Online women's clothing store "Almond": customer reviews

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Online women's clothing store "Almond": customer reviews
Online women's clothing store "Almond": customer reviews

Some people strive to lose weight and exhaust themselves with exercise, diets. Others have learned to accept themselves for who they are, and choose clothes for themselves in a well-known plus-size store called Almond. We will consider feedback on the work of this organization in this publication.

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Meet Almond

"Almond" or Almondshop is a relatively young project, but already loved by many. On the pages of the resource you can find a large selection of clothing designed for women with curvy shapes. According to many buyers, in the Almond catalog (an online store for obese people), as a rule, it presents products of Turkish, Belarusian and domestic production. You can buy clothes to replenish your wardrobe both at retail and wholesale.

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How rich is the assortment of the store?

As already mentioned, Almond is an online women's clothing store from the XXL + category. Its catalog contains a large selection of different products for both everyday wear and those designed for festive occasions. So, there are many of the following types of goods:

  • Seasonal dresses in different cuts.
  • Short and long sleeve suits (with pants and skirt).
  • Tunic and blouses.
  • Skirt.
  • Leggings and trousers.
  • Shorts and capris.
  • Jackets and cardigans.
  • Outerwear and party wear.
  • Underwear and bed linen.
  • Swimwear and beachwear.
  • Home textiles.
  • Tights and socks.
  • Accessories.

As you can see, in the Almond store there are clothes for every taste. Moreover, each product can be selected according to your dimensions. So, ladies wearing clothes from the 46th to the 72nd size will be able to supplement their wardrobe here.

Almond online women's clothing store

A few words about Belarusian knitwear

As buyers say, Almond is an online store where you can buy fairly high-quality Belarusian knitwear. These are factory items, users explain, supplied directly from manufacturing companies. Therefore, the prices for such products are not too sky-high and quite affordable.

The main advantage of Belarusian knitwear is the naturalness of the source material. According to many overweight women, dresses made of this fabric are breathable.

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They don't restrict movement. And they breathe easily and comfortably. The number of models from which you can choose products for home and office is quite large. The color scheme of products, as users say, also does not set the teeth on edge. Here you can find classic white, black and blue tones, various variationsred, yellow and green. Offers "Almond" (an online store of women's clothing) and models with floral prints, stripes, checks, circles, decorated with original weaving and lace.

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Clothes from Turkish manufacturers

In addition to clothes made in Belarus, in Almond-shop you can pick up models from Turkish manufacturers. As users say, dresses, blouses and other wardrobe details have excellent external data. The fabric is pleasant to the touch. And the products inspire with a variety of colors. For example, bright and moderately tight trousers with a floral pattern are very popular.

Do not stretch and almost do not lose shape even after several washes of T-shirts, sweaters, tunics. At the same time, here you can pick up both loose-fitting things and moderately fitted ones. By the way, all products of the company have the appropriate quality certificates.

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Convenience and ease of navigation

In addition to the constantly updated catalog of products, "Almond"-shop or, as it is also called in English, Almondshop, is ready to offer its visitors a convenient and simple menu. According to users, the site of the online store is quite easy to navigate.

Navigation is available even to those who are not very friendly with the computer. For example, for greater convenience, the site has special filters that allow you to sort products as accurately as possible according to the specified parameters. For example, Almond dresses are more convenient to filter by size, price and status.(new items, by collection name).

Almond customer reviews

Feedback and quick resolution of issues

Almost all users who have ever visited Almond (customer reviews confirm this) admire the quick reaction of the company's managers to a particular question. According to them, the site always has online support, where you can ask a question and get an exhaustive answer almost immediately. The online store also has several groups in social networks.

Availability of drawstring products

Many users like the Almond online store (large sizes here can be selected according to the size grid) because of the presence of models with tightening in its catalog. Such trousers and shorts, for example, sit perfectly on the figure. Moreover, they are made of dense fabric, so they easily pull off extra centimeters at the waist, bosoms and other problem areas.

Size matching in the Almond online store: customer reviews

Many customers note that the store's website has a detailed size chart that clearly shows how to measure your waist, hips and chest yourself. It is very comfortable. For the most accurate result, we recommend:

  • Take measurements while wearing underwear or very thin clothing.
  • Stand with a straight back (no overexertion or effort, the posture should be as natural as possible).
  • Repeat measurements twice.
  • Pay attention to the correspondence of measurements to the size chart.

However, for dresses and topclothes from Almond (the reviews of most buyers agree with the size range in the table) have their own measuring scale, and for trousers, skirts and underwear - another one. For example, if your chest is 108 cm, your waist is 96, and your hips are 116, then when choosing a dress or coat, it is best to pay attention to size 54.

According to users, in general, the dimensional grid corresponds to reality. But since each figure is individual, it sometimes happens that a product of a suitable size is actually larger in the waist area. Sometimes trousers, according to the stories of buyers, have to be hemmed. But these are, rather, individual features, rather than the error of the manufacturer and the size table of the Almond store. The reviews of many buyers are complemented by colorful photos, with the help of which they clearly show the features of their figure and demonstrate the purchase on themselves.

Convenience of payment on the site

Almost all buyers talk about the established mode of payment for purchases. According to them, the following payment options are available on the site:

  • Bank card.
  • To the appropriate current account.
  • With the help of cash on delivery (after delivery of the goods by representatives of the transport organization CDEK).

Moreover, not only residents of Russia can make a purchase, but citizens of near and far abroad, as well as people from the countries of the former CIS (with the exception of Ukraine). In addition, at the time of ordering, the store does not require prepayment, which is undoubtedly convenient.

Is it difficult to return?

If, for some reason, the buyer is dissatisfied with the purchase, thenusers claim that within 14 days after receipt, he can return it. To do this, as a rule, it is enough to fill out a simple return form and provide a copy of the receipt. Customers report that refunds or replacements for larger or smaller sizes are always accepted without further litigation.

Loyal minimum order requirements

Many store customers are satisfied with its loyal pricing policy. They also talk about how, unlike others, this virtual boutique has no minimum order limits. This means that it is realistic to order only one product and pay for it. That is, there is simply no fixed minimum amount for which you want to purchase a product. But if you are not a wholesaler, but want to make a purchase at prices for wholesale buyers, this time the order amount should be from 10,000 rubles.

Opinion on registration: pros and cons

Some customers are unhappy that in order to make a purchase on the website of an online store, you must first register. Accordingly, without registration, it is unrealistic to make a purchase. However, according to regular customers of the store, this procedure usually does not take more than 4-5 minutes.

Besides, registration has real advantages. So, with the help of the "Personal Account" the buyer can always control the execution and track the status of his order. Here you can also choose the delivery option and adjust the address, personal data, and other information. And, of course, after registering and making the first purchase, you cansee the number of incentive bonuses credited to your account. Users also share information that bonuses can be spent on successful purchases in the online store.

Points of issue of paid orders

Another plus in favor of shopping in this online store is the presence of several pickup points. It is noteworthy that shipping to them is completely free. True, there are such points only in Kursk. In other cities, they are not currently available. So, there is a distribution center in the shopping center "Crystal", in the shopping center called "Boomerang" and "Olympic". All of them work from 10 am to 7-8 pm.

Frequent sales and discounts

The online store often holds promotions and sales. For example, at fairly decent discounts, you can buy clothes when there is only one size left, of course, if it suits you. There are also discounts on products from seasonal collections, especially when any season comes to an end. It is very convenient and profitable.

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