ZTE V5 Pro: review, specifications and reviews

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ZTE V5 Pro: review, specifications and reviews
ZTE V5 Pro: review, specifications and reviews

Among all existing modern smartphones, it is quite difficult to choose one that will not only be to your liking, but also affordable. Therefore, many well-known brands are increasingly competing with less famous firms. So, the new ZTE V5 Pro smartphone, the review of which we will present to you, may well compete with such "giants" as Samsung Galaxy, iPhone and LG.

zte v5 pro review

A few words about the brand

Of course, before describing the ZTE V5 Pro, you need to tell a little about the manufacturing company. Chinese, by the way. Not everything that is made in China is of poor quality. And this is stubbornly proven by various fairly large companies. ZTE is no exception either. The company was founded a long time ago, but only recently entered the Russian market. And by the way, she even managed to become the official sponsor of the Comedy Battle program on a well-known entertainment channel.

zte v5 pro reviews

Main features

Speaking of ZTE V5 3 Pro, it is worth noting inFirst of all, this is a mid-range smartphone. It cannot be attributed to very expensive devices, but it works out its funds more than enough. One of the most important "chips" of this budget smartphone is the presence of a fingerprint scanner. That is, the owner can set it as a means to unlock the screen, thereby protecting all information from prying eyes. Smartphone ZTE V5 Pro has another "trick", which is to support memory cards up to 128 GB. Thus, the phone can become the whole center for work, entertainment and data storage.

zte v5 pro n939st reviews


Since about 80% of owners like to be photographed on a smartphone, the quality of pictures and cameras is one of the most important criteria for many. It is worth saying that the ZTE V5 Pro, which we are reviewing, lives up to expectations. So, the front camera here is as much as 5 megapixels, which is quite enough for high-quality selfies. And of course, for video calls in popular applications. ZTE V5 Pro, which has a main camera of as much as 13 MP, is suitable for capturing the most important moments in life. And at night too! The camera, by the way, is quite good: Exmor RS with five lenses, which allows you to create high-quality macro shots. NeoVision 5 software is rated by professionals as budget, but quite worthy.

zte v5 pro


This is also a sore point for many modern users who prefer to keep all the necessary information at hand inoffline. And here, too, the ZTE V5 Pro, the review of which we present to you, did not disappoint. Built-in memory is 16 GB, of which about 14.5 GB are available to the user. If you wish, you can expand the memory using Micro SD.


This is also an important point in modern smartphones. The V5 Pro has 2 GB of RAM. And this is quite enough for the operation of many applications and games without "brakes" and "glitches". And of course, multitasking is supported without problems. For today's smartphones, which combine a mobile phone and a PDA, it is very important to provide the user with access to all desired applications and functions. And 2 GB of RAM is enough for this.

zte v5 3 pro


Not only RAM ensures the normal and fast performance of the phone. The processor plays an important role in this. ZTE V5 Pro, whose characteristics for a budget smartphone remain quite high, is equipped with a powerful and fast Snapdragon 615 processor. It has eight active cores, which allow you to use the gadget's features and functionality to 100%. Such characteristics are worth the money.


This is just the scourge of modern devices! Many manufacturing companies, having stuffed their gadgets with various "chips", save on batteries by installing weak and not very high-quality batteries. But ZTE V5 Pro, which will be reviewed a little later, does not belong to this category! It has a fairly powerful battery of 3000 mAh,which is enough for games, and for applications, and for calls, and for SMS. And what else does a modern person need to be mobile and always in touch?

smartphone zte v5 pro


What can not but please the freshly minted owners of this smartphone? Of course, the latest operating system is Android 5.1. She has even more opportunities that open up to the user. On some sites you can download different versions of the firmware. However, the average Russian does not really need this. The only thing you should pay attention to when buying from Chinese sellers on marketplaces is the presence of third-party software on your smartphone. Some of the programs may be infected with viruses, which will cause a lot of problems in the future. As an option - immediately reset to factory settings, and then pump the gadget at your discretion. Another way to avoid problems using a smartphone is to purchase from trusted sellers in Russia. The implementation of ZTE V5 Pro, which we are reviewing, will be taken up by Megafon, Beeline, MTS in the near future.


This is probably the most important part. The ZTE V5 Pro has a screen diagonal of 5.5 inches with an IPS matrix! This is an infinitely beautiful and stylish phablet (a smartphone that ranges in size from the average smart phone to a tablet computer). The responsiveness and sensitivity of the sensor can compete with even the most low-budget gadgets. The screen size allows you to use your smartphone as a phone, andlike a tablet. For example, to watch movies or videos. The display resolution is 1920×1080.

zte v5 pro specs

Communication standards

Since Russian operators do not stand still, developing the quality and signal of communication, it is important that the smartphone also supports these communication formats. Otherwise, what's the point of acquiring a device that will make it difficult or even impossible to talk or surf the Internet. Moreover, the latter has become an integral part of the life of modern man. ZTE V5 Pro, reviews of which will be presented in detail below, supports several formats: 2G, 3G, 4G. Naturally, they can work fully only if it is supported by the coverage area of ​​a particular operator.


Since, in addition to functionality, the appearance of a modern device is also important, it is worth considering it carefully. The described model has an aluminum case with plastic inserts, with a non-removable type of battery. On the side of the device there is a dual slot for two SIM cards or a SIM card and an SD card, at the discretion of the owner. This is quite a standard layout, since the internal memory of the device is quite large. An extension is required only in individual cases. In addition to the slot on the side face of the other side, there is a volume rocker and a power button. The charger connector is located at the bottom, which is very convenient if the smartphone is in a case. Headphones or wired headset connect from the top, 3.5mm output allows you to pick upany suitable model. Moreover, the headphones are not included in the package. The fingerprint sensor is located on the back cover under the camera eye. Not the most convenient location, but the phablet has its size advantage, so the finger usually hits exactly on the sensor.


It is quite standard for modern gadgets: the device itself, charger and USB cable. Headset not included. And here is the instruction. If you purchase a device from Chinese sellers, then it will be in Chinese, from Russian sellers - in Russian as well. The box is made of high-quality thick cardboard, so you can safely order a smartphone in the online store, it should arrive intact. Especially if the seller additionally insulates the device from combat with something.

Customer opinions

Despite the fact that the device is quite new (autumn 2015), it already has its adherents. So, the model ZTE V5 Pro (N939ST), reviews of which are very positive, really liked the Russians. Many users rate the performance and functionality of the smartphone with five stars out of five possible. Some are confused only by the fingerprint scanner, which, in their opinion, works in 80% of cases. In the rest, you have to enter a pattern to unlock the device. The quality of communication is also rated at the highest level. The camera is liked by most users. The pictures are very rich and beautiful, without unnecessary noise and separately expressed pixels. The size of the device also does not cause any dissatisfaction. In men'sThe phablet is especially comfortable in the hand, at first it seems like a “shovel” for women, but over time, both the owner and others get used to such an unusually large device.

Professional opinions

Some experts have already taken the time to evaluate the ZTE V5 Pro (N939ST). Their reviews are also generally positive. So, some professionals believe that phablets generally have a great future, and ZTE has every chance of becoming a leader in the production of such gadgets. The quality of a particular model was evaluated according to several criteria: performance, camera, appearance, screen quality. In all respects, the device is excellent. At least in its price segment. The fingerprint scanner did not raise questions either, since its performance depends on many factors. So, at low body temperature (for example, in the cold), the sensor may simply not recognize the imprint. And this is normal. Branded original iPhones have the same operation algorithm.


At the start of Chinese sales, the phablet costs about $170. Today, in Russian stores, it is offered at a cost of 10 thousand rubles to 13.5. This is a very real price for such a fashionable and convenient gadget. Shipping costs are not included in this review. The price of accessories varies depending on the manufacturer.


In all categories, it is worth recommending to pay attention to the ZTE V5 Pro phablet, which has very good functionality and high performance. Some owners have even managed to dropa couple of times the smartphone on the floor, after which its quality remained the same. That is, performance was not affected, and this is the most important thing. By the way, picking up accessories for a smartphone is not so difficult, both for this model and universal ones. Many manufacturers keep up with the times, creating cases and covers for such non-standard sizes. The smartphone itself is supplied in two colors: gold and silver. There are no bright or monochrome shades, but you can always find a beautiful back cover that you like.

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