"Beeline Bonus": how to use? What is "Beeline Bonus"?


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"Beeline Bonus": how to use? What is "Beeline Bonus"?
"Beeline Bonus": how to use? What is "Beeline Bonus"?

Now we have to find out with you what the "Beeline Bonus" is. This promotion may seem very attractive to some subscribers. After all, it really allows you to save on perfect purchases. How is this option connected? What is it for? All this will be discussed now.

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"Beeline Bonus" is, as already mentioned, a special promotion that is held among all Beeline subscribers. You can say something like an affiliate program. You are awarded certain points for simply using communication services.

It turns out that "Beeline Bonuses" for account replenishment is not a fairy tale. The funds received can be spent at your discretion. But with some restrictions. Please note that points are only stored for 6 months. Then they burn out. And you have to get new ones. You can receive up to 15% of the amount spent per month on communication services of a mobile operator. Tempting offer, right? But how to use bonuses? Beeline offers several options. More on them later.

Sharing with loved ones

It should be noted right away that the participants of the promotion have the opportunity to replenish the bonuses of their loved ones. That is, you can transfer points to another account. It's not that hard to do. But some limitations must be taken into account. For example, the minimum transfer is 10 bonuses, and the maximum is 3,000 per day. Your comrades will have only 30 days to spend. After that, unspent points disappear.

how to spend beeline bonuses

"Beeline Bonus" is transferred to the account of another subscriber using a special request. It looks like this: 767 number amount. In this case, the phone is written starting from 9, and the desired number of points is written with a space. A few minutes of waiting - and you will transfer the received bonuses to a friend. Non-standard, sometimes even useful feature. You do not have to think again how to use Beeline bonuses. In this case, this is already the concern of the person to whom you transferred the funds.


Further it should be noted - not all subscribers are aware of how the remaining points on the account are checked. This is an important point to be taken into account. After all, if you do not have enough bonuses for a particular goal, it simply cannot be realized. Bottom line - disappointment.

Checking the balance that is available on the account of the "Beeline Bonus" promotion on your phone using the USSD command. It is enough just to dial 7672 and wait for an SMS message in which all points will be displayed. Sometimes the result is just displayed on the screen.

Spending onconnection

We got Beeline bonuses. How to spend them now? There are several approaches to solving the question. And the first of them is communication fees. That is, you can accumulate points, and then pay with them for calls, the Internet and messages from a mobile phone. Quite an interesting offer, which is in great demand among subscribers.

how to use beeline bonuses

There are also limitations here. First, the service is valid for 30 days. After this period, you will have to reconnect it. Secondly, if suddenly you don’t have enough points on your balance, then the rest of the expenses will be written off in cash. So take it all in.

To spend "Beeline Bonus" to pay for the communication of a mobile operator, you must activate this service. This will help a special request. You must dial 789 and send the command for processing. Nothing more is required of you. The main thing to remember is to keep an eye on the balance of bonuses. Otherwise, you will have to pay for communication in rubles. But as soon as new points appear, they will again begin to be debited from your account. Very comfortable.


We have Beeline bonuses. How to spend them differently? And in general, is it possible to do this? Of course. For example, all subscribers have the right to spend points to pay for transactions made at Beeline offices.

how to use beeline bonuses

Of course, there are some restrictions. For example, you are able to cover only 10% of the purchase. AndPromotion does not apply to all products. Practice suggests that most often subscribers are offered to buy a gadget and a modem "at a discount". In this case, you also need to remember: 1 bonus is 1 ruble.

To implement the idea, you must inform the employee about your intentions to use "Happy Time" ("Beeline") bonuses when buying equipment or a gadget. After - name the desired amount of funds to write off. But no more than 10% of the purchase price. The store employee will do all the necessary manipulations to realize your desires. It turns out a kind of discount. Sometimes this opportunity really interests many buyers. Especially if they have a lot of points.

Partners to help

How to use Beeline bonuses with even greater benefits, if possible? It's no secret that partner stores participate in any promotion. And "Beeline" offers from time to time to make purchases at the expense of accumulated points. But, as in the previous case, with some limitations. Often, the subscriber can cover only 20% of the deal.

beeline happy time bonuses

The process of using bonuses is no different from the previous one. Come to a partner store, make a purchase and name the number of points to be redeemed. Don't forget to include your phone number. We get a kind of discount, pay and rejoice.

But this scheme has its drawback. After all, affiliate programs are quite rare. To spend Beeline bonuses in suchorganizations, you will have to constantly follow the news on the official website of the mobile operator. Plus, most often, mobile equipment and gadget stores become partners. In principle, most of the goods can be purchased in Beeline stores.

Opinion about the stock

What do subscribers think about ongoing promotions and bonuses? It's pretty hard to decide. Someone says that they are not completely satisfied, but this offer seems very tempting to someone.

In general, subscribers are really happy that they can receive Beeline bonuses for their calls. Yes, spending them is sometimes difficult. But, nevertheless, you can always find an alternative solution. If you don’t know how to apply the Beeline Bonus at all, then the most logical way out would be to transfer points to your loved ones.

By the way, the most profitable will be the connection of the Happy Time option for subscribers who have been working with Beeline for a long time. After all, they will be able to receive 15% of the committed expenses. In general, new users are offered only 5% of spending in general. Not too much, but that might be enough too.

beeline bonuses for account replenishment

Disappointing subscribers, perhaps, only that "Beeline Bonus" can not fully cover all purchases that are made in mobile offices, as well as in partner stores. 10 and 20% is too little. This is exactly what a large number of program participants assure. However, you must enable this option. You never know when you need it!You already know how to use Beeline bonuses. So, there will always be a use for them.

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