Review of the mobile phone "Motorola S200"

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Review of the mobile phone "Motorola S200"
Review of the mobile phone "Motorola S200"

Once upon a time, Motorola phones were popular. They were equipped with black and white small screens. A mechanical keyboard was used to dial a number or text. Such phones, of course, will no longer attract the attention of a modern user. However, such features were once new.

The hero of today's review is just such a simple Motorola S200 phone. It is a legend in its own way. Surprisingly, even now, if you insert a SIM card into it, it will work. Such a quality deserves to be nostalgic today.

Appearance features

"Motorola S200", a photo of which is in the article, is a typical candy bar. Electronic circuits and other parts are enclosed in a plastic case. It is oval in shape. The manufacturer completely abandoned the corners. On the one hand, it looks somewhat comedic, but it is impossible not to notice that it is this shape that makes the phone easy to use.

motorola c200

The front panel is clearly divided into two blocks that combine the control keys. The originality of the device is given by a two-color solution - a combination ofdark and light shades. The elements located on the front side are all standard: a mechanical keyboard, which will be discussed a little later, the company logo, screen, speaker and microphone. Of course, we are not talking about any camera in this model. To the touch, the body of the Motorola S200 phone is pleasant. Comfortably lies in the hand. Material and assembly quality. Even if accidentally dropped, cracks will not form on the case.

Screen and menu

The display is one of the main elements in a mobile phone. It is on its characteristics that many buyers are guided. So, what screen is installed in Motorola C200? Graphic type display, small size. Capable of displaying a picture at a resolution of 98 × 64 px. Many will say that it is not enough, but there are no complaints about the image. All information is displayed clearly. There is a backlight. It's LED and pretty bright. Four lines of text fit on the screen. Also, it constantly displays two service lines: at the bottom with the designations of soft keys, at the top - with the signal level of the network and battery. In standby mode, the screen displays the time and current date.

motorola s200 photo

No instructions are needed for Motorola S200. The menu is so simple that even children can figure it out. Application icons are displayed on the desktop. There are 8 of them on the screen in total. If you select one, then a designation will appear below. Each menu item is programmed under a specific number. This allows you to quickly find any function. You can also use labels. They are designed for quick access toapplications. You can save up to nine shortcuts. The menu consists of standard applications: phone book, messages, settings and so on. Even games are installed on the device. There are three of them, but they are the simplest.

Motorola S200 battery

In order for the phone to be independent of the outlet, the manufacturer installed a lithium-ion battery in it. Its resource is 550 milliamps per hour. Given the weak functionality, the battery provides 120 hours of standby time. If you continuously talk on the phone, you will need to charge it after 6 hours. In combined mode, you can safely count on 3-4 days of work without recharging.

motorola s200 phone


As mentioned above, "Motorola S200" is equipped with a mechanical keyboard. On the control panel, soft keys and a two-position joystick are combined into one block of the original form. The buttons for receiving and rejecting a call are isolated from the others. It is convenient to use them. The digital block is made in the same style as the entire phone. All keys are located separately from each other, have an oval shape. Small in size. When dialing a number, you can touch the neighboring one, since the distance between them is small.

motorola s200 instruction


By and large, Motorola S200 is a high-quality and convenient phone. Of course, at the moment its functionality is very outdated. But, as far as communication is concerned, it is on top. The reception quality is high, the subscriber is heard perfectly, there is no interference in the dynamics. The volume reserve is enough forcomfortable conversation even in noisy places. Externally, the phone is very similar to its predecessor. But there are still updates. For example, the manufacturer has improved the menu, eliminated all software failures, so the device turned out to be quite simple and balanced. Both a child and an elderly person can easily understand its functionality. And what else is required from a simple “dialer”?!

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