Which is the best CPU temperature gadget for Windows 7?


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Which is the best CPU temperature gadget for Windows 7?
Which is the best CPU temperature gadget for Windows 7?

What is temperature and how dangerous it is for any living creature, everyone knows. The same applies to computers with laptops. Elevated temperatures on the processor can lead to failure of both the CPU itself and the rest of your computer. To avoid this, you will need a gadget to measure the temperature of the processor.

cpu temperature gadget for windows 7

Easy and fast

If you are using an operating system prior to Windows Vista, the CPU temperature gadget for Windows 7 is not available to you. However, what to do if the need to monitor this parameter remains relevant? You have several options for finding the information you need.

  1. Third party programs. They can't be called gadgets because they don't run all the time and don't monitor CPU performance in real time. An example of such an application is the AIDA 64 utility. With an intuitive interface, this program will help you find out the necessary data. If you run it and go to the "Sensors" tab in the left menu, you can see everything you need on the right.
  2. BIOS. Another way to find out the parameter in question without using the gadget for Windows 7. To get into it, you need to press the F2 or F3 key when turning on the PC. Going to the standard settings (Standart CMOS features), select "Energy" (Power). There you can see the current temperature of the processor and set the computer to automatically turn off when this parameter reaches a certain value.
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From supplier

Manufacturers of motherboards and processors often independently release programs and gadgets to support their equipment. Among them, you can also find utilities for determining the temperature of the processor. Let's take a look at some of them.

  1. For example, Intel released a CPU temperature gadget for Windows 7 called the Intel Core Series. Version 2.5 is currently available. This is a handy tool that allows you to determine the temperature of the processor cores and the load on the RAM.
  2. Or another AMD CPU temperature gadget. CPU Speed ​​Intel or AMD Professional is a program adapted to determine the speed of the processor and its main characteristics, including heating, a program.

What about these apps? In most cases, they are designed to work exclusively with spare parts from a specific manufacturer, so their use can be difficult.

amd cpu temperature gadget

Free access

Finally, we got to the heart of the matterquestion. What is the best CPU temperature gadget for Windows 7 to use on a home computer? A significant part of such programs is distributed free of charge, and you can download them on any file hosting service. Let's look at the most popular gadget options.

  1. All CPU Meter. This program was created as a gadget and an indicator of the load of the central processor and memory of a personal computer. It is quite compact, but this affects the functionality. Despite the fact that this gadget supports multi-core processors, it is not able to show the entire temperature.
  2. Quite a peculiar gadget Rockstar extras includes functions, collected "in a heap" according to incomprehensible logic. But at the same time, it is able to display parameters such as CPU and memory utilization, CPU and video card temperature, hard disk and recycle bin information.
  3. The most optional CPU temperature gadget for Windows 7 is Core Temp. As the name implies, this program is quite highly specialized, which gives it certain advantages. For example, the speed and accuracy of real-time CPU temperature detection, as well as hard disk space, which requires very little.

Your choice

As you can see, there are many ways and gadgets to determine the temperature inside your system unit. Whichever choice you make, each of the presented ways will help you to cope with the task.

And a couple of little tips to close. If you are going to "overclock" the processor,first take care of additional cooling and raise the temperature threshold in the "Bios" at which the personal computer automatically turns off.

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