What is the cheapest phone? Overview of the best models and reviews

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What is the cheapest phone? Overview of the best models and reviews
What is the cheapest phone? Overview of the best models and reviews

Smartphones are taking over our world. In civilized countries there is not a single person who could do without a cell phone. Every year and the next update of the gadget line, the range of phone functions increases. If earlier it was used as a "dialer", now it replaces some computers. Regardless of the cost, the functionality is almost the same, so let's find out which is the cheapest phone.

Where to look for inexpensive devices?

The answer is obvious - on the World Wide Web, or rather on the Internet. There is nothing easier than ordering it there. The advantages are obvious, you do not overpay the online store, because they do not have to pay rent and related costs. As a rule, the price on the Internet is somewhat cheaper compared to conventional electronics stores.

But you can't do without pitfalls. On the well-known AliExpress, ordering a phone is a separate kind of creativity and science. And now let's figure out why ordering the cheapest touchscreen phone on Alik is not the best idea, especially if you are a "layman" in onlineshopping.

Shop Alik

Purchasing through major online platforms

When ordering on AliExpress, you doom yourself to an indecently long wait for delivery. This is especially annoying when you urgently need the cheapest cell phone.

But the Aliexpress platform is extremely interested in improving the quality of service. Therefore, delivery to key cities in Russia, such as St. Petersburg or Moscow, is fast - literally in a week.

Unfortunately, delivery to other cities is often late. And the parcel reaches Belarus in a few weeks. And this is not the only problem of such services. They also have intermediaries between you and the customer - this is mail.

And the fact is that its employees do not care in what condition the goods reach you. And they do not disdain substitution of devices. There are cases when expensive devices were replaced with broken phones or bricks were placed in boxes.

Pros of online shopping

Let's move smoothly from pessimism to optimism, be that as it may, sites like Aliexpress or Alibaba are the most profitable solutions today. In the store, the cheapest mobile phone in the range can cost several times more than on these sites.

Alibaba group

How not to make a mistake with the choice of phone

When buying from online services, pay attention to the following indicators:

  1. Rating of the site and reviews about it on popular Internet resources. For example "Otzovik" and so on. note thatproduct comments can be paid for and written by specially trained people. This is extremely easy to find out, such reviews are too cloying and speak only of good things.
  2. When the domain was created, you can see it on the Doverievseti.rf website. Please note that if the year of creation on the official website is 2014, and when checking it turns out that the age of the site is no more than two weeks, then it is not recommended to trust such a resource.
  3. Compare the cost in different online stores, for this, use the service from Yandex or Google.

And some tips on how to buy the cheapest cell phone in regular hardware stores:

  1. Don't be lazy and go to several different smartphone sales points, compare prices and services offered.
  2. Contact a consultant only when absolutely necessary, their task is to sell you everything that is on their shelves, without thinking about quality.
  3. If there is no device you need, then go to the official website of the store and order it with delivery to the nearest service center.

For example, the cheapest push-button phone on Aliexpress costs 700 rubles, and in stores more than 1000 rubles. For those who are especially lazy, we have prepared a list of the most budget devices with an acceptable price-quality ratio. All prices are given in Russian rubles and have been converted into dollars for convenience.

Cheap smartphones

IPRO Wave 4.0

Cost on "Aliexpress": from 2000 rubles. or $35. One of the best cheap phones released in 2017year. It has a removable battery and two SIM cards, and is also able to take pictures. True, the quality will have to be forgotten. The manufacturer does not make good smartphones, and their devices are stuck somewhere in 2010.

Judging by the reviews, the phone has a technically and morally obsolete firmware version - "Android 4.4". It has 512 MB of RAM and 4 GB of installed memory. The design is nondescript, in comparison with new smartphones it resembles an absurd toy. For that, the “dialer” copes with its main task perfectly. The 1250 mAh battery lasts for a day of use.


  1. The processor is from MTK6572, and it is useless to expect miracles from it, modern games will not pull.
  2. Screen with a diagonal of 4.0 and a resolution of 800 by 400 pixels.
  3. Front camera 0.4MP and rear camera 2.0MP.
  4. Only works on 3G networks.
  5. The case is made of plastic.

Buyers in the reviews report that the smartphone is worth their money, and the amount with cashback comes out even less.

Inexpensive phone

Leagoo Z1C

Price in online stores: from 3800 rubles. or $66. Price data on Aliexpress could not be found. Only one and a half thousand costs more than the IPRO Wave 4.0. But the functionality is incomparable. Leagoo has a relatively new Marshmallow firmware, to which some top smartphones have not been updated.

The design of one of the cheapest phones leaves a good impression. If it is far from the level of new iPhones, then it is up to smartphones of 2014he definitely made it.

Main specifications:

  1. Possibility to install two SIM cards.
  2. 512 MB RAM and 8 GB built-in memory.
  3. The display is small - only 4 inches and its resolution is 800 × 480 pixels.
  4. 1400 mAh battery.
  5. Quad-core SC7371c.
  6. Above the 3G threshold will not "jump".

The device came out moderately advanced and performs its basic functions, and you can also climb social networks or surf the Internet. It won't be enough for anything else.

Another cheap


Cost on Aliexpress: from 3000 rubles. or $52. A real breakthrough in comparison with its closest price brothers. The design no longer resembles a native of the 2010s, but rather an immigrant from 2016. The most optimal solution in terms of price to quality ratio. Something special that could surprise the user of modern smartphones is not found in DOOGEE X10. But here's how it's definitely worth considering as a budget option for a while.

The 3350 mAh battery will allow you to use your phone actively throughout the day. And when inactive - about two or three days. And a five-inch screen with a resolution of 854 x 480 pixels will allow you to stay connected even longer.

True, in terms of technical characteristics, DOOGEE is not far from its counterparts:

  1. Only 512 MB of RAM and 8 GB of installed memory.
  2. Weak 2-core processor MTK6570.
  3. Front camera 2 MP, rear camera 5 MP.
  4. Two SIM slotscard.
  5. Alika comes with a silicone case.
  6. Ability to install a memory card up to 32 GB.

512 MB RAM leaves much to be desired - program freezes and crashes are guaranteed. True, with the version of Android, which has been updated to 6.0, the situation should change.

doggy phone

Blackview A5

Price in online stores: from 5200 rubles. or $91. The design of this device will not please you - it is made in the best traditions of 2010. The smartphone has been produced by a popular Chinese manufacturer since 2016. The case is entirely made of plastic and will collect all the dirt and scratches. The back cover is made in a mosaic style and looks great and thanks to the relief it fits perfectly in the hand.

Apparently, to reduce the cost of BlackView, it was deliberately made compact. Easily fits into small pockets or the hand of a small child (parents). Nothing in technical terms, except for the RAM, he can not surprise.

  1. Android operating system with version 6.0.
  2. Two micro SIM slots.
  3. The smartphone has a diagonal of 4.5 inches and a screen resolution of 854 x 480 pixels.
  4. Front camera 2MP and back camera 5MP.
  5. MediaTek MT6580 quad-core processor @ 1300MHz.
  6. Eight gigabytes of pre-installed memory and one gigabyte of RAM.
  7. Li-polymer battery with a capacity of 2000 mAh. Enough for 8 hours of talking on the phone.

Despite 1 GB of RAM, gamers will still notfit. The device is worth its money - not the worst stuffing and compactness allow Blackview A5 to get into our list of the cheapest phones.

Inexpensive device

Gretel A7

Cost on Aliexpress: from 3000 rubles. or $52. Smartphone with a nice minimalistic design. Despite the low cost, the screen consists entirely of glass. And the Home key is highlighted in the dark (turned off in the settings).

The 4.7-inch screen presents the user with a rich picture with a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels. The main camera of the phone is suitable not only for photographing documents, but also for very good shots of nature or architecture. People in the reviews report that the battery fails - it is only 2000 mAh, which is not enough at HD resolution.


  1. Two SIM card slots supporting 3G networks.
  2. 1 GB RAM and 16 GB installed.
  3. MTK6580 Quad core processor.
  4. Front camera 2 MP and rear camera 8 MP.
  5. When ordering from Aliexpress, the kit includes a case and protective glass.

Perhaps this is the best option for the cheapest phone. By almost all characteristics, it bypasses the nearest price competitors and has a good filling, as well as a decent camera.

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