Setting up your Philips TV: step-by-step instructions, tips and tricks


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Setting up your Philips TV: step-by-step instructions, tips and tricks
Setting up your Philips TV: step-by-step instructions, tips and tricks

Setting up any modern Philips TV is a fairly simple procedure. Everyone can cope with it without any problems and without the involvement of outside help. The article will be devoted to the solution of this issue. General recommendations will also be given when choosing such a device. In addition, the software of such multimedia systems will be briefly reviewed.

Setting up channels on your Philips TV

Recommendations for selection

Modern TVs are quite complex devices. They are able to receive not only terrestrial transmissions, but also cable along with satellite ones. That is, the presence of a universal tuner is a prerequisite for the purchase of such a device. Also, its communication set should include ports such as HDMI, SCART, VGA, RCA, USB and 3.5mm audio jacks. This will allow himconnect any additional device.

Separately, it should be noted that the picture quality should not be lower than FullHD. Of course, devices with an HD matrix can be found on the shelves, but they are currently outdated.

In addition, modern requirements for such systems indicate that they must operate under the control of a special operating system. This allows you to significantly expand their capabilities. It is on the basis of the previously stated recommendations that you need to choose a new TV.

Setting up digital channels on your Philips TV

Operating system. Her nuances

Setting up a Philips TV of any current modification must be carried out taking into account the system software installed on it. Conventionally, all such devices can be divided into two large groups.

One of them does not support Smart TV function. In this case, the device allows you to view only channels. The second group of TVs has a special operating system and due to this, support for such an option as Smart TV is fully implemented. Due to this, such household appliances turn into full-fledged multimedia entertainment systems. Such system software allows you to install additional programs with which you can play various multimedia content. A browser is also built into the software of such a system. Therefore, it is possible to browse various sites on the Internet.

Today, there are three types of main operating systems for such devicesare Tizen, WEB OS and Android. Philips uses the latter in its multimedia centers. Again, it is important to understand that smartphones use an extended version of this operating system, and TVs use a “stripped down” version. That is, some options in it are forcibly disabled at the program level. For example, support for integrated cameras or instant messengers.

Philips TV. Reset

Complete set. Mounting. Connection

The delivery list for this group of devices usually includes the following:

  1. TV.
  2. Stand for him.
  3. Control panel with a set of batteries.
  4. User manual.
  5. A set of various promotional booklets.
  6. Warranty card.

Setting up your Philips TV starts with assembling it. At this stage, the device is removed from the shipping box. Next, you need to install a support on it for mounting on a horizontal surface or hanging fasteners on a vertical wall. After that, we install it in the place of future use.

Then you need to bring the communications and connect them. At this stage, the power cord is connected to the power socket of the system at one end, and the other end to the outlet. Also, the cable with the TV signal is connected to the ANT IN input. If necessary, a twisted pair is connected, and with its help the multimedia center switches to the Internet.

Software initialization

The next step in setting up the Philips TV picture is tosetting operating system parameters. After turning on the device, a query window will be displayed in which its location, time and date are set. If any of these options are set incorrectly, then some options may be disabled at the software level. Also at this stage, you must select the most convenient interface language.

Search channels

Next, tuning the digital channels on your Philips TV comes down to finding available TV broadcasts. To do this, go to the device settings menu. Then select the "Channels" sub-item. In the list that opens, select "Auto search". Next, the device will start the automatic search for TV programs.

Before that, you only need to set the type of input signal (analogue, digital or analog-to-digital) and the type of connected equipment (local antenna, satellite or cable equipment). After that, the TV will scan the entire frequency range. At the end, you will need to save the previously received list of transfers.

Adjusting the Philips TV picture

Network connection

This completes the channel setup on your Philips TV. Now you need to set the network connection parameters. To do this, go back to the settings menu and select the "Network connection" section. Next, select the method of switching to the Global Web. It can be a twisted pair or a Wi-Fi transmitter. It is also necessary to specify the characteristics of the network connection (address, mask, login, password). Then you need to save the changes made to the multimedia softwarecenter.

Select applications. Their installation

After setting up the network connection, you can install additional programs. To do this, in the main menu, which opens with the Home button on the remote control, select the Play Market item. You can then use your existing Google account or create a new one. After that, a menu with a set of available applications will open. The user then installs the applications of their choice.

It is recommended to choose ivi, YouTube and Tvigle. These resources have a certain set of free content.

If unexpected problems occur during device setup, you can return the software shell of the multimedia center to its original state of the software. How to reset the settings on a Philips TV will be discussed later. But it makes sense to resort to this measure only in the most extreme case. After its completion, the software configuration of such a device will need to be repeated. But usually there is no problem.

How do I reset my Philips TV?

Reset settings. Features

Now let's figure out how to reset your Philips TV. First you need to find out a special password in the instruction manual and remember it. Then go to the device settings menu and select the "General" item. Next, moving through its points, you need to find "Reset settings" and go into it. After that, the multimedia system will prompt you to enter a password. Enter a set of numbers from the user manual and confirmaction.

Then within 10-15 minutes the device will reset the software. At the next stage, it is necessary to repeat the software setup, network connection and channel search, which were previously described in detail.

Philips TV settings


In this material, the Philips TV setup algorithm was considered. And both without the support of Smart TV technology, and with this option. This is a very simple operation. Therefore, any owner of such a device can handle it. Usually, new owners of such new multimedia systems try to resort to the help of specialists, but everything that has been said above indicates that you can manage without their participation.

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