode than its expensive color counterparts.

Current offer

The buyer begins to get acquainted with real Japanese quality in the initial segment of the business class. He is offered in the price range of 2500-3000 rubles to purchase two handsets that can work with one base (model KX-TG2512). Firstly, the devices support the Intercom function, that is, users can communicate completely free of charge within one basic device (analogous to PBX). Accordingly, there iscall forwarding between handsets and the ability to organize a three-way conference, which is very convenient when working in the office.

Panasonic KX radiotelephone manual

Full-functional automatic identifier, in addition to Caller ID, is a nice bonus for all users who have looked after themselves such a Panasonic radiotelephone. The instruction supplied with the product describes in detail all the functionality and offers the user several algorithms for setting up the base and handsets.

When you want more

In the price category of 4000 rubles, buyers are offered to make a choice between the versatility of a monochrome device and the convenience of working with a color display. A rather strange step towards the buyer was made by Panasonic. Cordless telephones differ significantly in functionality and, as many users note in their reviews, it is better to give preference to a monochrome representative of this segment. A detailed study of the two devices gives the impression that the manufacturer has changed the design of the cheapest handset, provided it with a color display and, having tripled the cost, introduced the finished product to the world market.

Panasonic KX radiotelephone

Phone directory of the KX-TGJ320 monochrome device expanded to 250 entries, there is a call log. Of the amenities, the Panasonic handset will please with the Do Not Disturb mode, the presence of backup power when the power supply is turned off and the Baby Monitor functionality.

Image decidesall

It's been quite interesting to watch the electronics market in the last few years. Trying to attract buyers, many manufacturers begin to create products that are unusual for them, which are very reminiscent of products of brands promoted on the world market. In the ranking of the most useless devices from the Panasonic manufacturer, the KX-PRX120 radio telephones have become leaders, because many potential buyers are not entirely clear what they should pay money for (about 10,000 rubles). The fact is that the Japanese concern released a DECT phone in the Iphone 4 case from the famous Apple company.

The 320x480 dpi color liquid crystal display, capacitive touch screen and Android operating system do not fit in any way with the functionality of an office cordless phone that operates within the range of the signal broadcast by the base device. Only the presence of Wi-Fi and a built-in browser allows you to use the device for Internet communication and entertainment.

Working on bugs

But the Panasonic KX-PRX150 RUB radiotelephone in the price category of 10,000 rubles is considered the best model among all DECT devices existing on the world market. The manufacturer turned into reality all the dreams of users who often have to use both a regular phone and a mobile device. Yes, Panasonic product supports 3G/GSM.

Panasonic radiotelephone photo

Let the radiotelephone outwardly be a copy of the famous Apple Iphone 4, it works with Android OS andhas a lot of entertaining content - these are all trifles compared to the realization of the dream of millions of users. With such a device, you will never miss important calls, it independently finds the base station and allows you to use the intercom, listen to the answering machine and even send messages within the DECT network.

In conclusion

The products of the Japanese manufacturer have been on the world market for several years and have already won the hearts of millions of users. After all, there are many reasons for which a Panasonic radiotelephone is purchased: instructions, ease of operation, design, color and decent functionality. As practice shows, many buyers generally prefer the brand, realizing that all the necessary functionality is already included in this wonderful device by default.

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