How to return an erroneous Beeline payment? Beeline offices. Call-center "Beeline"


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How to return an erroneous Beeline payment? Beeline offices. Call-center "Beeline"
How to return an erroneous Beeline payment? Beeline offices. Call-center "Beeline"

Incorrect payments to mobile numbers are not uncommon. Someone is mistaken often, but for someone it is nonsense. One way or another, if the payment was made to the wrong Beeline number, then it is possible to return the money with a high degree of probability. There are several ways to return an erroneous payment to Beeline. This will be discussed later in the article.

erroneous beeline payment

Call Center

To return an erroneous payment, it is not at all necessary to go to the company's office. Sometimes it is enough to contact the call center. Here, of course, it will be checked. To this end, the operator will ask you a few questions. And to answer these questions intelligibly, you need to keep the check.

Sometimes they may ask for passport data. You shouldn't be afraid of this. After a short period of time, if the operator is convinced that you are right, the money will go to the desired number. The Beeline call center is guaranteed to be able to help you only if the amount of the erroneous payment does not exceed 200 rubles.

When calling the call center, you must wait until all points are announcedautomatic menu. After that, you will be connected to an operator who will help in resolving this issue. If the line is currently overloaded, you will have to wait until the operator is free.

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By the way, you can also call the customer service in case of other problems. The call center number is 0611. It works exclusively for Beeline mobile numbers. From a landline phone or from the number of an operator of another network, you can call the call center at the number given on the official website of the described operator. You can ask for help in returning an erroneous payment to Beeline even from abroad, while in roaming.

All calls are free within the network. The only exceptions are calls from SIM cards of foreign operators or landlines located in other countries. In this case, you will have to pay for the call at the rate provided by the operator of another country. During the conversation, a recording is made, and in case of inadequate behavior of an employee of the Beeline call center, you can file a complaint against him.

Automatic service

An erroneous payment in "Beeline" can be canceled even without communication with the call-center operator. Automatic service will help to return the amount up to 3,000 rubles. And you can use the service by dialing 07222.

By the way, you can automatically activate the special service "Autopayment" from "Beeline". This service is good because in some way it will save the subscriber from mistakes. He will not forget and confuse the numbers, since the required amount will be debitedfrom the card at some point. This is also a great way to avoid red tape with the return of money sent by mistake.

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USSD command

To avoid contacts with Beeline offices and significantly save time, you can simply use a special USSD command to return funds. This command is 788. Convenient, fast, simple. Beeline has just a huge number of such teams. All of them make it easy to work with this company by reducing almost all the necessary requests to a set of characters that you just need to enter and click on "call".

Beeline official website

On the official website of the company, you can also return an erroneous payment to Beeline. You can do this in a special subsection or easier - by following the link offered here. Also on this site you can find current support numbers and various commands if already known ones do not work.

Before starting work, you need to remember to specify the correct region and locality, if there is one in the list, since the site automatically displays only the Moscow page.

how to return an erroneous payment beeline

Transfer to number

As you can see, everything is simple. But transferring money to the desired number, if the payment amount exceeded 3,000 rubles, will not work in a “contactless” way. This is the policy of the company. To transfer to a number in this case, you need to fill out an application, a sample of which can be obtained at any Beeline office. A check must also be attached to it. Among other things, the application must be entered as all correct passportthe owner's data, as well as the erroneous number to which the payment was made.

Social networks

You can even ask for help in returning money spent on another phone number through social networks. This is done in the official groups of the Beeline company. Every Russian or foreigner who owns the number of the named operator can take advantage of such assistance if he is registered on VKontakte, Facebook or Odnoklassniki.


How do I get back a wrong real money payment? To do this, it is best to contact the Beeline service center. The fact is that it is not always possible to return the money without leaving home. Such categories, as already mentioned, include an erroneously sent amount that exceeds 3,000 rubles, or a number whose code starts with 6.

Also, it will not be possible to return the money automatically if the erroneous payment was made by accident not on Beeline. At the office, employees will give you a sample application. In the case of non-cash, full details must be indicated. Of course, this applies to the card with which the payment was made.

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The application can be downloaded, completed and scanned. The scan along with the scan of the check will need to be sent to the official website of the company in a special section. After consideration, the transfer of money to the card is carried out in the same way as when visiting the office in person. You will have to go for cash, because no one will deliver it home.

In general, refunds are made in the same way as replenishment. If areplenishment is made in cash, then cash will be returned if an erroneous payment was made to Beeline from a bank card, - electronic money.

You can return the money in the same way, only online by writing a letter to the company's email box. To do this, you need to scan the completed (taken on the Beeline website) application, attaching a scanned check to it. This e-mail is listed on the official website of the operator.

Refund terms

Keep in mind that you may not receive the money back immediately at the time of the application. The transfer of an erroneous Beeline payment can be expected within 2 weeks from the date of application. But, as a rule, more than 4 days is not required for this.

If for some reason the refund did not occur, you need to seek help from the company's employees. To do this, you need to contact the call center and ask to check the status of the payment.

erroneous beeline payment from a bank card

Wrong recipient

When money is credited to the phone account, it is not known from whom and from where, not everyone begins to rejoice and spend it furiously. In the event of such an incident, it would indeed be correct to wait a while. Perhaps the person who made the mistake will call and ask for a refund.

If there is no financial or any other opportunity at the moment, then still try to provide the person who made a mistake with all possible assistance and not prevent the return of the entire amount. If there is no call for a long time, no office will tell you where the money came from. Then it's possibleconsider these funds your own and use them boldly.

Try to be responsible and meet the needs of the person. Anyone can be in this situation, including you and your loved ones. You can return an erroneous Beeline payment without leaving your home. To replenish the account of other subscribers (both Beeline and other operators) there is a special service called "Mobile Payment". With its help, you can transfer money to mobile phone accounts even abroad, but only to numbers registered in the CIS.

Moreover, this service can be used even for other purposes, using the phone balance as real money. But some people are afraid to send money back from the phone in order to avoid falling into scammers' schemes. If there is such a fear, ask the person to issue an erroneous payment and do not send anything back. But at the same time, do not spend the amount that "fell" on the SIM card from strangers.

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When the money is not returned

Money will not be returned if there are no more funds left on the account of the erroneous recipient. If part of the money is spent, the rest will be returned. There will be no returns after replenishing the account of an erroneous number by the subscriber himself in the future. Remember that this is still your mistake.

The interest that was taken in case of an erroneous payment to Beeline, Qiwi or another payment system will not be returned either. Only what reaches Beeline will return. And if you apply later than 2 weeks after the transaction or any otherpayment, it will be too late, and the funds will not return to your pocket either. Timely treatment in such a situation can save you money and nerves.

Non-return will also be in case of an error with a number of more than 2 digits. Sometimes money back schemes are used by scammers. For example, the well-known SMS “put money on this number” indicating that a person is in trouble often work, even though everyone seems to know about this “divorce”.

Thus, scammers, by collecting a certain amount on the “left” SIM card, withdraw funds, and the company does not have time to return everything to a conscientious client. Therefore, it is necessary to check the numbers several times when replenishing, especially when it comes to large amounts!

Hacking is never ruled out. After all, the age of advanced technologies is in the yard. When attacked by criminals, it is also impossible to demand your money back from Beeline. In this case, you need to contact the competent authorities of the executive branch of government.

Subscriber reviews

Often there are negative reviews from Beeline subscribers who cannot return their money. This is due to the fact that they are not familiar with the refund technology and the user agreement. Someone is dissatisfied with the fact that the money did not come back at all, someone - that the funds were partially returned.

Unfortunately, the Beeline company is not able to control the mistakes of subscribers, and if the money was sent to numbers with a negative balance, then this is the work of the sender himself. The return policy is clearly defined, and to do something beyond yourcompetence employees of the company can not. Therefore, you need to replenish your account as carefully as possible, trying not to make annoying mistakes.

An erroneous payment can be asked to be picked up by dishonest acquaintances. Therefore, no one needs to give their details. In such cases, too, unfortunately, people blame Beeline. But this, again, is the person's own oversight.

As you can see, most of the ways to return money do not provide for direct contact with Beeline employees. This saves a lot of time and nerves. Still, making an erroneous payment to Beeline on the Internet or in other ways is an unpleasant situation. But the Beeline company is always happy to meet the needs of its subscribers in order to solve problems and extend cooperation.

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