Lenovo S820T reviews. Overview of Lenovo Phones

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Lenovo S820T reviews. Overview of Lenovo Phones
Lenovo S820T reviews. Overview of Lenovo Phones

Relatively recently appeared in the sale of the mid-range smartphone Lenovo S820T. Reviews about it come both positive and negative. We will deal with its strengths and weaknesses and determine the appropriateness of its purchase based on their ratio.

lenovo s820t reviews


Everything was simple with its predecessor: the 4-core MTK 6589 processor with a frequency of 1.2 GHz was at the heart of the Lenovo S820. S820T (MTK6592, 8-core CPU, indicated in the characteristics of one of the modifications of this smartphone, and MTK6589, integrated in a simplified version of the device) can be equipped with one of these processors, depending on the modification of the gadget: "flagship" or "cut down".

But according to the test results, it turns out that instead of the first of them, the MTK6572 is installed with two real cores and six stopped ones and a clock frequency of 1.3 GHz instead of 1.7 GHz. To verify this, just download the "CPU - Z" utility from third-party sources and install it. Yes, it will indeed show after launch that the MTK6592 is installed. But here's the problem -Only two out of eight cores work. The rest are in stop mode and cannot be started. As a result, it turns out that the MTK6572 processor is indeed integrated into the device. It has the same architecture - Cortex A7, clock frequency - 1.3 GHz and only 2 cores on board. In general, the software trick of the Chinese: you buy one thing, it looks like what you ordered (at least the software convinces you of this), but behind all this there is something completely different at the hardware level.

The only difference is the presence of an external communication module for working in third generation networks. This is the base configuration of the Lenovo S820T. Feedback from frustrated owners about this smartphone confirms the previously stated catch. But with the 4-core version, everything is fine. It uses the classic MTK65859T with a frequency of 1.5 GHz. The more cores, the more productive the smartphone, the longer its hardware resources will last. Two cores are not enough for comfortable gameplay, but four will do just fine. The situation is similar with resource-intensive applications. Therefore, when buying, you need to specify the real processor model that is installed in this device.

lenovo s820t review

Graphics adapter and screen

The screen size of this smartphone is 5 inches. The declared resolution for the 8-core model is 1920 by 1080 pixels. But taking into account the fact that he has only 2 of them in operation, most of the applications will slow down. Do not forget that in such a situation a maximum of two touches will be processed, and not five. In turn, the model with the MTK 6589 CPUhas more modest characteristics - 1280 by 720 pixels and is capable of processing up to five touches inclusive. Type of installed matrix AMOLED. The picture quality is excellent. But with graphics adapters the situation is interesting. In the 8-core version, 450 MP from the Mali company is programmed. But in reality, according to the test results, there will be 400 of the same developer for the Lenovo S820T. The characteristics of this graphics accelerator are much worse. Again, this adapter usually comes with an MTK 6572 CPU and 512MB of RAM. Moreover, this is an outdated model today. But the 4-core modification is equipped with the SGX544 video card from PoverVR. This is a more productive solution that will do just fine for most tasks today.

Memory and its quantity

The Lenovo S820T has an interesting memory situation. The reviews of the puzzled owners are another confirmation of this. Let's start with the basic version of this smartphone. According to the documentation, 2 GB of DDR3 RAM is integrated. But after turning on and checking the parameters, an interesting picture is revealed. Yes, it really is 2 GB. But here the system constantly strangely takes 1.6 GB or more. In the best case, 200 MB are allocated for the needs of the user, and maybe even less. In general, again the Chinese programmers cheated. Programmatically issued 2 GB, but in fact 512 MB are installed, which are standard for the MTK6572 processor. But in the second modification with four cores, everything is fine, and thereintegrated 1 GB. With internal memory, everything is fine. Both in the first and in the second case, it is 4 GB, of which 2 GB is occupied by the system, and the rest is provided to the user. There is also a slot for installing MicroSD flash cards with a maximum capacity of 32 GB.

lenovo phone s820t

Case and ergonomics

Lenovo S820T case is well made. A review of its external components only confirms this. The device itself is a monoblock with support for touch input. The diagonal of the screen, as noted earlier, is 5 inches. Below it are three classic buttons: "Back", "Home" and "Menu". And above the screen there is a speaker and a camera for making video calls. The front panel coating is sort of like a protective glass "gorilla eye", but taking into account the previously stated nuances, you should not believe this. Therefore, you can’t do without a protective film, since it is included in the kit and there is no need to buy it additionally. The volume rocker and the power button are on the right. Because of this, you can easily operate this device with one hand. Another plus is that they are made to look like metal, they will not get dirty so much. On the back side there is a front camera and a loud speaker. The entire back cover is made of glossy plastic. This is an obvious drawback - such a coating simply attracts dirt and is easily scratched. Again, the kit comes with a leather case, there should be no problems with the safety of the case.

Camera and its features

As noted earlier, Lenovo cell phone of this model is equipped withtwo cameras. One of them on the front of the device is designed for making video calls. According to the documentation, it is indicated that it uses a 1.3 megapixel matrix. In reality, this is 0.3 megapixels. The image quality from it leaves much to be desired. She's barely qualified for that kind of interaction. The second is located on the back of the gadget. It is based on a 13 megapixel matrix according to the manufacturer, but in reality it is 8 megapixels. There is also a backlight and autofocus. The quality of pictures and videos taken with it is quite acceptable.

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The battery and everything connected with it

The Lenovo cell phone of this model is equipped with a very capacious 2800 milliamp/hour battery. With not very high intensity of use of this smart phone, its resource will last for 4 days. This is an excellent indicator for such a device. With more intensive use, the battery capacity will last for 1-2 days. If you listen to music, then one charge is enough for 12 hours of battery life. In general, there are no obvious problems here, as with the processor, memory and graphics adapter. Another plus is the ability to replace a faulty battery. It is enough to buy a new battery and open the back cover. Remove the old accessory and install a new one.

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Now about the operating system running Lenovo S820T. A review without this will be incomplete. Now this gadget is running Android with an outdated version 4.2. Moreover, it can be said thatno updates to be expected. That is, all the time this device will work only under the control of this OS. So far, of course, there are no compatibility problems, but after a while they may appear.

lenovo s820t specs

Application software

In its original form, a full set of applications from Google is installed on this Lenovo model. The S820T phone allows you to watch videos from YouTube, communicate on the Google + network and correspond using the Zh-Mail mail service. Also installed "Play Market". From here you can easily and simply install other necessary programs. There are also foreign social services such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. But domestic ones will have to be installed separately.

What needs to be added to the OS?

To read books in various formats, it is recommended to install Kingsoft Office on this device. It will also allow you to work with text tables. To view the tables, you must install the "MX player". You also need to supplement the smartphone with an antivirus and an optimization utility. For these purposes, "SM Security" and "Wedge Master" are perfect. All this will significantly improve the performance of Lenovo S820T. It makes no sense to review further software, since everything depends on the user's tasks. For example, to perform complex mathematical calculations, you can put some kind of calculator with an extended set of functions. You also need to install social services for the domestic networks VKontakte, My World and Odnoklassniki. itallows you to communicate with friends and family using your smartphone. In general, all the necessary applications and games can be found and downloaded from the Play Market.

Data Acquisition Capabilities

Finally, consider the communication capabilities of this smartphone. For a wireless connection to the Global Web, you can use Wi-Fi (maximum speed up to 100 Mbps) and mobile networks of the third or second generation (in the first case we get a maximum of 3 Mbps, in the second - hundreds of kilobytes). If you need to download large content (for example, a movie), then it is better to opt for Wi-Fi. But you can browse sites and communicate in social networks even in ZhSM networks. For navigation, the ZhSM module is installed. Unfortunately, it does not work with the GLONASS system. From this side, this Lenovo model looks flawless. The S820T phone, as shown in the wireless overview, does not have an infrared port. But this technology, both morally and physically outdated. So there's nothing wrong with that. Among the wired data transfer, the following types of connectors can be distinguished: MicroUSB (for connecting to a PC and charging the battery) and 3.5 mm audio jack for connecting external speakers or headphones. It should be noted right away that the stereo headset that comes with the smart phone is of very poor quality. Therefore, lovers of quality sound should buy other headphones.

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A detailed review of Lenovo phones suggests that this is a proprietary gadget from a leading Chinese manufacturer. Processor, Camera, Graphics and Memory Issues –Here is a far from complete list of nuances that indicate that this is a fake. Perhaps it is manufactured at the same factory with other devices of this brand, but the quality leaves much to be desired. This confirms the many reviews about this model on various information resources on the World Wide Web. In general, you need to weigh everything well before buying this Lenovo smartphone. The S820T has excellent features and specifications on paper, but it really isn't.

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Summarize. Oddities with the processor, memory and graphics adapter cause a lot of complaints about the Lenovo S820T. Reviews only confirm this. In any case, two cores today is not enough. The situation is similar with the RAM (only 512 MB in the basic configuration), and with the graphics adapter ("Mali-400" is clearly outdated). At the same time, Lenovo S820T has practically no positive aspects. The price of $140 is clearly too high. If it were based on a full-fledged 8-core chip, then this would be an excellent acquisition. And so the purchase of such a device is not entirely justified today - the cost is too high, and its filling is not very good.

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