Where to find satellite TV without a monthly fee


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Where to find satellite TV without a monthly fee
Where to find satellite TV without a monthly fee

Satellite TV without a monthly fee is a very attractive option, because it allows you to save money. Of course, for this you need to purchase and install an antenna. Without it, the TV will not show anything.

There are a lot of television satellites in space broadcasting certain channels. Almost all developed countries have their own transponders on satellites. Even if not on their own.

Satellite TV without a subscription fee can be broadcast by any satellite. The number of channels depends on its purpose. If a satellite exists only for broadcasting paid packages, then there are usually few open TV channels. Moreover, these are usually some test options.

Each satellite takes its own position, which is indicated by a degree. In addition, each has its own coverage area. If you live outside of it, then the reception of the signal is not possible.

First you need to decide what exactly you want to watch, and then check if there is a possibility of reception. Each satellite has its own frequency table.

The following satellites are in demand in Russia:

  • Hot Bird;
  • Yamal 401;
  • Horizons 2.

They are the ones who broadcast all major Russian free satellite TV channels. Of course, other satellites also broadcast in Russia, but there are no broadcasts in Russian. There are many different Turkish, Asian and African channels in this band.

Hot Bird is popular, but there aren't many Russian broadcasts. Basically, this satellite is caught to watch paid adult channels.

On many frequencies, broadcasts can coincide or be duplicated, but in different time zones. The most basic federal channels are everywhere. Therefore, there is no need to install many antennas at the same time. Just a few are enough to keep the number of matches as low as possible.

In addition, some paid satellite providers have a basic package of free channels. For example, this is "Tricolor TV", which is located at a position of 36 degrees east. However, only federal channels are open. All others - only after payment for services.

Satellite TV installation

It is better to hire craftsmen to install the antenna. They will do it much better than you. Also, experts will be able to recommend the best satellite TV without a monthly fee.

If you have no experience in this matter, then it will be difficult to catch the signal. You need at least minimal knowledge and skills in this area.

It is recommended to contact specialized companies that, for a fee, will do everything quickly and efficiently. If you decide to do everything yourself, then you need to be prepared forbecause it will take you a long time to experiment.

The connection diagram is not particularly complicated. Please note that different receivers have different sets of connectors on the rear panel. The most basic are always present. On modern models of satellite receivers, there is an HDMI connector everywhere (it is not shown in the figure below).

You need to connect the device to the TV through the digital port (HDMI), not analog (VCR, "tulips", SCART). After all, a digital image is much better than an analog one.

satellite TV installation

Direction converters

Each "head" on the antenna can only point to one satellite. If you want to receive channels from different satellites, then you need several antennas. An exception is possible only when the satellites are located not so far from each other. In this case, you can install two "heads" side by side. It's much cheaper.

A large number of satellites can be connected to one receiver. Hotels use special devices called multiswitches. They are designed to connect 16 or more heads to multiple receivers at the same time. The fact is that many tourists live in hotels, and everyone wants to watch channels in their native language. Therefore, it is necessary to cover as many satellites as possible.


Possible installation problems

Satellite TV installation must be carried out in accordance with certain requirements. The antenna must be directed to the open sky,so that the signal can reach its intended destination without hindrance. In addition, be sure to pay attention to the quality of your equipment. If there are dents or other defects, signal reception may be severely affected.

If you have an obstacle in the way of the signal, then you need to either remove it or put the antenna in another place.

antenna installation errors


The advantages of satellite television are the independence and the possibility of free viewing of channels. You don't need a TV tower for this. Enough antenna, receiver and TV. Many consumers who live very far from settlements are saved from boredom with the help of a satellite dish. And given that a large number of free channels are broadcast there, this option is simply wonderful.

advantages of satellite TV


The only negative is that satellite TV without a monthly fee needs to be adjusted periodically on your receiver, as channels can disappear from old frequencies and appear on new ones.

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