Gadgets for modern ladies: 8 gifts for March 8


Gadgets for modern ladies: 8 gifts for March 8
Gadgets for modern ladies: 8 gifts for March 8

Flowers, perfume, jewelry - the standard list of gifts for International Women's Day. However, modern women appreciate not only the classics. High-tech devices can also please demanding ladies, and today we bring to your attention eight useful and beautiful gadgets - each of them can be an ideal gift for the holiday.

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Smartphone is almost a win-win option, especially when it comes to a new product. For example, the 5-inch ZTE Blade S7 went on sale recently. Inside it has a powerful eight-core processor, two (!) 13-megapixel cameras, two slots for a 4G SIM card. Separately, it is worth mentioning the double biometric data protection system: the smartphone recognizes its owner by fingerprint and by scanning the capillary grid of the eye. And, of course, design! The stylish streamlined glass and aluminum body is sure to please the woman of taste.

Price: 24,990 rubles

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Serious business womanwho spends a lot of time at the computer, will definitely appreciate the EizoFlexScan EV2730Q monitor. Its main feature is a "square" resolution of 1920x1920 pixels. Increased vertical space is useful for work, because more information is placed on the screen: you can reduce the number of horizontal scrolls or arrange graphs and charts more conveniently. The monitor has vibrant, vibrant colors and wide viewing angles, as well as reduced harmful blue light and virtually no flicker: it's

means that the eyes will not get tired even after prolonged use. Add to this a strict and concise design - EizoFlexScan EV2730Q will fit into the interior of any office!

Price: from 110,000 rubles

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The 10-inch ARCHOS 101 Helium 4G tablet is a versatile tool for both work and play. It has a powerful quad-core processor that "pulls" any applications, two cameras for communication and video conferencing, support for 4G high-speed Internet and 16 GB of internal memory with the possibility of expansion. Special FusionStorage technology will combine the drive and memory card into a single data array: it is much more convenient to store and open files. And the snow-white body of the tablet will turn this model into a stylish women's accessory.

Price: 12,000 rubles

mouse as at

Genius Micro Traveler 9000R miniature mouse is useful for girls who often travel on business trips and work a lot outside the office. It is much smaller than most analogues, and it is really convenientcarry with you. The mouse is ideal for a woman's hand, rubberized inserts on the sides provide a comfortable grip, and a spectacular design and several bright colors will make such a gift even more pleasant. The Genius Micro Traveler 9000R works wirelessly: to connect it, you just need to plug the receiver into your laptop's USB port. The receiver itself is so small that it does not interfere at all when carrying. Mobile girls will definitely appreciate it!

Price: 1200 rubles

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In the car of a real business woman, there must be a stylish hybrid NEOLINE X-COP 9700, which simultaneously performs the functions of a radar detector and a DVR. He will insure his mistress from fines for speeding, and in the event of an accident or a controversial situation on the road, he will help prove his case. The device has excellent optics that records high-quality video and captures what is happening on several lanes at once. Using the hybrid is very convenient thanks to a thoughtful touch menu, and the design and ergonomics of NEOLINE X-COP 9700 were appreciated even by the most demanding experts: in 2015, the hybrid won the prestigious Red Dot Award.

Price: RUB 18,990

personal cloud with hard drives

WD MyCloud Mirror is another useful gadget for business women. This is a personal "cloud" with two hard drives that allows you to store all your important files at home or in the office and access them from any computer (PC / Mac) or mobile device via the Internet. Businessa woman will definitely appreciate such a gift, because you don’t want to trust third-party public services with confidential information and personal files. You don't have to worry about the safety of data in WD MyCloud Mirror, there are reliable WD Red drives. In addition, they can be used in full mirroring mode, then all files will be duplicated and certainly not lost. The drive is also very easy to use and looks great too.

Price: from 25,000 rubles for 4 TB

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If a business woman needs to carry her work files with her, and there is not always access to the Internet, you can give her a Toshiba Canvio Alu pocket drive. This reliable and fast external drive will hold not only important documents, but also your favorite movies, photos and music - a great solution for frequent flights and business trips. Like any "feminine" gadget, Toshiba Canvio Alu looks flawless thanks to a lightweight yet durable aluminum body. You can choose from strict black, elegant silver, bright red, pale blue or gold color options.

Price: 5,200 rubles for 1 TB

smart gadgets

Many modern women strive to lead a he althy lifestyle, and smart gadgets can help them with this. The Xiaomi Mi Band fitness tracker “lives” on its owner’s hand and tracks her activity throughout the day: for example, it counts the number of steps taken or the time spent on the treadmill. He also knows how to monitor the phases of sleep and turns on the alarm at the moment when the awakening will be the softest. Xiaomi Mi Band alwaysin touch with a smartphone: the tracker is controlled using a special application, and the gadget itself vibrates to inform you of incoming calls and messages on your phone. The perfect gift!

Price: 2000 rubles

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