PocketBook 630: reviews, review, instructions. PocketBook 630 Fashion: reviews


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PocketBook 630: reviews, review, instructions. PocketBook 630 Fashion: reviews
PocketBook 630: reviews, review, instructions. PocketBook 630 Fashion: reviews

Well, the modern world is full of possibilities. But the abundance of gadgets sometimes makes you think about what is better to buy. This applies to everything - computers, phones, and TVs. And even e-books fall under this distribution. Today we will get acquainted with the PocketBook 630 model. This is a fairly popular e-book that won the hearts of many buyers. But why? What is special about her? What characteristics does the PocketBook 630 have? All this is what we need to know now. In addition, do not forget to study the numerous reviews about our today's model. They will help clarify the picture regarding the e-book to a greater extent.

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Why do you need an e-book

But first you need to figure out for what purposes such a gadget is generally needed. Maybe he'll be useless. After all, modern technologies often replace each other. In the case of e-books, only one thing can be said - this technique is easily replaced. But there are advantages to it.

Electronic book PocketBook 630 is a device that you need to read books in electronic format.Usually with such a device, you can also listen to music and watch movies. But it doesn't have internet access. And, of course, calling / playing will also fail. Therefore, many refuse e-books in favor of tablets and smartphones. But, as practice has shown, often this option is perfect for schoolchildren. He won't let you get distracted. And for students, as well as for businessmen, such a device is very useful. Lightweight, practical and comfortable. You can always carry all the necessary literature and documents with you. Let's find out if PocketBook 630 Fashion is worth paying attention to.


The most important thing imaginable in this technique is the screen. It is he who is responsible for most of the functions in the device. And for its quality as well. PocketBook 630 receives average reviews in this regard. After all, this model is not the latest innovation in the word of technology. But for an e-book, it has a good screen.

For example, the diagonal here is 6 inches. Also, the screen resolution is quite high - 1024 by 758 pixels. For a tablet, this is not so much, but for a book it is enough. The image on the screen is always clear, the glass is protected from scratches and damage. But there is one significant drawback for modern technology. We are talking about the fact that the PocketBook 630, the review of which is presented to our attention, is not color, but black and white. That is, you can not watch a movie on such a device. Many buyers are repelled by non-color devices. They are considered outdated, outdated. However, if you only need an e-reader and a device exclusivelyfor documents and books, then the option we are considering is perfect for everyone. In addition, there is a backlight, but there is no auto-rotation of the screen. Not critical, but sometimes not very convenient.

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Well, the dimensions of the device are also important. Especially when it comes to e-books. It is generally accepted that the smaller the size, the better. In principle, this is understandable - no one wants to carry an additional huge gadget with them. And PocketBook 630, the review of which is presented to our attention, is far from being the largest.

For example, the length of the device is only 11 centimeters. And in width - 151 millimeters. The thickness of the e-book is 8 millimeters. But this is enough to comfortably use the device. The screen, as already mentioned, is quite large. Plus, it's touch sensitive. So, with such an e-book, with its size, it will be easy to handle. Just what everyone needs.

Besides, such a device does not weigh that much. So, it will be a pleasure to wear it. The weight of the PocketBook 630 Fashion e-book is 155 grams. Approximately the same weighs a modern smartphone. So you can be sure that with this model you will be comfortable and cozy.

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Book formats

Any e-book supports certain book formats for reading. And many buyers pay very much attention to this moment. After all, sometimes you can download this or that book, but hereyou won't be able to reproduce it. In such cases, you have to use converters. And this is not very convenient.

Fortunately, the PocketBook 630 e-book reviews in this regard are extremely positive. After all, it allows you to play a huge number of different formats of books. Here you can find the usual Doc, TXT and DJjVu. And already more professional formats like RTF, MOBI, PDF, FB2. In addition, here you can read books that are downloaded as PalmDOC, as well as ACSM, PRC, TCR or ePub. So with this device, problems with reading should not arise. In any case, as many owners note, it was this gadget that helped eliminate the eternal impossibility of playing one format or another.

Additional Reading

True, PocketBook 630 can "run" other extensions. Those that do not belong to e-books originally. You can, for example, see some graphics or Internet data here.

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Unfortunately, everything is extremely limited here. For example, the following formats are available to the buyer as graphics: JPEG, PNG, TIFF, and BMP. In principle, this is often sufficient. But sometimes such a small list can confuse the modern buyer. And anyway, the proposed formats are the most common. In addition, you can also open ZIP, HTML, RSS and CHM data on PocketBook 630. Now this moment is already happy. Especially if you download entire archives of books directly from the Internet. In any case, you willa great opportunity to purchase a multifunctional gadget that will open access to many formats. Not every manufacturer can boast of such a feature.

Additional functionality

But there are some incredible features of the PocketBook 630, reviews of which are encouraging and make you think about buying a device. It should immediately be noted that such additions are present only in small quantities of analogues. So, our gadget has an unsurpassed advantage.

For example, PocketBook 630 has a so-called USB interface. Plus, you can also charge the battery of the device using the USB cable. Sometimes this comes in very handy. For example, you can do without a charger - just connect the book to your computer.

Among other things, PocketBook 630 has Wi-Fi. If necessary, you can view some Internet pages with this type of connection. But don't count on anything more. For example, 3G and 4G are not here. This means that there will be no “own” Internet here either. In principle, in most cases this is not necessary at all.

CPU and memory

For any technique, RAM and a processor are also important. Probably, it is impossible to imagine a modern phone, tablet or computer without these components. This also applies to e-books. Fortunately, the power for such a device does not need much.

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In our case, the PocketBook 630 is equipped with a processor clocked1 GHz frequency. For a book, this is fine. But no more. RAM is not enough - 256 MB. However, for viewing books and photographs, this space is enough. Buyers assure that you should not be afraid of such low rates. The PocketBook 630 e-reader works very well. And she will cope with the Internet, and with weighty documents too.

True, you should not hope that this model will quickly reproduce large pictures and graphics. For example, if a photo weighs 20 MB, then it will take a long time to open. Nevertheless, this is not a reason to refuse such a high-quality and multifunctional e-book.


Free space that can be filled with your data is another extremely important point. The more of it, the better. This is especially true for those buyers who prefer to download books in graphic format. That is, individual photographs or images. Such documents weigh a lot. Initially, PocketBook 630 Fashion had not the best reviews in terms of space. For example, because we are given only 4 GB of space. Not much if you think about it.

But not everything is so sad. After all, this book has a special slot for a memory card. It allows you to connect a device with microSD format. And in addition, you can get up to 128 GB. This is currently the maximum indicator that is present in smartphones, tablets, and e-books. So, regardless of the usual built-in memory, you can provide yourself with a lot of books. And all this for a smallfee. After all, microSD memory cards are not very expensive. Approximately 2,000 rubles for 128 GB. It's cheaper than looking for an e-book with a lot of free space on the system.

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Price and quality

Well, we already know the main characteristics of today's device. Now it’s worth making out what the overall quality of an e-book is. After all, the PocketBook 630 manual is silent about some of the features of the model. For example, you have to constantly think about how long the battery will last. The instructions say that the power is 1500 mAh. The average battery life is approximately 1 day of continuous reading. According to many buyers, about 8,000 pages can be read immediately. But in practice, it is clear that the PocketBook 630 works longer. With active reading, the charge lasts for 4 days. And with simple but regular use - for a month. This is very pleasing. Convenient for both work and study.

But does a long operating time correspond to the quality of the device and its price? Definitely yes. After all, this e-book is distinguished by its long life, as well as battery life. And it doesn't cost very much. You can find PocketBook 630 for about 10-11 thousand rubles. As practice shows, this figure is not so high. Yes, if the e-book were in color, then its popularity would be many times higher. But even so, she is quite good.

Worth it

And here is the eternal question that haunts all buyers when choosing a particular device - is it worthto buy it. In general, in our case, we can give a rather positive answer. After all, PocketBook 630 gets quite good reviews. This e-book is suitable for work, study and leisure.

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In addition, it is worth considering the fact that this kind of device can not distract a student with the possibility of surfing the Internet or an abundance of games, movies and other "childish" joys. If you decide which is better - a book or a tablet, then the first option is more suitable for a child or student.

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