Freebitcoin reviews. How to win more, how to withdraw money

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Freebitcoin reviews. How to win more, how to withdraw money
Freebitcoin reviews. How to win more, how to withdraw money

On the Internet, services that distribute free bonuses, some small cash rewards and prizes are popular. Often they are made as projects that do it on a guaranteed basis, and sometimes they are lotteries that can bring the player a win or leave him with nothing.

The project that will be discussed today is a combination of both. It's called Freebitcoin. Reviews indicate that the resource really pays, but you should not work on it, and even more so hope for a high income.

More details about this resource, as well as whether it is worth registering here and wasting your time, in this article.

Freebitcoin concept

So, on the main page of the project, you can see that it is positioned as a lottery, with which everyone can win a certain amount of bitcoins every hour. According to official statistics, about 1.5 million people are registered on the site, who managed to win more than 14 thousand bitcoins (recall, one bitcoin is equal to about $242). All this, of course, for free and with the help of the project. Reviews of some participants left on other resources confirm that it is really possible to win here and withdraw a small amount"free" bitcoins. True, this will require the participant's time and effort.

freebitcoin reviews

On how to make money on this site, and what is bitcoin in general - read on.

What is bitcoin?

If you don't know what Bitcoin is, then this chapter will help you. Bitcoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency (there is no single issuer) and is formed by using the computing power of a large number of computers. Being connected to the network, they solve the most difficult crypto problems, thus extracting bitcoins. Thus, the currency itself is an expression of the electricity spent on the operation of the computers that mine it, and their power.

freebitco reviews

Today, bitcoins are worth about $240 each. True, as soon as they began to be used, their price was much lower. Only after some time of its existence, the course began to grow. Until recently, it reached about $500 per BTC, which is why many owners of this currency have become millionaires.

Now, in the subconscious of ordinary people, bitcoins are something unknown, mysterious and super-profitable. This is apparently what the creators of sites like are counting on. Reviews show that many simply do not understand the real value of bitcoins, thinking that they can make decent money on the lottery. In fact, as practice shows, a person can get one or two dollars for a month of hard work.

What is the user paid for?

So whata mechanism for making a profit on the project? What do they write about reviews? "More-less" and the introduction of captcha - these are the two main methods of earning money on this resource. And which of them can bring more - it's hard to say. In the first case, we are talking about a well-known game when a person simply has to predict what number the computer will think of next time: what will be more than previously thought or less. Therefore, it is a lottery in which a person has an equal chance of winning or losing.

As for the introduction of captcha, this income is probably familiar to all those who first started working on the Internet with such legendary resources as Antigate or Kolotibablo. The essence is simple: the user is shown a picture with encrypted numbers and letters, and he must unravel what is shown on it and enter this combination of characters in a special field. Of course, mere pennies are paid for each of the solved captchas. reviews

How to increase earnings?

To increase your income, you need to read reviews about You can win more here, for example, with the help of referrals. Who does not know - these are the people who were registered in the project under your unique link. It is believed that you brought them to the project, which means that you are en titled to some percentage of their income. If you collect a large number of such users and they will earn on the project, you will have a good income.

If you look at reviews, then many players do just that - they do not work themselves and do notrisk their money in the game. All they need is to advertise this resource by publishing their referral link and hope that the participants who follow it will make good money, bringing them income.

How to withdraw funds?

Freebitco in reviews how to withdraw money

Since the project is focused on earning (getting free) bitcoins, and also has the name, you do not need to read reviews on how to withdraw money. Obviously, on this site they pay exclusively in bitcoins to a wallet that must be created in advance. The conclusion here is fast enough - you should not worry about it. First of all, you need to take care of earning money quickly enough. After all, you see, a couple of dollars a month is not a very tempting income even for beginners in Internet commerce.

Further exchange

After the funds are in your BTC wallet, you will need to take care of their exchange or withdrawal. There are several options here. As they write about Freebitcoin reviews, first of all, you can withdraw bitcoins in the Webmoney system. True, to make it official, you must have a personal passport in the WM system, as well as the highest possible business level.

Another option is to exchange bitcoins through private exchangers. This method is perhaps one of the simplest that are currently available. You will only have to pay a percentage for the operation, after which the funds will be transferred to the wallet you need. reviews more less

The last way you can dispose of your bitcoins is to further trade them on the exchange. Of course, in this case, you need to be aware of how much this currency is worth in relation to others, so as not to sell too cheap. As the reviews indicate about the Freebitcoin system, many do just that, waiting for the rate to rise a little. True, financial analysts do not recommend storing bitcoins in the long term - its rate is gradually falling.

User reviews

What do members think of the Freebitcoin website? Reviews indicate that people understand: earnings here are absolutely real. True, given its size, few people will do this for a long time. It is easier to start looking for referrals and attract newcomers to this resource, promising them “mountains of gold”. And even in this case, it is important to understand that no one will “bend their backs” once again - it will not be interesting for a person to spend a lot of his time to bring someone at least some significant income. reviews win more

Therefore, in general, Freebitcoin reviews give the following verdict: yes, the site is real, the administration is not engaged in deception. True, it cannot be considered as a source of income - the time spent simply does not correspond to earnings.

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