Smartphone "Lenovo A319": owner reviews and price

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Smartphone "Lenovo A319": owner reviews and price
Smartphone "Lenovo A319": owner reviews and price

The Lenovo A319 smartphone, whose reviews and characteristics we will consider today, belongs to the budget segment and is equipped with a 4-inch display. According to the manufacturers, this device is designed for real music lovers. The device has support for Dolby Digital Plus technology, and headphones are included. If you pay attention to the opinion of the owners of Lenovo A319 about them, the reviews indicate that the headset is of very decent quality. It is worth recognizing that if you do not use headphones, the sound quality will be worse. Externally, the Lenovo A319 smartphone looks very attractive, but its characteristics cannot be called outstanding. But do not forget that the model is still budget. The build quality is quite decent, the device supports two SIM cards and 3G. But at the same time, resource-intensive applications (first of all, games) do not run very well on it, due to the rather weak hardware. Also, disadvantages includeThe battery drains fairly quickly, and the camera doesn't have autofocus, which makes shooting difficult. The display quality corresponds to the budget segment. Now on the market you can find offers from competitors at the same cost, but with more worthy characteristics.

Weight and dimensions of the device

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As mentioned above, the display on the Lenovo A319 is 4-inch. In modern realities, the smartphone looks quite small. The manufacturer's budget models rarely boast a pleasant design, but the Lenovo A319 has become an exception to this rule. The device has a thickness of 10.5 mm, and the front panel looks very attractive. The dimensions of the device are 123.5/63.8/10.5 mm. Its weight is 130 grams, and it turned out to be somewhat heavier than its main competitors. The case plastic is cheap, but the build quality is good. The cover is removed easily, unlike some other models of the same manufacturer. The device is available in three colors: black, red and white.


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The display resolution is 800x480 pixels, so the dot density is 233 per inch. The Lenovo A319 smartphone (user reviews confirm this) does not have the clearest picture. The manufacturer kept silent about the type of matrix, but judging by the image, this is probably TN technology. Actually, if a better IPS were used, the company would definitely say so. The brightness level of the display is quite low at 252cd/m2. The viewing angle parameters also do not impress. In the sun, it is quite difficult to see the information on the screen, but in the dark you can easily read the test. The device is equipped with a light sensor, the automatic brightness adjustment system copes well with its task, however, the adjustment occurs with a slight delay. In general, the quality of the display is quite consistent with the cost of the device, but now you can find models from other manufacturers with an IPS matrix for the same money. It is also worth noting that sometimes the touchscreen may not work correctly.


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Now the installation of two cameras has become a kind of standard. A319 is no exception. The front camera is 2 MP and the rear camera is 5 MP. Again, you should pay attention to what the owners of the Lenovo A319 say, their reviews most often indicate the lack of autofocus as the main drawback. If she were here, the camera for its price range would be good. The maximum resolution of still images is 2560x1920, there are HDR functions, continuous shooting and the ability to take pictures when a smile appears in the frame. The resulting pictures can hardly be called good. They lack clarity and give the impression that they are simply stretched to the desired size. The rear camera is capable of shooting HD video. Higher resolutions cannot be used due to lack of CPU power. The front-facing 2-megapixel camera also showed itself quite well during video recording and photography. Image resolutionis 1500x1200, and the video was recorded in 3GP format (640x480 pixels). Again, I want to regret the lack of auto focus. With it, the camera experience could have been much better.

Working with text documents

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A319 has a standard keyboard from Google, which is quite normal for a budget phone. It is worth noting that the keys are conveniently located, one button is used to switch the input language, it is possible to use gestures when typing. But the dictionary of the Russian language of the smartphone is clearly small. This is also confirmed by people who already use the Lenovo A319 phone, their reviews indicate that often with a mistake in typing, the keyboard is not able to make the required changes. The small screen size also has a negative effect on working with texts.

Internet connection

There is no company's own browser on the device, but the corresponding software from Google and Yandex is installed. The programs are quite convenient, and each of them can be customized to your wishes. There is no reading mode, but Yandex.Browser has a Turbo mode that speeds up the loading of web pages, and Google Chrome can transfer bookmarks from the desktop version.

Multimedia and interfaces

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The device supports a set of standard interfaces, as well as 3G. All of them showed themselves well in work, with the exception of GPS, which did not want to turn on for a long time. Buttons and connectors are located in the usual places. A319 hassupport for almost all popular codecs and formats. The video player can even play Full HD. Among the weaknesses of the Lenovo A319, owner reviews mention slight image freezes. The weak "stuffing" is to blame for this. The only drawback of the built-in player is the lack of settings. It only allows you to loop the playback of the video. The audio player is not able to find records in FLAC format on its own, however, if you launch the track through the file manager, then it will be played. We have to admit that this is very inconvenient. The Lenovo A319 smartphone is equipped with a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 1500 mAh. This is very small, because the device can work with two SIM cards. This was also confirmed when playing HD video format. The battery lasted for three hours at maximum brightness. It must be admitted that the result is very bad. Most competitors in this regard look much more interesting. When the audio player was running, the battery lasted for 10 hours, which is also not enough. In the standard operating mode, the result was normal - 36 hours. In general, the smartphone left an ambiguous impression. There are now competing models on the market that are superior to the A319, such as Nokia X2 Dual SIM or Explay Tornado. The final touch is the cost. For the specified phone they ask to pay from 4000 rubles. So we examined the key aspects of the Lenovo A319 smartphone (price, reviews, specifications) and discussed them with you.

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