Chest freezer for home: tips for choosing and reviews about manufacturers


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Chest freezer for home: tips for choosing and reviews about manufacturers
Chest freezer for home: tips for choosing and reviews about manufacturers

A chest freezer is a device that is designed to store frozen foods. As a rule, such units are used in various small shops, as well as in large supermarkets. A feature of chest freezers is considered to be high power, compactness and, as a result, mobility. Today they are also in demand for houses. Their owners have the opportunity to stock up, for example, with a large amount of meat. Refrigerator can't hold a lot of food.

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First of all, people who live in rural areas began to purchase a chest freezer for the home. This is due to the abundance of meat and dairy products that they accumulate. Citizens are only looking at these devices, but some are already seriously considering buying.

How to choose the right one?

First of all, you should know that there are different types of chest freezers. For ice cream in trays, a separate subspecies is provided. There are also models with glass. At the same time, they can be curved from above or not. If we consider the option for the home, chest freezers are considered the most appropriate.with regular lid.

From the characteristics, first of all, attention is paid to the freezing power. This indicator is measured in kg / day. Usually it fluctuates around 12 kg / day, but a lot depends on the manufacturer. Next, you need to evaluate the management of the chest freezer. For the home, it is best to look at models with a conventional mechanical controller without a display. At the same time, the quick freeze function is welcome. Also important is the ability to maintain the temperature during a power outage. To date, no one is immune from this, so the manufacturer needs to clarify the exact time.

The noise level of the device also plays an important role. Typically, this indicator fluctuates around 45 dB. In general, this is considered normal, you can be near such a device, feeling quite comfortable. Lastly, the dimensions of the chest freezer are evaluated, because we are talking about a rather voluminous device that will be placed in the house. On average, the height of the model is 800 mm, the width is 1000 mm, and the depth is 700 mm. Good chest freezers (market price) cost about 20 thousand rubles.

Gel of "Indesit" company

Many of this company is well known. It produces chest freezers of all types. Most models are mechanically controlled by the manufacturer. The volume of the chamber ranges from 150 to 250 liters. In general, the power for home chests is acceptable. Also, many buyers noted the quick freeze function.

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Besidesother things, it should be mentioned that most of the models of the above brand work quite quietly. As a result, they are well suited for the home and are, compared to other manufacturers, not very expensive. For example, the Indesit A250 model will cost the buyer 22 thousand rubles.

Reviews about the company "Burning"

This company is mainly specialized in the production of compact chest freezers. However, they are perfect for the home. Many models are quite easy to operate and have a mechanical regulator. Also, buyers noted the interesting design of the devices.

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Among the shortcomings, we should mention the high consumption of electricity. Thus, chest freezers of the above brand are not economical. Of the features, one can single out the presence of a signal that notifies the owner of an open door. Also, models are able to keep the temperature for quite a long time during a power outage.

Hansa chests

Chest freezers produced by Hansa have positive reviews. Many models are easy to use. Of the features, it should be noted the presence of metal baskets inside the chamber. Among other things, there is a quick freeze function.

Also, the owners were pleased with the manufacturer with its compact models. The average volume of chest freezers is 100 liters. At the same time, the noise level fluctuates around 45 dB. A clear disadvantage of chest freezers of this brand is the low freezing power. InThis is largely due to weak compressors that are installed in the units. However, power consumption, according to buyers, is quite acceptable.

Opinion about Saturn

This company started producing chest freezers not so long ago. At the same time, they are very diverse in terms of power. Their main type of refrigerant is "P600". Some of the models can be used exclusively in large enterprises and are not suitable for the home. Prices are generally acceptable. And that's good news.

Among the shortcomings, it should be noted rather weak cases that the manufacturer produces. At the same time, the shelves inside the chamber are not very reliable and can sometimes sag. There are also some problems with the doors. In some cases, the owners are let down by a sealant, as a result, it is not possible to close the chest freezer tightly. As a result, you have to take the unit to a service center and wait a long time for its repair.

Biryusa is a well-known manufacturer of chests

This company is mainly specialized in the production of large chest freezers. At the same time, they are not suitable for the house in the best way. However, you can still choose the right model. First of all, the high quality of the parts should be noted, in addition, the manufacturer gives a good guarantee for its models.

Additionally chest freezers are easy to operate, adjusting the temperature is quite easy. All models have good performance. Thus, chest freezers of this company can be called the mostquality.

Opinion about chest "Biryusa 260"

Biryusa 260 chest freezer is the company's most popular model. This device has a decent volume and interesting design. Its energy consumption is at an average level. The control of the chest freezer "Biryusa 260" is electromechanical. It should also be noted that the freezing speed is good. When the power is turned off, the temperature in the chamber will be kept stably for 32 hours. The productivity of the device is 17 kg/day. This model will cost the buyer about 25 thousand rubles.

Reviews about models "Snezh"

This company also has its followers. They especially appreciate the compactness of chest freezer models. Additionally, buyers are attracted by the abundance of shelves in the freezer. They are made entirely of metal and are able to withstand a lot of weight. Many more models weigh very little. Thus, they can be easily moved to any place if necessary.

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The most popular is the chest freezer "Snezh MLK 250". The power consumption of this model is 0.6 kWh/day. At the same time, it has the following dimensions: height 800 mm, width 1080 mm, and depth - exactly 700 mm. Of the shortcomings, only excessive noise can be noted. At a distance of 10 meters, the Snezh MLK 250 chest freezer produces as much as 49 dB. Considering this, being in close proximity to him is rather uncomfortable.

Cooling system in this modelthe manufacturer provides static. In this case, the refrigerant brand "P600" is used. The freezer has only one compressor. The average freezing power of the device is 14 kg/day. This model costs about 24 thousand rubles on the market.

Gel chest brand "Frostor"

This brand is not very popular in Russia. This is largely due to the small selection of chest freezers. However, they are quite expensive. It should also be noted the high power consumption of devices. Basically, they have electronic control. All this makes it possible to monitor the temperature from the display.

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For the home, the Frostor 300 chest freezer is best suited. This unit is equipped with a convenient display with a pleasant backlight. Additionally, the temperature can be adjusted manually. Also, many buyers positively described the durable cover of the model.

It opens quite simply, and does not require much physical effort. This chest freezer for the home is medium in size. Its height is 500 mm, length - 810 mm, and depth - exactly 700 mm. The energy class for this model is A+. There is only one compressor installed, but it is quite powerful.

At a distance of 10 meters, the chest freezer produces approximately 36 dB. The freezing parameter is 15 kg/day. The total volume of the chamber in this model has 230 liters. The quick freezing function is provided by the manufacturer, however, the dispenser in itmissing. In total, this model has two internal departments. In one of them is a basket made of metal. Additionally, many noted a fairly bright interior lighting. The freezer chest for the house "Frostor 300" will cost the buyer about 19 thousand rubles.

Products from Liebherr

This company is engaged in the production of chest freezers for the home, as well as large enterprises. A distinctive feature of their models is high performance. At the same time, Liebherr chest freezers are produced in a variety of models. Given this, it is possible to choose a compact option for the home. However, prices vary greatly and depend on the power of the device.

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As buyers note, a clear disadvantage of chest freezers are weak cases. Moreover, if they are heavily loaded, then the bottoms may not withstand and sag. There are also some problems with the power cord. In the kit, it is very short, so the equipment has to be placed in close proximity to the outlet. Thus, a situation may arise in the house when there is no place for the unit. In this case, before buying, you should evaluate the location of the outlet and the place where the equipment will be installed.

Lari from "Fagot" company

This company specializes in the production of chest freezers with two compressors. At the same time, fans are additionally installed at the bottom of the equipment. Of the features, it should be noted the high quality of allfasteners. In this case, the handles of many models are securely fixed and do not loosen over time. Among other things, the owners positively assessed the reliability of the locks. At the same time, the cover connects well with the camera.

The most popular chest freezer for home "Fagot 19902". This model belongs to the class of two-compressor. At the same time, the kit has a fairly long cord with good insulation. Among other things, it should be noted excellent rubber seals on the walls. Over time, they do not lose their properties and remain very elastic.

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Different climatic classes can be distinguished from the features. You can change them using the switch on the sidebar. The normal climate class is intended for rooms with a temperature of more than 16 degrees. In this case, the subnormal mode is appropriate at temperatures from 10 to 32 degrees. Additionally, there are subtropical and tropical climate classes to choose from. These chest freezers (market price) cost about 22 thousand rubles.

Models of the company "Sviyaga"

This company has been manufacturing chest freezers since 2000. At the same time, there are many models that are designed exclusively for the home. Some of them come with a glass top. However, the best option is considered to be a chest freezer with a blank lid. In this case, performance is greatly increased.

Chest freezers of the above company are distinguished by durable cases. They representmultilayer structures. Its outer part is made of galvanized sheet steel, and then there is a polymer coating. Additionally, you can choose stainless steel models for your home. The freezer itself is made of boucled aluminum sheet.

In total, the models have four climate classes to choose from. The total volume of the freezer is around 120 liters. The power consumption is generally acceptable. Chest freezers "Sviyaga" are powered by a mains voltage of 220 V. Refrigerant in all models is used by the "P600" series. The display system in the devices is provided. Their design is quite pleasant and will please many.

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