What do they order on Aliexpress? What is profitable to order on Aliexpress?

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What do they order on Aliexpress? What is profitable to order on Aliexpress?
What do they order on Aliexpress? What is profitable to order on Aliexpress?

Many think about what fans of the resource order on "AliExpress". And this is quite normal. After all, we are dealing with a fairly popular site. Of course, it is always interesting to be aware of which goods it is profitable to purchase in an online store. However, even the most popular sites are not universal. Some purchases will still have to be abandoned. So let's try to figure out what you can order on "AliExpress" interesting and useful for home and family.

what to order on aliexpress

Getting to know the site

True, before that, you should understand what you have to deal with at all. Aliexpress is a popular online store that positions itself as an international platform. It is something similar to eBay, only with lower prices and a wider range.

True, sometimes called "Ali" Chinese consumer goods. After all, many of the products on this site are actually producedin China. But this does not prevent them from working normally. When users understand this, they study what they order on AliExpress. This is done in order to then independently make purchases. In an online store with such an ambiguous rating, it is worth buying far from all categories of goods offered. What can be ordered on "AliExpress" so as not to regret it later? Let's try to understand this difficult issue.


Let's start with the fact that "Ali" is a one-stop virtual store. On it you can find absolutely any goods and clothes as well. By the way, this is quite a popular shopping category.

Unfortunately, not everyone trusts this site when ordering clothes. On the one hand, this is correct. If the resource has such an ambiguous popularity, then most of the goods should be treated with caution. But on the other hand, sometimes the prices for modern clothes of good quality just go wild. At such moments, you should carefully look for more or less cheap analogues. And this pushes people to place orders on Ali.

what can be ordered on aliexpress interesting

In principle, if you used an online store to buy clothes, there is nothing dangerous here. The main thing is to be able to wear what you put on. Then even a cheap product will last a long time. What is profitable to order on Aliexpress? For example, clothes for pregnant women, as well as men's suits. This also includes family suits (they are usually used forphoto shoots), as well as children's clothing. In general, you can order whatever your heart desires. The main thing is to compare prices and read reviews about what you are going to buy.


Children's products themselves are expensive, sometimes even too much. But it is customary to cash in on kids and their parents. For this reason, if you think about what you order on Aliexpress, you will be surprised - we are talking about toys for kids. Perhaps this is one of the most dubious categories worthy of attention.

After all, even in the best boutiques in different countries there are many fakes. And on Ali, as many users assure, there is plenty of such consumer goods. To be honest, on this site you can really save a lot. And at the same time do not harm he alth. Both for his own and for children.

The main rule is to be very careful when ordering toys for newborns. It's better to buy them in some boutique than on Ali. But soft toys, designers, and so on - this is all that can be ordered on Aliexpress. There are many interesting things here. You can even find incredible toys or something original. For every taste and color. Pay special attention to products that are placed on promotions and sales. But just to reiterate: do not look at game products for the little ones. The probability of ordering a fake still exists, although not so great. But in this case it is better to play it safe and not risk the he alth of the child.

what can i order on aliexpress

Baby products

What is useful to order on"aliexpress"? For example, if toys for babies are not such a problem for you, then look at the "Children's Products" section. There you will definitely find a lot of interesting and, of course, useful things.

We are talking mainly about children's furniture and other additions in the form of slings, "kangaroos", carriers and so on. It is on "Ali" that any parent at a bargain price is able to order some branded little thing for their baby. With all this, you don’t have to worry about the quality - it is sometimes even better than ordinary shops can offer.

Particular attention in the matter of what is ordered on "AliExpress" is given to cribs and strollers. This is exactly what most parents worry about the most. The choice of goods on "Ali" is huge. You can find a stroller of any brand (including a crib), any type, as well as colors and not overpay for luxury, as many do. Do not be afraid, the delivery of such cargo usually goes without incident in the form of breakdowns or defects.


What is better to order on "AliExpress"? Probably, almost every user will notice that special attention should be paid to mobile phones and smartphones. These are the most popular items ordered from the online store.

Why? The thing is that the price tag for original smartphones has now increased to the limit. And on "Ali" there are both fakes for small amounts and originals. And they will cost you pretty cheap too.

Most frequently in smartphone categoryiPhones are ordered. For example, in an ordinary store it costs 40,000 rubles, and on Ali - 10 - 15 maximum. The difference is immediately visible. Yes, the iPhones in this online store are Chinese, but they work just as well as the original ones. In most cases, the difference cannot be found even in service centers. So, why pay more for such electronics?

what to order on aliexpress

In principle, if you are thinking about what is better to order on "AliExpress", then the phone is a great choice. The product will come to you in a package (box) that will protect the device from damage during transportation. So you end up with an inexpensive device with good quality. There are also exceptions. But they happen, as a rule, rarely, and the reason for this is poor-quality assembly of equipment or non-compliance with the rules for operating phones.

Tablets and PCs

Technique is generally something that requires close attention and legibility from the buyer. Many people are used to shopping for a long time in search of "that very" computer or tablet. Others choose based on system requirements. If you belong to the second category of buyers, you can use the services of Ali.

What should I order from "AliExpress"? These are computers and tablets. After all, for a modern person, not only a smartphone is important for life. By the way, this technique is in great demand here. Especially if you just don't want to overpay for a computer, laptop or tablet.

The main problem is the choicemodels. On "AliExpress" it is simply huge. And often, in order not to get bogged down in many hours of scrolling through various products, you have to use a special filter. It will help you quickly select the equipment that meets your requirements.

As practice shows, most often buyers complain about tablets in this category, because it is their delivery that is associated with some kind of problem. For example, tablets sometimes come scratched or damaged. However, no one is immune from such cases. But laptops and computer equipment is a completely different story. This type of goods comes quickly and without "adventure". Moreover, buying on "Ali", you get the original product at competitive prices. Of course, not always, but often. In order not to be deceived, carefully read the description that has everything that the Internet resource offers us.


In principle, on any site you can choose whatever your heart desires. And those who do not know what is profitable to order on Aliexpress, as a rule, stop at gifts for themselves, relatives, colleagues and just acquaintances.

what is better to order on aliexpress

What is interesting to order on "AliExpress" in this category? Various watches and accessories. Just closer to the New Year, these goods are sold out quickly and at competitive prices. The main thing is to know what exactly you want to give your loved ones, otherwise the choice may be delayed. And so, there are no problems here. And gifts are ordered on "AliExpress" very often.

Why accessories and watches? These are the most practical and versatile gifts that are given to everyone and everyone. In principle, a smartphone or tablet can also be attributed to this category. But gifts in online stores are usually understood as something purely symbolic, and not equipment or clothes with toys.

The most popular gift from "AliExpress" is a watch, both women's and men's. Here, as in all categories of goods, there are both originals and fakes. Nobody is deceiving anyone. But even fakes from "Ali" are so high quality that only a huge professional can distinguish them from real watches. And such individuals do not buy goods on cheap sites.

Support beauty

Girls should definitely visit the "Beauty and He alth" section on "AliExpress". After all, this item is of great interest to the beautiful half of humanity. Here you can find inexpensive but high-quality cosmetics, everything for manicure, pedicure and other wellness and anti-aging procedures. Paradise for a woman.

Most often, of course, decorative cosmetics are bought. In second place are professional kits (for manicure, pedicure, nail extensions, and so on). After - medical cosmetics. And already less popular are additional materials like essential oils or false eyelashes. All this you can order at competitive prices on "AliExpress". And if you already got discounts, then you can buy yourself so many high-quality and useful things that you can use your own storeenough.

what is profitable to order on aliexpress

For home

It is interesting that you can profitably and without overpayments order home and kitchen appliances on Aliexpress. But most users do not trust online shopping. Indeed, before buying, for example, a stove or a blender, you want to see what you will be purchasing, and not get a pig in a poke. So large equipment on Ali is not very popular, but small ones are easy.

Especially for kitchen utensils. In this section, you can find something that is often not found in regular stores. For example, large home fryers (in the same "Maximus", for example, the ultimate dream stops at a volume of 2 liters of oil), popcorn makers, waffle irons and even cotton candy machines. Of course, the price of all these kitchen pleasures is low. But their quality and service life are no worse than in company stores. Housewives are constantly buying something on Aliexpress for the home. And this is the right choice.

Summing up

So now it's time to sum it all up. What do they order on Aliexpress? These are toys, appliances, phones, computers, gifts, clothes and cosmetics. In principle, perhaps, you can order whatever your heart desires. There are no restrictions.

what to order from aliexpress

Most importantly, carefully watch what you order. Otherwise, you can feel like a deceived person. For example, if instead of the originala fake tablet will come to you, and you ordered a branded item and expected to receive it. Study the goods before buying, and then there will be no problems!

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