Detalization of MTS calls: how to order the service

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Detalization of MTS calls: how to order the service
Detalization of MTS calls: how to order the service

Modern technologies have entered our lives thoroughly and deeply. Any student today has a smartphone or a regular mobile phone. Such devices, of course, are extremely convenient and provide opportunities that people could not even dream of ten years ago. However, using them is always a certain monetary cost, often rather big. In this article, we will look at what MTS call detail is and why it is needed.

How to control your expenses?

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It often turns out that users of mobile operators receive unreasonably high bills. There are cases when amounts exceeding the subscriber's annual income were debited. Sometimes this happens even with people who have not called anywhere and have not spoken to anyone. Of course, such a situation can hardly be considered normal. You can avoid all kinds of ridiculous or erroneous claims of mobile operators by ordering a service such as call detailing. Nowadays, it is provided completely free of charge. Every owner can use itcellular.

What is detailing?

This one-time service allows a specific user to get the most detailed information about their connections, text or voice, with other subscribers. Detailing MTS calls is a great way to find out where and at what time the calls were made. In addition, the table will show which SMS the owner of the SIM card sent. This kind of information can not only help you avoid overpayments for using communications, but also plan your personal budget. After all, it will be very useful to find out how much of it is spent on conversations and the Internet.

How to get information in the salon?

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MTS subscribers have two ways to obtain this kind of information. You can go to any branded salon of this operator and make an appropriate request, indicating the required period. However, you need to know that such a service is provided only after the applicant presents a passport. The operator girl will provide you with detailed information. The service itself is absolutely free. But in the event that you want to receive information on paper, you will have to pay for a printout. At the moment, this service costs about 70 rubles. in one month. If information is needed for a certain period, payment is made at the rate of 3 rubles. per day (prices for 2013). However, this method of obtaining information is mainly used only in the most extreme cases. There is another way that most MTS subscribers prefer.

Getting information via the Internet

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So, how to make the details of MTS calls yet? There is a much simpler and more convenient method. You can get information about your own conversations and SMS even without leaving your home. To do this, you just need to go to the official website of the operator. On this site, you should find the "Internet Assistant" button. In order to follow this link, you just need to enter your phone number and password into the form. In the event that you do not have a password, you can get it easily and without wasting time. To do this, you need to dial a certain combination of numbers and symbols (11125) on your mobile. You will receive an SMS prompting you to create your password. It is sent as a reply to this message.

After you enter the "Internet Assistant", you will need to follow the link "Details of conversations" and specify the period of time for which you want to receive information (no later than six months). As a method of sending the statement, it is best to choose e-mail, the address of which is indicated in a special line. You won't have to pay anything for this. In any case, the operator himself says so on the site. You will receive the information in the form of a letter with a file attached to it.

More cost details

Detalization of MTS calls is not the only service that can be obtained in the "Assistant". The operator provides users of its site with a number of useful additions. For example, by clicking on the link "Control of expenses", you can get information about the spent calls, SMS, MMS and the Internetfunds, as well as various kinds of receipts to the account with an indication of the time. Such a report can be ordered no more than once a day. This service will allow you to control your spending and distribute your personal or family budget more rationally.

Helpful advice

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The site mentioned above is quite understandable, and users usually have no difficulty finding one or another item. Therefore, any owner of a laptop or computer can fulfill such a request as detailing calls to MTS. However, for older people or not too confident users of modern electronics, it may be useful to know in advance that the "Internet Assistant" button is in the upper right corner. It will be easy to spot her. Before asking for a password, you need to connect the “Assistant” itself. Of course, only if you have not yet connected it. To do this, dial the code 11123.

Modern operators provide their users with a huge number of useful and necessary services. Detailing MTS calls is one of them. It is definitely worth using it at least once in a while. Especially since it's completely free.

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