Can I leave my phone charger in the socket?


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Can I leave my phone charger in the socket?
Can I leave my phone charger in the socket?

How often many of us left the charger from the phone or other gadgets in the socket after use and calmly went about our business. Undoubtedly, many did this without even noticing it. But is it possible to leave the charger in the socket? Such a question sometimes flashes in my head, and it will not be superfluous to figure it out properly.

Why do they do this?

We have so surrounded ourselves with various electronic devices, be it mobile phones (mainly smartphones), laptops and other equipment, that we can no longer imagine how we can do without them. For us, putting the phone on charge before going to bed is akin to everyday life. And so it remains until the morning - but the battery is fully charged, and the device is ready to go.

Is it possible to leave the charger in the socket

At the same time, having disconnected the device and taking it with you to work or study, the charger itself is left insocket (for the most part, this applies to wireless charging). What contributes to this? There are a variety of occasions:

  • Basic forgetfulness that many people suffer from.
  • Lack of time.
  • Simple laziness.

When answering the question of whether it is possible to leave the charge in the socket without a phone, one thing must be said right away: of course, leaving the charge in the socket will not bring anything dangerous. But is everything as cloudless as it might seem at first glance? Now let's figure it out…

Precious kilowatts

Each electrical appliance connected to a power outlet consumes some amount of electricity even in standby mode, and the charger for your phone, laptop and other gadgets is no exception. A washing machine, a microwave oven, a refrigerator, a TV - all this makes the counter turn day after day, counting the consumed watts.

At the same time, while the devices are in standby mode, daily electricity consumption is negligible - hardly 100 rubles a year. Today you can find on sale different power sources - pulse or with a step-down transformer. But is it possible to leave wireless charging in the outlet, and will it hit the family budget hard?

Can you leave wireless charging plugged in?

The answer will be quite comforting: they all "eat" the same way, that is, they can "eat" no more than 1-2 watts during the day. Such a minimum can be tracked with the most accurate instrument or with a multimeter.

In other words,In any case, you will not be able to significantly save on electricity. The bill will increase by only a few kopecks, and therefore, in terms of savings, you should not worry. So maybe leave the charger in the outlet, and let it always be there ?! It is too early to draw such conclusions…

Safety measures

A charger that is constantly in the socket, although it does not consume much electricity, but at the same time can cause a number of troubles. If someone reads the instructions for many phones and other electronic devices, then he is well aware of the manufacturer's notes regarding chargers. In particular, we are talking about the fact that ordinary users do not leave them in the socket after the phone or laptop is fully charged.

And yet, is it possible to leave charging in the socket without a phone from an iPhone or any other expensive device? But most importantly, what happens if you ignore these comments? Almost any charger is equipped with a built-in fire protection system. And in fact, there is nothing to burn here, and therefore it seems like you can safely leave it in the socket, and nothing bad can definitely happen.

What will forgetfulness lead to?

But, again, this only applies to original chargers from famous iPhone manufacturers and other expensive phones. However, many consumers buy analogues of such chargers, due to the lower cost. But it is worth remembering that they do not always meet high standards and requirements. And a dubious chargerorigin may fail already after one or several months of permanent residence in the outlet.

Certain risks

While considering whether you can leave your charger plugged in without your phone, it's now worth taking note of the other risks. The main reason why you should not leave the charger in the outlet for a long time is the likely power surges. And they are rare, but they happen, because our networks are still far from ideal.

For example, the lights went out in the house due to certain circumstances, and then the power supply was resumed. In this case, the voltage can rise sharply from 220 to 380 volts. Such surges cannot withstand many charges, even the most expensive ones.

In addition, we should not forget that the charger must be unplugged from the outlet during a thunderstorm. And regardless of whether the phone itself is charging or not. Although this applies to any electrical appliances.

Charger internals

Can I leave my charger plugged in during a thunderstorm? If a lightning strike occurs on any device, it is unlikely that it will be able to “survive” after such a “charge”. Fortunately, this happens quite rarely, but what the hell is not kidding.

Small and inevitable problem

It is also worth considering that any electronics under load is subject to natural wear and tear, which cannot be avoided. And the charger here again is no exception. And if you provide him with a permanent residence permit in the outlet, then over timea certain amount of time it loses its effectiveness.

Like electricity consumption, the drop in charging efficiency is hardly noticeable to the average consumer. However, this is not uncommon. If the device is of high quality, then after a year or two you will notice that the charger began to work worse than before. Then the question will come to mind: is it possible to leave the charger in the socket? It is likely that it will need to be replaced.

Should I be afraid of heating?

In some cases, the connected charger connected to a phone, for example, may start to heat up. It should be noted right away that there is nothing terrible in this phenomenon. Obviously, you should not be afraid of this, because any electrical device, due to its characteristics, heats up when working with electricity. And in most cases, this is the norm.

Can you leave the charger plugged in?

At the same time, there may be another case when the charging began to heat up even when the device was disconnected, being in the socket. Here it already makes sense to be alert and remove the device. In any case, this indicates that there are problems with the module itself or with the mains. Often this can be found in villages and holiday villages. Therefore, the question of whether it is possible to leave the charge in the socket or not has already been settled - it’s better not to.

As a conclusion

What do we ultimately have, and what conclusions should we draw? The fact that the adapter consumes a meager amount of electricity is, of course, a plus. Worry about an overchargenot worth it. However, due to the mentioned wear, there is a risk of fire. Or alternatively, the charger will simply fail.

In any case, the final verdict can only be made by the consumer himself, because it is he who is responsible. A number of troubles that can happen have already been covered in this article.

Leave or not

Can I leave the charger in the socket or is it better to take it out? By and large, it is better to overcome your laziness. And every time you leave your home, remove the charger from the outlet for safety reasons. It also makes sense to use only high-quality chargers, no matter how much they cost - you certainly should not save on your own safety.

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