How to restore contacts on iPhone? How to restore iPhone from iCloud? Factory Reset iPhone

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How to restore contacts on iPhone? How to restore iPhone from iCloud? Factory Reset iPhone
How to restore contacts on iPhone? How to restore iPhone from iCloud? Factory Reset iPhone

Together with the increasingly complex technologies, paradoxically, the operational moment of using electronic gadgets is simplified. However, not every owner of an "apple" device knows how to restore contacts on an iPhone. Sometimes the user may have other difficult situations, which he, in principle, is able to resolve on his own. However, the method not always used by a person in order to save data from the phone or return the "wound" settings to their original state is rational. As a result, there is an unjustified waste of time and even more, this fact may become a reason for contacting specialists. Since, as a result of incorrect actions with the mobile device and the use of third-party unlicensed software, the phone starts to "fail" and, accordingly, loses its functional ability. To avoid all this, you should pay special attention to the material of the presented article, from which you will learn how to restore iPhone from iCloudand many other useful information.

Worth thinking about…

How to restore contacts on iPhone?

Your smartphone is primarily a multifunctional device that runs on the iOS mobile operating system, which in turn is a simplified version of Mac OS X. It's no secret that phone software sometimes needs to be updated, and in some cases, a complete reinstallation. Buying a newer device, still the same Apple brand, can be fraught with a lot of inconvenience, primarily related to the question of how to restore contacts on iPhone. And even such phenomena as theft and loss of the device will not be so catastrophic, given that it is possible to return all data in its original state to a smartphone of a similar model. As a result, we have a number of strong arguments in favor of using standard data storage and recovery tools from the manufacturer, the use of which depends on the efficiency and simplicity of solving many difficult situations of an operational nature.

"Sky safe": what could be more reliable?

Cloud technologies are at the peak of popularity today - it's simple, reliable, and at the same time absolutely free, of course, if the user does not have an increased "appetite", expressed in a significant amount of information. To help you resolve the issue of how to restore iPhone from iCloud, let's look at the main features of this program.

So, what is it all about and howdoes it work?

How to recover contacts from iCloud?

If you are an iPhone user, then you are familiar with concepts such as an account and an Apple ID. The iCloud service allocates 5 GB of free space on its server, and it's completely free. Every owner of an iPhone can use this service, which is incredibly convenient and extremely necessary, given the software imperfection of the device and the human factor in general. In order to be able to restore saved data from an iPhone backup, you need to go to the installed iCloud application and make the initial settings. It is worth noting that by default, the data of all standard programs installed by Apple at the smartphone production stage will be automatically backed up in the storage. In order to save allocated space, it is advisable to disable unnecessary applications that synchronize their data with iCloud. A fairly straightforward setup process is fraught with several unexpected moments. In particular, automatic backup is performed when the device is connected to a power source, when the iPhone is in lock mode and Wi-Fi is activated. However, the user can always manually create a backup in the cloud storage, which also does not seem to be a particularly difficult process.

How to restore iPhone via iTunes?

Restore iPhone to factory settings

In relation to models older than the 4S smartphone, a popular program forsynchronization of iPhone-devices retains all the same devotion and favorable conditions for interaction. However, for full backup of data, the installed version of the software must be up-to-date and correspond to the latest public update. Of course, the principle of the program has not changed in any way and everything is also simple and extremely clear in terms of use. The only limitation may be the discrepancy between the software of the connected iPhone and the backup copy of the data "merged" from the device with an earlier version of iOS. In order to restore the factory settings of the iPhone, just go to the settings of the device, go to the "General" tab, then "Reset" and finally "Reset all settings". This completes the process. But to remove and jailbreak, you will need iTunes and the treasured "Restore" button. By the way, being directly in the program, just press the key combination "Shift" + "Restore" and you can select a file with a previously downloaded version of the software.

Make the best choice

How to restore iPhone via iTunes?

The two main ways to restore contacts on iPhone, as you can see, are fundamentally different. The cloud option is the most acceptable, as it does not make you dependent on a computer and is completely comfortable. The usual iTunes becomes nothing more than a convenient intermediary in comparison with the effective iCloud service. But, nevertheless, one more important point should be taken into account: cloud technologies implythe use of an Internet connection, and also put the user in front of the fact: 5 GB and not a kilobyte more than the established limit. Therefore, a universal solution is seen - to use two possibilities, so to speak in tandem.

And then the question of how to restore contacts on iPhone will no longer arise. Moreover, by saving data in iCloud, you can always transfer some of the information to your computer, thereby freeing up precious and at the same time free space in the cloud storage. So it is advisable to use two synchronization options.

Restore from iPhone backup

In conclusion, or Remembering the past

Of course, the first generation iPhones are used to this day, so to speak "early apples". It is not possible for such phones to rise to the "cloud heights", due to their technical imperfection. Therefore, there is no better and more effective method for you and your device than using iTunes. So snuggle with that thought until you get your next Californian gadget.

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