Motorola S350 phone: specifications, photos and reviews

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Motorola S350 phone: specifications, photos and reviews
Motorola S350 phone: specifications, photos and reviews

Domestic buyer has long been familiar with Motorola brand products. The company over the years of its activity has released a wide variety of models. This article will describe the Motorola C350 phone. The device was released in 2003. He is a kind of inaugurator of a new era - mobile phones with a color screen.

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Short description

Mobile phone Motorola C350 at the time of release replenished the segment of low-cost technology. It is an updated version of the already well-known C33X series. An innovative development was a color screen. The rest of the characteristics remain the same. The device is designed to work with standard networks - GSM 900/1800. It is equipped with GPRS (data transmission) technology.

Of course, at present, such a device has long been considered obsolete. However, about 13 years ago, he made a splash in the mobile phone market. When releasing this model, the manufacturer focused on polyphonic sound and a color screen. Buyers accepted the novelty with enthusiasm. DemandThe Motorola C350 was quite large in those years.

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"Motorola S350", a photo of which can be seen in the article, is a monoblock. Plastic was used to make the case. The device weighs only 80 g. Its dimensions are 101 × 42 × 19 mm. The surface of the case has a silver sheen. However, in fairness, it should be noted that after a few months of operation, the coating begins to gradually wear off.

The shape of the apparatus is classic. It practically does not differ from its predecessors. It is comfortable to hold the phone in your hand, it does not slip. Many buyers say that at first sight they are sure of quality and reliability.

On the front side there is a small screen and a full keyboard. It looks quite impressive, as the buttons cover is metallic. The main control keys are originally made. They are arranged in an oval shape. This gives the phone originality. The speaker hole is divided into two halves, as the company logo flaunts in the middle. The model index is printed under the numeric keypad. There is also a small hole for the microphone. A significant advantage is the presence of removable panels. As in previous versions, you can use cases of different shapes. The back panel is not informative. On it you can see only the company logo and a speaker, the hole of which is made in the form of flower petals.

Given the design features, the manufacturer positioned the model as a youth one. However, due to the solid appearancethe target audience was buyers of the age category 25-35 years old.

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As mentioned above, "Motorola S350" is equipped with a color screen. It makes no sense to compare it with modern smartphones, since its resolution is only 96 × 64. The screen is capable of transmitting only 4096 colors. The picture on the display is grainy, the quality is quite low. On the street in sunny weather, the screen fades, the information is almost impossible to read. But the level of contrast can be attributed to the merits. The C350 is one of the few that displays icons and fonts well even with the backlight turned off, provided there is good lighting in the room. Most competing devices do not have this capability.


Motorola S350 phone is equipped with a standard keypad. It has a full-fledged digital block, two soft control keys, buttons responsible for calling and rejecting a call. The highlight of this model is the "arrows" designed to scroll and open the menu. They are located crosswise, and the overall composition has the shape of an oval.

The keyboard consists of a rubber substrate covered with a polymer film and plastic keys. The appearance of the latter is made under the metal. There are no comments from buyers. All buttons are well pressed, without making noise and rattling. The keyboard is perfectly secured in the slots. In a word, it is very convenient to use the device.

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Are customers satisfied with the battery life of the phone"Motorola S350"? The battery has a capacity of 650 mAh. Its type is lithium-ion. The time to fully charge the battery is two and a half hours. During testing, he showed the following results. In standby mode without recharging, the device will work for about a week. And with a continuous conversation, the battery will only last for 3.5 hours.

Unfortunately, these figures are difficult to attribute to the category of advantages, as similar models from other brands, such as Nokia, can offer significantly longer battery life.

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Describing the Motorola S350 phone model, it is necessary to dwell on such a section as the menu. For those who have never used this brand, at first it will be unusual. In all models of this manufacturer, the menu is called by a special button. It is centered and surrounded by scroll arrows.

The buyer will not see any changes in the design of the menu. It is quite typical. Due to the fact that many secondary options are included in it, the list is quite long. The font and display method has not changed at all. Unfortunately, this, according to many buyers, is a very significant disadvantage. The menu itself is too confusing and complicated. It is worth noting right away that it will take a long time to understand it. And this does not in any way add optimism to people who want to buy an easy-to-use phone for their money.


What features does this model have? Let's take a quick look at the standard set.

  • Phone book.You can store up to 100 numbers in the machine's memory. There is a shortcut option (called "code + "). It is possible to divide subscribers into four categories. The indisputable advantage is that more than one number can be stored under each entry.
  • Messages. This menu item contains standard functions. These are drafts, folder division into incoming and outgoing, voicemail, Cell Broadcast, missed, settings and WAP.
  • Challenge. Call information is displayed here.
  • Ring style. Another mode in the Motorola S350. You can choose different melodies for subscribers, change the notification method or the volume level.
  • Office. This folder contains the calendar, clock, alarm clock and calculator.
  • Parameters. Here you can change your phone settings.
  • motorola s350 standard melodies


The sound of this phone is of low quality - 16-tone polyphony. The speaker through which the signal is reproduced is located on the rear panel. Unfortunately, its volume is not strong enough. Also, it is significantly reduced if you put the device in a bag or pocket. You can set standard Motorola S350 melodies for calls. Transferring them to other phones is not provided. If you want to change the list, you will need to change the firmware.

The speaker is not bad. The speech of the interlocutor is recognizable, there are no noises and wheezing. The volume can be changed during a call.


"Motorola S350" is an excellent phone, completelycorresponding to its value. Many buyers highlight significant advantages. This is high quality and reliability. Even after the fall, the device works perfectly. There are no comments on battery performance. For four years, the battery life has not decreased. Reception of the mobile operator's network is excellent. In places where other similar phones do not pick up a signal, you can always be in touch with Motorola C350.

However, it was not without drawbacks. The comments of the owners relate to the size of the screen (too small), weak ringer volume, poor-quality coating of the case (scuffs form quickly), complex menu, small keys.

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