TV Samsung UE40J6500AU: reviews and specifications


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TV Samsung UE40J6500AU: reviews and specifications
TV Samsung UE40J6500AU: reviews and specifications

The Samsung UE40J6500AU TV belongs to mid-range devices. Reviews about it, its technical specifications and other important features related to its operation will be considered within the framework of this material.

samsung ue40j6500au tv reviews

TV market segment targeted by this product

Today, television devices are divided as follows:

  • Entry-level devices with 1366x768 resolution, poor image quality and minimal technical specifications.

  • Mid-range TVs already have 1920X1080 resolution, better picture quality and advanced specs.

  • Premium television devices must display a picture in 4K format, have the highest possible technical specifications.

In accordance with the previous classification, the Samsung UE40J6500AU TV belongs to mid-range solutions. Reviews highlight its excellentfunctionality and impeccable specifications.


The solution under consideration has a fairly good bundle. The prudent manufacturer has included everything necessary in order to start using this device for its intended purpose immediately after purchase. This list contains:

  • TV.

  • Installation support.

  • Power cord.

  • Control panel.

  • Warranty card.

  • Battery set for remote control.

  • User manual.

This list is enough to start using this TV for its intended purpose. An exception in this case is the situation when it is planned to hang it on the wall using a VESA mount. With this installation, you will have to buy the last mount separately.

samsung ue40j6500au tv owner reviews

Tuner, key features

The Samsung UE40J6500AU TV is equipped with only one tuner. Owner reviews focus on the fact that in addition to analog channels, it also allows you to view digital broadcasts of DVB-T and even DVB-T2 standards. Also this list is complemented by a cable decoder. This list lacks only an integrated satellite receiver. The power consumption of the device is 119 W, and its weight is 8.6 kg.

Screen. Display Specifications

The presence of a curved screen canboast TV Samsung UE40J6500AU. Reviews highlight the excellent quality of the image displayed on it. The resolution of the matrix in this case is 1920x1080 and the picture is displayed in FullHD quality or 1080p. Image refresh rate - 200 Hz. In addition to this, the device has Clear Motion technology, which completely eliminates the slightest image distortion in dynamic scenes.


Simply a great sound system installed in this unit. It includes 2 speakers. The rated power of each of them is 20 watts, and in total this gives 40 watts. This value is quite enough for comfortable viewing of any program. If you use this device as a home theater, then you need to connect an external sound system with several speakers and a subwoofer. Among other features of the TV, it is necessary to note the support of the following proprietary technologies:

  • Dolby Digital to enhance the sound of the TV show or movie you are watching.

  • AVL technology provides equalization of the acoustic signal.

This list complements surround sound.

samsung ue40j6500au tv review

Connection Methods

Samsung UE40J6500AU TV supports the following connection methods:

  • There is one component port and one SCART-connector in the considered device. Their main purpose is to connect external DVB-T / DVB-T2 receivers or outdated ones todaymodifications of satellite tuners.

  • 4 HDMI ports allow you to connect modern satellite receivers or mini PCs. Also, this port can be used to output a signal from a personal computer to a TV. In the latter case, the hero of this article will already act as a monitor.

  • 3 USB standard ports allow you to connect a flash drive to the device and view its contents. Also in this case, you can play various multimedia files from it.

  • 2 possible ways to connect to a computer network are implemented in this TV. One of them is wireless - WiFi, and the second allows switching using twisted pair - this is RJ-45.

Soft. Proprietary Technologies

The operating system of the solution under consideration is Tizen. This is Samsung's own development. This device also supports Smart-TV technology. This list complements Wide Color. This technology processes the output image and improves its color reproduction.

samsung ue40j6500au tv

Setup and connection procedure

The procedure for connecting and configuring this device consists of the following steps:

  1. Retrieves all contents from the box.

  2. Removing the transport bracket from the TV.

  3. The support is fixed.

  4. Connect cable from antenna or cable provider and power cord.

  5. Servedvoltage.

  6. Entering the menu and searching for all available channels.

  7. Save your results.

After all this, the device is ready to go.


At the moment, the Samsung UE40J6500AU TV is estimated at 30,000 rubles. A review of the technical characteristics and specifications of this solution indicates its full compliance with such a price tag. In essence, this device only slightly loses to more expensive premium TVs. The key difference is the output image format: FullHD instead of 4K.


The Samsung UE40J6500AU TV turned out to be an ideal mid-level solution. Its technical characteristics indicate that it has no weaknesses. Even the cost in this case is quite democratic. But the functionality of this device is practically no different from more expensive premium solutions. This is what the owners focus on in their reviews.

samsung ue40j6500au tv specifications


Both in terms of technical specifications and software, the Samsung UE40J6500AU TV is a balanced device. Reviews for the most part only confirm this. There are certainly no weaknesses in this solution, but there are more than enough pluses.

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