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The coolest apps for Android
The coolest apps for Android

For an average user, the applications described below may seem complicated, somewhat inconvenient and redundant. But if you have mastered the Android platform properly, have minimal knowledge of the English language and feel like a fish in water on this OS, then you probably noticed that you no longer have enough conventional utilities on Google Play. I want something advanced and multifunctional.

But on the same "Google Play" you can find pretty cool applications for the phone on "Android", which can offer their user much more than the usual programs. We will just try to consider them. As such, "coolness" will be determined by the complexity of the utility, but at the same time and its increased practicality in one area or another.

So, we present to your attention a list of the coolest applications for Android, which are distinguished by their quality component, as well as high performance, along with a large number of positive reviews from users. All the software described below is distributed free of charge, so there should be no problems with testing.

Top cool apps on"Android" looks like this:

  1. IFTTTT.
  2. App Cloner.
  3. Air Droid.
  4. Avatan.
  5. LastPass.
  6. All-In-One ToolBox.
  7. Nova Launcher.

Let's take a closer look at each utility.


This is one of the coolest free android apps for advanced users. The utility is positioned by the developer primarily as a tool for automating the work of local programs and services that are synchronized with your gadget.

app ifttt

For example, the application itself can backup new pictures to Google Drive or turn on Wi-Fi as soon as you cross the threshold of your house. That is, this software is a set of diverse and complex scripts that are aimed at working with numerous services and third-party applications.

You can choose from a variety of ready-made solutions, or create some of your own individual scenarios. Judging by the reviews, advanced users consider IFTTT one of the most useful and cool apps for Android.

App Cloner

This utility allows you to copy, or rather, clone other programs. For example, some users need to maintain two accounts in some social service, and, alas, regular platform tools do not provide such opportunities. This is where the cool app for Android App Cloner comes in.

clone app

The software creates an exact copy of the selected program on your mobile gadget, andYou will be able to use both the original and the clone with equal success. The product is distributed under a free license, but the developer has provided an even more advanced modification with the Pro prefix, which supports a much larger list of applications, and also significantly expands the functionality: setting passwords, setting up a proxy, etc.

For social networking and forum spamming fans, this cool Android app will be a great help.

Air Droid

This is more of a service than a standalone program, but it's distributed as a platform product. Cool application for Android allows you to significantly increase the functionality and practicality of third-party services.

advanced apps for android

Air Droid will help you transfer files and any data between your computer and mobile gadget without the participation of the ubiquitous cables and wires. In addition, the service allows you to view and send short messages together directly from a PC, as well as duplicate a picture from a smartphone camera on a monitor screen.

The product is distributed in two versions - with a free and paid license. In the first case, there are restrictions on the number of connected devices, and in the second they are completely removed. There are no ads in the free version, nor, of course, in the paid version.


This is probably the coolest photo editing app on Android. The utility includes just a huge number of various filters and a list of functions that are inherent in desktop versions of editors,like Photoshop or Corel.

graphics application

Here you can crop images, adjust colors, improve image quality in automatic and manual modes, add captions, apply some effects and much more. Separately, it is worth mentioning the editing of portraits. In this section you can find all the necessary tools for working with photography: correcting skin defects, getting rid of red eyes, and even changing facial features, up to applying makeup.

Cool photo app for Android allows you to edit images of any size, and without regard to the source. The latter can be both pictures from a smartphone camera, and some professional sketches from a personal computer. Also here you can create slideshows with collages and immediately send them to the mail or directly to social networks, which is very convenient.

Soft Features

The only, and for some, a critical minus is the exactingness of the software to the "stuffing" of your gadget. Users often complain about freezes and lags when launching an application on low-end and low-end devices with a small amount of RAM and a modest processor. Everyone else is completely and completely satisfied with the existing functionality, as well as the extensive features of the program.

The software itself is distributed under a free license, but if you are serious about graphics, you will have to buy powerful and intelligent filters with plugins on the developer's official resource. The "naked" version does a great job with collages and primaryphoto processing, but the rest requires more serious additions.


If you use a whole bunch of all kinds of services on your mobile gadget, as well as accounts, then you probably encountered the problem of passwords and logins. Remembering them and coming up with them is not so easy, especially if you do not want intruders to gain access to them.

password app

This application will completely save you from such problems. The utility generates the most complex passwords with logins and stores them securely in the system part of the smartphone. If you still want to participate in the process, then you can set the semi-automatic mode, where the correction of the input data is available.

Perhaps the only independent and responsible step that is assigned to the user is to come up with a password and login to the LastPass service itself. The rest of the application will do itself and in the best possible way.

The product is distributed completely free of charge and is practically devoid of ad units, which, by the way, cannot be called aggressive.

All-In-One ToolBox

The developer positions his application as a program uninstaller, but the functionality of the utility is much wider. The software allows you to get rid of unnecessary garbage in the shortest possible time and rid your gadget of it in just two clicks.

sync app

Here you can not only remove installed applications, including batch ones, but also clear the cache, transfer programs from the internal drive to an external memory card andback, as well as edit autoload. The last point will be especially useful if your device starts to slow down and behave strangely. The application will quickly get rid of unnecessary programs in the system memory and speed up your gadget.

The product is distributed completely free of charge, and there is no advertising as such. The program, in fact, advertises the developer and his other applications.

Nova Launcher

"Nova Launcher" is something like a software shell that greatly expands the capabilities and functionality of the familiar android interface. For those who are bored with the usual themes of the platform, this software will come in handy.

shell application

After installing it and activating the program, your operating system will sparkle with new colors and noticeably prettier visually. The app adds cute icons, widgets, certain animations, and handy gestures.

There is no need to delve into the interface of the program, because the main menu literally duplicates the regular one, where themes and design elements are selected. All you need to do is choose the skin you like and adjust the icons as needed.

The product is distributed for free, but those who want even more variety will have to fork out for additional themes and all sorts of animated "chips".

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