Cointellect website discussion. Reviews about

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Cointellect website discussion. Reviews about
Cointellect website discussion. Reviews about

Have you heard anything about online earnings? For sure, yes. Moreover, for some reason, methods of earning income online are now being actively imposed on us in various media, on Internet sites, forums, seminars and advertising media. It feels like making money online is something accessible to everyone and capable of bringing in big money.

Earn on cryptocurrencies

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One of the ways to earn income on the Internet is cryptocurrencies. Surely you have heard about bitcoin and how it made many people around the world millionaires due to its rise in price.

Cryptocurrencies appear due to the use of computing power of computers - the "mental" resources of various servers operating on the network. This means that anyone with enough generating capacity can get them.

This means that anyone can practically generate money for themselves with a more powerful computer. It is not surprising that this area has attracted so many people. As a result, projects like Cointellect began to be created here. Reviews about it, as well aswe will describe the features of his work in this article.

Mining - mining of currencies

So let's start with a general definition of mining. This term comes from the English language ("mining") and is translated as "mining". As you might guess, this word is used to denote the development of ore or minerals in mines.

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Of course, cryptocurrency mining has nothing to do with mines and quarries. It consists in connecting a powerful server (with impressive graphical capabilities) - in other words, with the strongest possible video card, to the network with the further operation of the client program. In the process of work, the computer solves complex crypto problems, thanks to which it receives currency packages. Actually, this is the same prey.

In the future, the received electronic currency (be it Bitcoin, Doge coin or any other) can be easily exchanged for the money we are used to, which is freely available.

Services for earning money

As already noted, in the field of cryptocurrencies, along with the growth in demand for mining, the number of various auxiliary services has increased, providing services for monitoring rates, for trading (trading) received currency values, as well as investment projects that allow you to increase funds by investing in rental of computing power of certain companies.

Cointellect positioned itself as one of such projects. Reviews about it indicate that the service allowed you to earn money by simply mining Doge Coin (another type of cryptocurrency).The earnings scheme is quite simple: you need to install the project program on your computer, run it and wait until this software saves money in the process of work. Of course, you should not expect that you can make at least some serious amount in this way. So, according to the feedback of the participants, Cointellect allowed you to earn up to 1 euro per day. However, it all depends on the power of the computer and its performance (this determines the speed of extraction). working conditions

Of course, installing the program is not the only condition. The site reviews characterize as an investment project. Its essence was as follows: a person who launched mining software could earn, say, no more than 1 euro. At the same time, if he bought a special contract worth 15 euros, he could earn more - restrictions were lifted in the program and production was calculated at different rates. reviews

Cointellect had several such investment plans (reviews of those who worked there confirm this) - worth 15, 100, 600, 1000 and 3000 euros. Therefore, by purchasing one or another tariff, the user could earn much more. Moreover, the final profit increased as the cost of investments increased - in this way, the organizers, obviously, attracted new participants and stimulated them to invest.

Plating device

The site (reviews of those who worked with it confirm this) had a fairly simple organization, intuitively understandable to each participant. Here everyone wasa special “working zone” was allocated, in which the production rate and the tariff at which it was serviced were indicated. Thus, the user could calculate what his profit will be in the end after a certain number of hours of computer operation.

In addition, the site provided a convenient calculation of investments. With its help, everyone could calculate how profitable it is to make purchases of the following packages of additional services. Finally, there was also a referral system. About her - in the next paragraph of our article containing reviews of the Cointellect website.

Referral system

What is a referral system, probably everyone who has ever encountered earnings on the Internet knows. It is used by all services to attract new members by encouraging referrers - those who brought a new member to the service.

The Cointellect website (its second address is, reviews of which we are reviewing in this article, also used a system of rewards for attracted users. This happened according to the following scheme: a link with its unique identifier was available to a simple participant, which he was free to place anywhere. After another user registered using the link, he was "attached" to the one who brought him. Thus, a hierarchy of those who attract and are attracted to the project was formed.

According to the conditions under which the Cointellect program operated (user reviews confirm this), each participant received a percentage of the funds invested by his referral. In this way,acted material stimulation to lure new people to the site.

Earning Methods

Given the above, it can be noted that the project could earn in several ways. The first is a simple cryptocurrency mining using a specialized program. This would be a small but guaranteed income that does not require additional investments. The second option is intended for those who have the funds to invest in additional "pumping" of the account. This refers to the purchase of the following packages (we talked about them above). If we analyze the reviews regarding about the site, we can conclude that most of the participants considered this method more interesting, since it was possible to earn much more with it. True, the disadvantage of such earnings is the need to invest.

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The third way to earn income on Cointellect is to attract partners. A person who has his own resource (website, blog or forum) about making money online could easily publish an advertisement containing a referral link and earn on deductions - a percentage of the investments of the participants he brought in.

Payout conditions

According to the information that was published on (reviews confirm it), payments are made in DogeCoin and PP. Withdrawing, of course, is more convenient through PayPal, but money withdrawn through DC can be left on your account and accumulated, counting on a further increase in the exchange rate of this currency. At least now a lot of peopleengaged in trading speculation with cryptocurrencies. Given their independence and decentralized nature, it is safe to say that such operations can bring good profits.

As for Cointellect, according to information from users who have already withdrawn funds from the system, the minimum amount for withdrawal was 10 euros. After ordering a payment in this amount, it was necessary to verify your wallet (this is done simply: if you work with PayPal via Qiwi, then you should just receive a message with a code that you need to enter). For DogCoin, this procedure is not required.

cointellect software reviews Reviews

In general, the project as a whole can be described as an interesting approach to making money on cryptocurrencies. And if it really worked as originally stated, then this service would certainly be able to attract a wide range of investors and participants who provide the power of their computers to solve complex crypto problems.

However, as you may have noticed, project information is provided in the past tense. Yes, as you probably guessed, now the Cointellect service (reviews confirm this) is not working. It was closed after a fairly short period of time after the launch, as a result of which many participants lost their invested funds. As you might guess, no compensation or refunds were made from the organizers of the site, which suggests that the service was originally planned as a banal financial pyramid "inbeautiful wrapping" of an investment project in the field of cryptocurrencies. site reviews

Actually, the vast majority of the latest characteristics from the participants say the same thing: Cointellect is presented as a HYIP project. About what it was, read on.

The collapse of the project and the status of "Not paying"

They are confirmed by numerous screen shots that clearly show transaction information and payer data. It would hardly have occurred to anyone to fake such a number of screenshots, since there is simply no need for this. We can conclude that Cointellect really paid, although it was a long time ago.

True, there is another side - perhaps these payments were made from funds that were received in parallel from other users. This is the nature of the HYIP structure: the first participants really received their money from the contributions of the second; the second - at the expense of the third; and those - at the expense of subsequent ones. And, in general, the resource worked until the amount of the administration's obligations to the participants grew to such volumes that they were not able to repay them. So the site was closed. It is noteworthy that this happened on all domains at once, and not just on The feedback from many participants in the program contained all the despair of people who invested considerable sums in the purchase of new DogeCoin mining tariff plans. And, as a result, it turned out that everything was done in vain.

The meaning of deception

The essence of such a project, in fact, is quite obvious - the organizersthey simply collected enough funds from the participants and “disappeared” in order to create something similar again in the future. Naturally, some investors (mostly those who were in the first waves of investors) actually received the promised profit, thus returning their investments with profit. Perhaps those who advertised the project on various sites and forums also managed to get their money in the form of a percentage of the referrals' contribution. This, too, can be said to be a very profitable role - to attract people, receiving income depending on how much they have invested. Of course, in this case, there is no need to risk your funds, so such a user has nothing to lose (even if the project crashes).

As for the last invested, most likely, they were expected not too enviable fate in the form of financial losses. If you look at the topics containing reviews about (MMGP or any other financial and investment forum is the platform where they are posted), you can find a lot of information about such people. As a rule, they make up the majority of contributors to such projects.

How not to fall for the bait?

So, how can you not go along with dubious programs like Cointellect? How do you know that you won't lose money when you invest?

cointellect com reviews mmgp

In fact, there has never been a proven method to find out. The essence of investing in such programs lies precisely in the risk that the investor bears in order to make a profit. Therefore, if you do not want to become a victim of such a scam, thenjust don't get involved in high-yield risky programs to make a profit. And then, of course, you have nothing to lose.

Workable analogues

Are there really workable programs of a similar nature? Undoubtedly. True, it is impossible to know for sure how long such a project will work, and whether it will close immediately after your contribution. Remember that the reviews of the first investors about the portal were also quite flattering - they talked about the fact that the site pays and gives everyone the opportunity to make a profit. However, the situation soon changed dramatically.

When investing in such programs, remember that you risk losing them. Therefore, do not chase profits in this form, because no one guarantees that such sites will always function smoothly. So in the future, you may lose much larger amounts.

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