Kwork: reviews from experts and users. Exchange Kwork: how to earn

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Kwork: reviews from experts and users. Exchange Kwork: how to earn
Kwork: reviews from experts and users. Exchange Kwork: how to earn

All for 500 rubles… This is not a sale, this is a freelance service. is called a unique and wide platform that has united both customers and performers. Analogues have not really been created. This is a large internet services supermarket. is represented on social networks - VKontakte and Facebook, where experts and users exchange experience and opinions about the work of the service, customers and authors, publish tips for freelancers and organize contests. However, community-kwork does not remove questions. The following are reviews of earning through this online store so that you have deals, not illusions.

Earning without labor

Nothing works without hard work. Do not listen to bloggers talking about quick and easy money through They are either lying or they don't know anything about this site. Although they report thirty thousandths of income per month and show the amounts for withdrawal, they are silent on one important nuance.

kworkreviews is called a store for a reason. This is a service, a platform, an opportunity, a resource, a bank, etc. This is a place where a customer and a contractor, a buyer and a seller, a freelancer and a businessman meet and find each other. But for the deal to take place, you need to work. It is necessary to work out the first order well, confirm and consolidate success on the second and subsequent ones. For the result, you will have to work, and then there will be 30 thousand per month or more, clearly follow the terms of reference and not violate the deadlines for the work.

When users enter the site and see price tags of 500 rubles, most probably have a question: how much can you earn on Kwork? Part of the answer has already been given: income will depend on performance and abilities. Orders are presented differently, not all require only technical skills, there are applications for creative work. And if you analyze the reviews about Kwork, this diversity is one of the values ​​of the site. However, not the only one.

Next generation freelancing

The service starts with a search bar, it is provided for the convenience of buyers, so that you can easily find the service and its sellers. The site will offer kworks. In general, several directions have been developed:

  • design;
  • development and IT;
  • marketing and advertising;
  • texts and translations;
  • SEO and traffic;
  • business;
  • audio and video;
  • lifestyle;
  • original.

You can go to the category, you can start the selection through the search engine. The route through the site is very convenient, detailed and targeted. For example, item"Design" includes 13 directions to the pages of thematic kworks for working on projects for banners, business cards and illustrations, as well as logos and web design proposals. The "Business" category will help you find buyers and performers in the following areas: administrators and moderators, accounting and taxes, project management, content filling, etc.

The category "Original" speaks for itself. Suggestions to make a kotomem or write congratulations in verse are the most prosaic. Basically fantasy kworks here:

  • evaluate photo, outfit, etc.;
  • congratulations in Uzbek;
  • chalk writing on asph alt;
  • send a postcard from Moscow or on behalf of a fairy-tale hero;
  • make up questions for mind games;
  • send a postcard from New Zealand in any name, etc.

Reviews about Kwork say that the platform for original proposals is as interesting as business directions. Usually, special skills are not required here, this category is such an antique shop, but there is not much exclusivity here, and there are competitors. Therefore, the individuality of the project here will be noted more than in other categories. To make money in this category, you need to offer something really creative, because most original kworks have only 1-3 reviews, which means there is little demand.

You can offer projects on several thematic sites. The fact that you work in different topics, customers will see when they open your workspace or personal page onwebsite.

Make freelancing more convenient

The creators of the site have identified three goals that the user can achieve:

  • Save time.
  • Buy or sell a service at a non-overpriced or underpriced price.
  • Get a guaranteed deal.

These cooperation criteria should work equally well for the seller and the buyer.

kwork ru

Today there are several convenient services where you can find freelancers, but the information provided on them is not enough to choose a performer. You will have to write off with him, clarify the details, answer questions. This process takes time. Correspondence can continue with several freelancers. How does Quark work?

Saves buyer and seller time

Freelance-kwork saves time on searching. That is, a large showcase is presented, each kwork of which contains a detailed description. The contractor selling the service tells in detail what he is ready to perform for a fixed price. This is a service package. For example, an offer to become the administrator of the VKontakte group for ten days. The contractor promises to publish up to five posts a day, decorate them with unique images, correspond with subscribers and monitor spam. After describing the kwork, the performer fills in the "What the seller will need" section. Here are recommendations for the customer. For a kwork with the administrator of the VKontakte group, you need to temporarily add the artist's profile to the editors group. That is, the performerhe promises to deal with the subject of the page and fill it with the necessary material. This is convenient for someone who, for example, is going on vacation, but does not want to look for a permanent administrator.

kwork how much can you earn

The store also shows other author's workbooks and similar offers. If you think over the settings of your personal account, this will help the system display suitable offers on the page. It remains only to sort them and consider the description of kworks in more detail. Settings can be changed by expanding or specifying.


All showcases have the same price - 500 rubles. You can’t bargain here, since this is not a starting price, but a site rule and a point of user etiquette. But this does not mean that the contractor cannot offer additional services, and the buyer will not find a more advanced service for the same money in other kworks. For example, a proposal to organize the promotion of the site for search queries. The "kit" for five hundred rubles includes strengthening the portal with up to 350 keywords. Additional options include choosing a promotion region, expanding the service will cost another 500 rubles. Personal approach - another 1,000 rubles.

Reviews about Kwork usually contain advice to expand services, giving the customer the opportunity to take advantage of the choice. Because a complete set, for example, in web design is offered by ten rated sellers, and only three have an additional package of services. And if the proposed set is not enough for the buyer, then he will choose from these three performers,evaluating the scope of additional services, portfolio and other conditions.

Account settings

How to work with Kwork? To use the site, that is, to conclude a deal, you must register. This process is simple, then you can log in through VKontakte and Facebook. In addition to the nickname, you will need to enter mandatory information. The system will also mark the number of positive and negative ratings. By the way, negative reviews are hidden from unregistered users - this approach is not yet used anywhere else in freelancing. The deadlines for completing the task, in which the performer promises to meet, and the time that he spends on work in reality, will also be indicated. It will also be known how many orders the seller has in line.

freelance kwork

The account shows the user's status, reputation score, the number of completed orders and the date of registration on the site. The system reports when the seller is online or offline on the site. This is convenient, since you can write a letter to the contractor by clicking the "Contact" button, send the task and get a quick response. Reviews about Kwork are often found with a description of the service, which works efficiently and quickly.

What guarantees does the site give

The site protects users. If the freelancer does not meet the deadlines, then the money will be returned to the customer. The seller may not be afraid that the buyer will "throw" him. The system acts as an intermediary between the participants in the transaction and protects their interests. She keeps money. For example, before the customer startsagree on the execution of the project, he must reserve the amount that will be required to pay for the work. As soon as the task is completed, the money will be transferred to the contractor. Reviews of Kwork often praise the system for its security conditions. This payment method is practiced on many other freelance sites and exchanges, so this is not new.

The site details the rules for users. There is a clause here about the meaning of intellectual property and copyright. Rudeness and unauthorized advertising are prohibited. There are conditions for the formation of a rating and level, an algorithm for resolving a dispute between the customer and the contractor is prescribed, as well as the actions of the site in case of copyright infringement.

You are the customer

Kwork's customer instructions are very easy. For convenience, the customer can use the headings or set the parameters of a personal account. The site itself is set up to showcase popular offers. When choosing a kwork and an artist, look at reviews and ratings, as well as a description of the offer. Study this item especially carefully, because after the seller accepts the order, you will not be able to require him to add something to the project that is not in the description. The freelancer will perform the work, taking into account the conditions that he has drawn up. And you, as a buyer, accept them when making a deal. If the proposed service in the description is not presented as widely as you need, and there are no additional options, look for a freelancer who is ready to offer them. There will definitely be one.

kwork exchange

Customer can cancel transaction after 20minutes after consent. You can do it later too, but it will be more difficult to do this because the freelancer can start working on the project. To avoid such a situation, carefully study the description of the kwork, choosing a performer for a published project, and ask additional questions to the author. You can demand from him only what he offered in the quork.

Some artists include not only additional options, but also bonuses - it's convenient and interesting. A suitable kwork can be sent to the basket or place an order immediately. The author will need order details. The more accurately you arrange them, the better the performer will understand you. If he does not comply with the deadlines, then the buyer can send a complaint to the site, and the money will be returned. Money to pay for the work is debited with a commission of about 23 rubles. When the author completes the project, the buyer will receive a letter "The order has been submitted for verification." You need to download the report and check the kwork, and then click "Accept". The buyer can write a review.

How to get your first order on Kwork

If you are just starting out freelancing and to get a feel for how the site works, you can post a simple quork. It can be an offer in the "Original" category. For example, it will be a slideshow of photos with music. If you have been freelancing for a long time, you can post links to your work, examples of completed workbooks, and portfolios. To publish a kwork, you need to create a personal account and click "Create kwork". After the proposal is created, it must be submitted for moderation. If the site, after checking the project, returns it torevision, do not be afraid of this. Just correct the shortcomings and see if you are violating the rules of the service. When the kwork is accepted, the seller's account becomes active and orders can be received.

kwork earnings

You can also analyze competitors' quarks, this will help you not to simplify your offer and choose an individual direction. Learning rating quorks is also useful. The site allows performers to consolidate their brand, that is, to create a recognizable profile. Include your skills in the account description, design the original worksheets, offer a detailed package of services, and correspond with customers. Consider a bonus system.

Efficient Quark Tips

To make a good income, it is advised to do several kworks a day, at least three. But it is better to take the amount of work that you can definitely master at a certain time and without prejudice to the project. However, when there are no orders, you should not forget about your account. It needs to be developed. Make new projects and expand options for them. The site will not bring money just because you are registered on it. The Kwork exchange requires activity from its members.

how to get first order on kwork

Be respectful of etiquette when communicating with customers through the service. Respond to orders immediately. Features of business correspondence on Kvork will not require large messages from you, but interaction with customers will be more understandable and efficient. Attentive attitude to the buyer and his project will be reflected in the assessment and feedback on the result. In addition, thiswill increase your rating. In addition, the customer can become your regular client, and it is interesting and useful to develop cooperation with them. Do not create template sentences. "Quork" is a showcase, there is not only diversity, but also competition. Of course, it is not as aggressive as on other freelance exchanges, but it must be taken into account in order to work effectively.

Specifically form the description of the kwork: "it will be beautiful" and "link to my work" - this is not enough. The customer may skip your proposal if the scope of services is unclear or incomprehensible. Therefore, describe what the buyer who has formed cooperation with you will receive, what the process of working on the work will include, and what the result will be. When forming a description, do not write in what you cannot do. Do not deceive the expectations of the buyer, and earnings on Kwork will be constant.

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