Transferring money from MTS to Beeline is easy. How to replenish a Beeline account with MTS?


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Transferring money from MTS to Beeline is easy. How to replenish a Beeline account with MTS?
Transferring money from MTS to Beeline is easy. How to replenish a Beeline account with MTS?

All mobile operators have long ago introduced the function of transferring money from one number to another. Subscribers considered this a very convenient innovation, because it allows in a critical situation to transfer money from one number to another within the same operator. But it happens that it is necessary to send, for example, money from MTS to Beeline. Is it possible? Do mobile operators provide for such an exchange? Let's figure it out. In this article, we will consider how you can transfer money from MTS to Beeline. In fact, there is nothing difficult in this. And also find out how you can replenish Beeline with MTS. It would not be superfluous to consider ways to transfer money within the numbers of one mobile operator.

transfer money from mts to beeline

Standard money transfer between Beeline numbers

The money transfer service in Beeline allows you to transfer funds from the account of one subscriber to the account of another. The Mobile Transfer service is available to all Beeline communication users, it does not require activation. Its convenience lies in the fact that at any time of the day, if there is the necessary amount of money on the mobile account, the subscriber can send funds to any other needy Beeline communication user, be it a relative, friend, just an acquaintance or even a stranger. But transferring money from one mobile account to another is not instantaneous. To do this, you need to send a request to the operator, and then confirm the money transfer operation. On the keyboard, to carry out the operation, you must enter the following combination: "", then indicate "145" and again "", enter the recipient's phone number, press "" again, indicate the transfer amount, then press "" and the call key. The phone number must be specified without the number "8" or "7", and the amount must be an integer, regardless of what currency is provided in your tariff plan.

replenish beeline with mts

Money transfer between MTS numbers

There are several ways to send money from one MTS number to another subscriber's number.

  1. The subscriber can send the following request: "", then enter 112, again "", indicate the number of the subscriber to whom we transfer money, again "", enter the amount of the send, press "" and the call button. The operator has set a limit on the transferred amount - a maximum of 300 rubles. If ayou need to send more, you can create a repeated similar application. Just as in the case of a transfer in Beeline, you should indicate the amount that is an integer (for example, 200 rubles). After sending the request, you should receive a message with a confirmation code for the operation. To complete the transfer, we create a request: "", then 112, again "", indicate the confirmation code, press "" and the call button. The service is paid - for one completed request for transferring money from the sender, an additional 7 rubles will be charged.

    money from mts to beeline
  2. MTS provides an option for subscribers called "Direct transmission". It (transmission) can be regular or one-time. Under the terms of the first type of this service, the subscriber can set up a regular transfer of money to another subscriber (once a day, week, month - the timer allows you to choose any frequency). To activate a regular transmission, you need to dial on your mobile: "", then 111, again "", number 7, press "" and the call button. As a result, a window with menu items will appear. Press "more", select "regular replenishment", enter the recipient's number, select the frequency of the transfer (1 - daily, 2 - every week, 3 - every month), indicate the transfer amount, send a request. Soon you should receive a message with information about the confirmation of the operation or with the reason for the refusal. For a one-time transfer, the algorithm is similar, only in the menu you need to select the “one-time replenishment” item.

  3. To transfer money to another MTS subscriber, you can send a message to the number9060. In the SMS, we indicate the number of the recipient subscriber and, through a space, the amount of replenishment. In the response message, you will receive a transaction confirmation code, which must be sent to the same number 9060.

    In order for the MTS system to allow you to transfer money to another subscriber, you must have on your phone account an amount exceeding the one you want to transfer by 50 (and in some regions by 80-90) rubles. It should also be noted that the transfer is possible only within the same region.

    mts transfer money to beeline

How to transfer money from MTS to Beeline?

Actually, this is not difficult at all. You can transfer money from MTS to Beeline in several ways:

  1. The easiest way to transfer money to a Beeline subscriber is to send the following command from the phone: "", then 115, "" and a call button. A menu will open where you need to select "Easy payment", then the category "Mobile phone", enter the recipient's number, consisting of ten digits, and also indicate the transfer amount. After filling out the request, a message should be received from the number 6996. It is necessary to respond to this message within 15 minutes. To confirm the operation, send an SMS with any text to the number 6996. By sending a message with the text "0", you can cancel the operation. Thus, money can be transferred from MTS to Beeline or Megafon. The minimum balance after transferring money to a subscriber of another operator should not be less than 10 rubles, otherwise the system will refuse to carry out the operation. It should also be taken into account thatin some tariffs, it will not work to transfer money from MTS to Beeline for free - the transfer fee is 10% of the amount. What are the tariffs, you can ask the operator.

  2. Money can be transferred from MTS to Beeline or Megafon in another way - using the official website of MTS. To do this, on the company's website, go to the "Payment for goods and services" page, select the "Beeline" (or "Megafon") item, indicate the recipient's phone number and the amount of the transfer. On the same page, in the item “From the MTS phone account”, you must check the box and click on the “next” button to the next stage of the transfer. In a new window, enter your phone number and click the "Get password" button. An SMS with a password will be sent to the phone, with which you can enter your personal account on the site. Next, following the instructions of the system, you need to confirm the payment. The commission will be 10% of the transferred amount.

Transfer funds from Beeline number to MTS

transfer from mts to beeline

We have already learned how to transfer money from MTS to Beeline, now we will consider the reverse procedure. It can also be done in several ways.

  1. You can do this through the Beeline website by selecting the "Transfer funds" item, select "MTS" from the list of operators, indicate the recipient's phone number, the transfer amount, click "Pay". In the new authorization window, you must enter your Beeline number, enter the password in the appropriate field, which will be received in an SMS message. Now, being already in your personal account, it remainsjust confirm the payment.

  2. It is very convenient to transfer from Beeline to MTS by sending SMS to number 7878. In the body of the message, indicate: mts, then put a space, indicate the recipient's phone number, again a space, enter the transfer amount. The response SMS will contain a confirmation code that must be sent to the same number - 7878.


As you can see, mobile operators are now in mutually beneficial cooperation. And this, of course, is beneficial for their subscribers. Transferring money from the number of one operator to the number of another is not difficult, which means that there is a way out of any situation!

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